Fraternity Row is a 2016 slasher film. this film considered the "male version" of the 2009 slaher Sorority Row.


Simon wants to join to the Fraternity. During his audition, he was killed. the fraternity members: Kai, Darren, Clyde, Frank, Alexander and Bradley feel guilty and want to give themselves up. But their leader: Austin, forcing them to make the accident look like a suicide. Six months later, they all put the incident behind. Except Darren who feels guilty. When someone found out about the accident, he decides to take the law into their own hands and punish the members of the Fraternity.


Gaspard Ulliel as Darren Wheeler - The good brother of the fraternity and the protagonist.

Jemima West as Lauren Wheeler - Darren's twin sister. Frank's girlfriend.

Darren Criss as Chris Tappen - Darren's boyfrined.

Briana Evigan as Cassidy Tappen - the protagonist of Soroity Row. Chris's cousin.

Sean Faris as Austin Satorn - The dangerous leader of the fraternity.

Megan Fox as Melanie Hart (real name: Kira Porter) - Aoustin's sexy girlfriend. Melanie/Kira is Simon's big sister. She kills the fraternity brother to reveng for Simon death.

Jared Padalecki as Kai Pieters - The smart brother. Darren's best friend.

Ian Somerhalder as Clyde Tucker - The sexy and stupid brother. Austin's best friend.

Alex Pettyfer as Frank Raynolds - The party boy.

Travis Van Winkle as Alexander Olsen - Frank's best firned.

Jensen Ackles as Bradly Marsh - The New brother of the fraternity.

Robert Englund as Mr Fredrick Mayers - The fraternity father.

Jane Levy as Julie Dawson - Kai's girlfriend and Lauren's best friend.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Natasha Ragen - Clyde's girldriend.

Logan Lerman as Simon Porter - Student who wants to join a fraternity.

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Simon Porter Fall from balcony Himself Yes Accident while was drunk
2. Melanie Hart Stabbed Kira Porter No Mentined. Idenity stolen by Kira.
3. Bradley Marsh Throat slashed Kira Porter Yes
4. Natasha Ragen Hooked in the back Kira Porter Yes
5. Alexander Olsen Head crushed by guitar Kira Porter Yes
6. Frank Raynolds Amputed in the Penis Kira Porter No Found dead
7. Fredrick Meyers Shot in the head Kira Porter Yes
8. Clyde Tucker Hacked with hatchet Kira Porter Yes
9. Chris Tapped Slashed in the throat Kira Porter Yes
10. Julie Dawson Stabbed in the stomach Kira Porter Yes
11. Austing Satorn Drilled alive to the wall Kira Porter Partly Found dying
12. Kira Porter Pushed from balcony Darren+Lauren Yes Selfe-defense


Darren Wheeler

Lauren Wheeler

Kai Pieters

Cassidy Tappen

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