Frat House Massacre is a 2015 american horror movie. It stars Dylan Everett, Brianna Evigan, Cody Christian, Darren Criss, Keegan Allen, Ashley Benson, Zac Efron, Ansel Elgort, Megan Fox, Jane Levy, Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Pettyfer with Matthew Morrison and Logan Lerman.

It is a male version of Sorority Row.


During the first frat party of the year, the seniors of Delta Kappa Zeta, a fraternity, decide to have their newest member, Jack (Logan Lerman) get drunk. The seven best friends record him, but he trips and falls off the balcony outside. The seven make it all look like suicide.

After graduation, the boys move on, except one, Chris. (Dylan Everett) He feels guilty. His sister, Cass (Brianna Evigan) visits and he tells her. She tells him about killing her friend but leaves out the other murders. One brother, Tom (Alex Pettyfer) runs in, telling him about their party that night. He then goes to get booze in his car, getting his throat slashed by a person in the back seat.

As the boys set up, wondering where Tom is. Sam (Cody Christian) and his boyfriend, Alex (Darren Criss) go down to the basement to find their teacher, Mr. Lintz (Matthew Morrison) who was down there before, and find dry blood.

Sam tells the others and the leader, Clark (Daniel Radcliffe) tells them to keep it quiet. Chris and Sam feel like they have to say something. Todd (Keegan Allen) yells at them, going to find his girlfriend, Sally. (Jane Levy)

He finds her, she is very seductive, and they have sex, resulting in her handcuffing him to the bed. She goes into the closet. Someone else walks in and stabs Todd. They gut him and leave the room.

Sally gets out, but she is shoved back in and stabbed in the throat. Shawn (Zac Efron) and Kelly (Ashley Benson) are driving to find Tom. They see his car, finding him dead. They are trapped in the car and burned.

Clark and his girlfriend, Emma (Megan Fox) get the others together and they all text everyone who's missing. Carter (Ansel Elgort) finds Todd and Sally. He is then chased into the attic and tied up.

Sam tells Alex about the death. Cass hears about it and tells the group about the deaths. Emma leaves and drives off. The party is stopped and Carter is found. He is attacked and stabbed in the chest, stomach, leg and neck.

Emma is revealed to be the killer and Jack's sister. She kills Clark by setting him and the house on fire.

The others, Cass, Chris, Sam and Alex, see this and grab knives. Each person attacks her, resulting in Sam getting stabbed in the stomach.

Emma watches as the fire spreads. Cass comes up from behind, stabbing her in the back. She kicks her into the fire and Alex pulls Sam outside. The four are the only survivors.


Dylan Everett as Chris, The good boy

Brianna Evigan as Cass, Chris' sister

Cody Christian as Sam, the smart boy

Darren Criss as Alex, Sam's boyfriend

Keegan Allen as Todd, The douche

Ashley Benson as Kelly, Shawn's boyfriend

Zac Efron as Shawn, the caring one

Ansel Elgort as Carter, The secretive one

Megan Fox as Emma, Clark's girlfriend, Jack's sister

Jane Levy as Sally, A slutty bitch, Todd's girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe as Clark, the leader

Alex Pettyfer as Tom, the drunk one

Matthew Morrison as Mr. Lintz

Logan Lerman as Jack, the dead member


Jack - Drunk, fell off balcony

Tom - Throat slit

Mr Lintz - off screen

Todd - Stabbed, gutted

Sally - Stabbed in throat

Kelly - Burned in explosion.

Shawn - Burned in explosion

Carter - Stabbed in stomach, leg, chest and neck

Clark - Burned

Emma - Stabbed, burned


Chris Cass Alex Sam

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