Freddy is a TV period sitcom that premiered in 2013 on NBC. The series was created by Adam Sandler and Randy Baumann.


Freddy is set in Mount Lebanon Township,Pennsylvania from 2005 (beginning of season 1) to 2012 (the end of the final season). It was based on a unofficial pilot 2012 film The Worst Christmas, in which some of the cast reappear from the film including Sandler himself. It shows a realistic view of a preadolescent Freddy in early seasons but then a teenage Freddy in later season. There are many refrences to Pittsburgh-area businesses and sport teams throughout the series.


Jennifer Aniston as Linda, Freddy's overbearing mother

Adam Sandler as Richard,Freddy's dad who is the opposite of Mom

Jared Gilmore as Freddy, the main character of the TV sitcom

Asa Butterfield as Josh, Freddy's older brother

Ava Ramirez as Eliza, Freddy's younger 8 year old sister

Amanda Dunn as Orla, Freddy's younger 4 year old sister

Rosie O'Donnell as Grandma Hilary who is Freddy's laid back grandmother



The project first came about when Adam Sandler pitched an idea to Michael Bay (The Worst Christmas' director) about creating a TV show based on the family. After Bay had declined the pitch, Randy Baumann (a local Pittsburgh comedian) had heard about the pitch while visiting the set of The Worst Christmas and agreed to work with Sandler on the show immediately. On January 11, 2013, Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Rosie O'Donnell were the first actors to cast through the show, while the kid actors would agree to play the roles a month later.


The first season was met with mixed reception from critics praising the humor and performances especially Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Jared Gilmore's. However, they had criticized the mid-2000s references used throughout the period sitcom. The second season was a breakthrough hit and met with critical acclaim towards critics and was called to renew the third season. Throughout the rest of the series run, the seasons continued to be well received. After the series became renewed for Season 3, the NBC network chief had confirmed that the network and Adam Sandler's company Happy Madison had signed a record-breaking 5 year contract to keep the show on NBC



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