Freddy 8 is a 2002 American Slasher Horror film written by Chad Hayes & Carey Hayes, directed by Richard Wenk starring Robert Englund, Andrea Savage, Jamie Bamber, Brian Austin Green, T.R. Knight, Josie Davis, Danielle Nicolet and Stephen Dorff.

The eighth and final instalment in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise minus Freddy Vs. Jason, and Englund's second last portrayal of icon Freddy Krueger.

Set in the future present of 2010 and in a parallel dream Springwood, Ohio as the work of a Native American collective results in Freddy and his latest targets becoming trapped there.

Released theatrically on May 10th, 2002 to decent commercial box office success but overwhelmingly negative reception.


2010 Springwood, Ohio a group of local high school teenagers: Ryan, Cassandra, Tess, Simon, Jade and Martin gather at the until now dilapidated 1428 Elm Street, which is under renovations to be sold. Cassandra's boyfriend Ryan's idea to celebrate their end of sophomore year exams at Springwood's most prominent house of horrors. He informs the group of Freddy having gone through long lost news articles in the school library stacks. After the group proceed to drink and party following the story Martin begins throwing up and is taken to the bathroom by Jade. There falling asleep for a moment renders him into a boiler factory version of the bathroom with a grotesque toilet of flooding bugs. Freddy dunks Martin and in reality as Jade tries to wake him he begins spewing up blood and dies.

Jade runs to find the others but finds the house empty, returning to the bathroom and seeing the boiler version of it, as well as herself sleeping and Martin's body missing. Pulling back the shower curtain a Freddy gloved Martin slashes at her chest. Asleep in reality over the bathtub she dies instantly from the wound. The others passing out drunk downstairs all become locked in the same dream where a dead Martin and Jade enter the living room. Freddy then erupts from the centre of the floor and begins slashing at them. Slashing Simon across the face, Tess up her back and back of the head and stabbing Ryan in the chest. Cassandra wakes up lighting her arm on fire. She is arrested for the murders and makes the claim that Freddy was responsible.

Supernatural phenomena debunker Etta Adley of Toledo, Ohio is then drawn to Springwood along with her assistants Willoughby: her sound man and Rita: her location scout and editor come in the wake of the 1428 Elm St mass murder to work an article proving false the town's long buried legend of dream invading undead killer Freddy Krueger. They are met with hostility by the town, refused accommodation and unable to gather accounts from most. Rita pays off the local real estate in charge of the 1428 Elm property and set up there. After a brief forced interview with survivor Cassandra in which she fills them about Freddy each of the three encounters Freddy that night. Suddenly a Native American tribe appear as they sleep and as a waking Etta pulls Freddy into reality they cast them to an alternate dimension of Springwood, during it's colonial period without advancing into the modern age.

Young Springwood deputy Lance is also sent into the dimension after arriving at the 1428 Elm house and being rendered unconscious by the indian intruders. Freddy is momentarily weakened and along with the others are captured by men on horses and brought to the village of Springwood. Freddy is ultimately executed by the town executioner via the gallows. Etta and the others are let go of capital punishment and brought to the Mayor Thompson. Concerns are expressed among them that their knowledge of Freddy can incite his return to the dimension's residents. The executioner that night at the local lodge in a drunken stupor falls asleep and in his dream is lured out to a fiery guillotine which Freddy uses to half decapitate the executioner and then immolate and have the rest of his body disintegrate into magma rubble.

Couple Jeana-Lou and Bartholomew are killed returning to the lodge where they work to have sex, falling asleep after Freddy stabs and kills Bartholomew, Jeana-Lou awakens and flees for help covered in blood. Freddy having before execution had access to a nearby lodge water tank has poisoned it with his blood resulting in various officers falling asleep and waking up to be torn in half, apart, flung onto the back and head twisted around.

Etta goes in and pulls Freddy out, this time passing him over to be entrapped in the lodge as they blow it away explosives to sink it and instead of killing him, trap deep beneath the earth. However discovers his advance in abilities in this dimension, breaking free and becoming a Devil Freddy of incredible height and a larger gogs and gears glove. Freddy kills various town denizens with fireballs and his new glove, before creating quicksand pits, one ultimately pulling in and killing Rita. Freddy lets out a powerful roar that bursts Willoughby's ear drums and then with another causes his head to rip back. Lance is injured by the glove and chief's daughter Tanzia is able to demonstrate her mystical abilities falling asleep, and destroying Freddy.


  • Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
  • Andrea Savage as Etta Adley
  • Jamie Bamber as Lance Manaro
  • Brian Austin Green as Cpl. Jamieson
  • T.R. Knight as Willoughby Hillsborough
  • Josie Davis as Rita Carson
  • Danielle Nicolet
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