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Frankie Fazbear 2.0 is an animatronic in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. He is also a MAJOR antagonist in the Five Nights at Frankie's Series. He is the replacement for the malfunctioning original Frankie Fazbear in Five Nights at Frankie's 2.


Five Nights at Frankie's (cutscene in second game only)

Although he does not physically appear in Five Nights at Frankie's, in Five Nights at Frankie's 2 it is confirmed in a cutscene that Frankie Fazbear 2.0 was being built during night 6 and 7 of the first game.

Five Nights at Frankie's 2

In the second game, Frankie 2.0 is physically there and is a replacement for Frankie. He is discontinued afterwards and Frankie takes his spot back.

Five Nights at Frankie's 3

In the third game, Frankie 2.0 is in disrepair and Frankie is the star once again. New animatronics are added and business is booming. After this game, Frankie is put into disrepair with Frankie 2.0 and the new Frankie 3.0 takes the lead.

Five Nights at Frankie's 4

In the 4th game, Frankie 2.0 as well as Frankie are discontinued as Frankie 3.0 is the star. At the end of the game, Frankie, Frankie 2.0, Frankie 3.0 and the rest of the newer characters are scrapped due to all the animatronics (except Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy) going on a rampage and break things in the resturant. The company can not afford to reopen it so the Frankies' and the other new animatronics are scrapped and destroyed and Freddy Fazbear and his friends are kept in case the place reopens. Once it does, (in a different building with a different name) Freddy takes his spot as main attraction/antagonist once again.