Frankenstein 3D is an upcoming American-German horror film based on Mary Shelley's classic monster story of the same name, while also drawing inspiration from various other adaptions. The film is directed by David Yates and stars Daniel Bruhl as Victor Frankenstein and Stellan Skarsgard as the monster. The film's score is composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. It is part of the Universal 3D Relaunch.


Captain Robert Walton leads his crew on a mission to reach the North Pole. While slowed down by heavy ice, the crew rescue a deathly ill man and pul him onto the ship. Walton tends to the man, who wakes up and identifies himself as Victor Frankenstein. He then begins the story of how he got there.

Victor Frankenstein was born into a wealthy family in Germany. When he was a teenager, he met a girl named Elizabeth Lavenza, who he then fell madly in love with. However, Frankenstein was also obsessed with science and learning the secrets of life and death.

After his mother's death, Frankenstein teams up with the deformed hunchback Igor to create a new life. However, to do so they need parts; body parts. Igor goes out every night and commits grave robbery in order to retrieve the necessary parts. He and Frankenstein then stitch a new being together, and Frankenstein uses lightning to bring it to life, causing him to madly exclaim "It's alive!"

Much to Frankenstein's horror, the creation is horribly disfigured and he denounces it, calling it a monster. He leaves it alone in the castle basement with Igor, while he goes and finds Elizabeth, who had been courting, and proposes to her. She happily accepts. Meanwhile, the sadistic Igor tries to torture the monster, scaring it with fire, causing it to go berserk and break loose, subsequently choking Igor before setting him on fire and escaping.

The following day, Frankenstein returns to the castle to find the monster gone and Igor dead. Horrified, he collapses and is taken to a hospital, where he spends the next four months in the care of his old friend Henry Clerval. When he finally recovers, he privately informs Clerval of the monster's existence and begs him to help him hunt it down and destroy it. Clerval reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, the monster encounters many strangers, who become frightened by it's appearance, often fleeing, but some even attack it. One day, it happens upon a little girl named Maria, innocently tossing flowers into a lake. Surprisingly, Maria is not afraid of it, and asks him to join in her throwing the flowers and watching them float on the surface. Tragically, the monster throws her into the lake to see if she will float, but she instead drowns. Horrified, the monster flees, but is chased by the girl's father, who it kills in self defence, and then panickes and kills his wife as well.

Frankenstein fears that this is the work of his creation. He and Clerval finally encounter the creature in the woods and confront it. Clerval shoots the creature, but it retaliate and fatally injures him. Frankenstein retrieves the gun and finishes the creature off, burying it in the woods after Clerval dies in his arms.

Frankenstein is at first relieved that he has been unburdened, but is plagued by nightmares. Regardless, he marries Elizabeth and they go on honeymoon. Before they can consummate their marriage, Frankenstein hears inhuman wailing outside and takes a gun to go and have a look around, fearing the monster's return. Expecting the monster will want to kill him, Frankenstein tells Elizabeth to wait safely in their room until he returns. Frankenstein scours the nearby terrain, but finds nothing. Returning to the house, he hears a blood curdling scream from within and rushes inside to find Elizabeth dead. Frankenstein looks out the window and sees the monster fleeing in the distance.

Driven to insanity, Frankenstein pursues his creation to the ends of the globe, eventually cornering it in the Arctic Circle. A brtual fight occurred, culminating in Frankenstein setting the creation on fire and then tying him to an anchor which he dropped through the ice, dragging the monster to the bottom, where it drowns. Frankenstein then collapses on a piece of ice which breaks off and drifts away.

The story resumes where it began, when Frankenstein is found by the ship's crew. With Frankenstein finished telling his story, he dies. Seeing the effect obsession can have on a man, Walton orders his crew to turn back and head home.

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