Freddy Fazbear: Beginnings was a short clip created by Scott Cawthon Giving Freddy Fazbear's TRUE possession story. It undos any other time Freddy is possessed in the series. This changes the HUA timeline's view on Freddy's Possession.


You start the clip with a newspaper article saying that Freddy Fazbear had made a restaurant named Freddy Fazbear's Family Establishment and named the main character after himself, making Freddy Fazbear. Than, Freddy goes home to his family. The next day while Freddy is gone at work, it is revealed that someone (The Killer) had killed his entire family. When Freddy goes home, he goes insane. He kills people around his restaurant. Than, Phone Guy (not shown in clip, only shadow is shown) catches him stabbing someone and shoots him. Phone Guy does not want to get arrested, so he stuffs Freddy in the Freddy Fazbear animatronic and leaves. The Freddy suit is revealed to have been possessed by Freddy Fazbear, who seeks revenge and tries to kill whoever he can. The restaurant is shut down, and Freddy is left in waiting for his next opportunity to kill. 

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