Frankenstein is a 2018 American horror monster film from Universal Pictures directed by Christopher Nolan. It is the first entry in the Monsters Universe.


Henry Frankenstein attempts to recreate his ancestor's monster. He and his assistant Fritz create a formula and test it on the recently deceased Joseph Bentley.

Once brought to life, Bentley kills Fritz. Henry, Elizabeth and Dr Waldman manage to imprison Bentley within one of the facility's cells. Henry and Elizabeth agree to destroy the creature but Waldman secretly keeps it alive for study.

Bentley gets loose and kills Waldman before escaping into the city.

Bentley captures Henry and demands to know what he did to him. Police arrive at the location and seemingly kill Bentley.

Bentley turns out to be alive.


  • Dan Stevens as Henry Frankenstein
  • TBA as Elizabeth Lavenza
  • TBA as Victor Moritz
  • Javier Bardem as Joseph Bentley/Frankenstein's Monster
  • Jeff Bridges as Dr Waldman
  • TBA as Fritz
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