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Freddy Fazbear vs Nicolas Saar is a fan game in the Five Nights at Freddy's Series. It is different than most games or fan games. First is that you can move around. 2nd is that you don't work as security guard. 3rd, Phone Guy is not mentioned nor does he appear. 4th, there is only one animatronic: Freddy Fazbear.


The game works like a combination of two games. The Slenderman games, and Illusion Ghost Killer. You have to collect multiple pieces of a key to merge together. If Freddy is in front of you, you have to outrun him and hide. 


Freddy Fazbear leaves the pizzeria to kill. He enters Nicolas Saar's new house, and locks it. Freddy breaks the key into multiple pieces and scatters them around the house. Nicolas must find the key pieces and escape. 

Nicolas finds the key pieces and puts them together and escapes the building. Freddy gives up and goes back to his restaurant.