Frankenstein's Monster is a 2016 American Gothic Action Adventure Horror film directed by Guillmero Del Toro and written by Max Borenstein. It is a reboot of the Frankenstein franchise and the second instalment in the Universal-Blumhouse Monsters shared franchise entitled Dark Universe. The film stars Vin Diesel, Kit Harrington, Ryan Reynolds, Bonnie Wright, Jessica Biel, Til Schweiger, Thomas Kretschmann, Angourie Rice, David Kross, Heike Makatsch and Veronica Ferres.

The film was released theatrically on July 27th, 2017 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.



Captain Robert Walton leads a sailor crew into the North Pole, to reignite his career as a failed writer with documented tales of the Arctic Circle's most dangerous sanctum. He and his crew after hitting a frozen lake take in sightings of a colossal in size monster. The monster eventually attacks causing the frozen lake to break, many sailors freezing and others being crushed by hurled ice caps. Walton leads his remaining eight men into the shelter of a nearby ice cave, there Walton wanders on to follow a man revealed as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who himself is here to destroy the monster of his creation, he then relays the story of his monster to Walton and his men.


In the village of Odenwald in Frankfurt, Germany Victor and his assistant lazy eyed assistant Igor graverob the fallen soldier Kristofferson's grave at Stahlbarg's Hope Cemetary. They are then pursued by the cryptkeeper's hounds and local Odenwald authorities. Both fugitive men banished from their individual families, Victor for his failure to rescue his older brother Kenyon from drowning, and Igor for his genetic defects, they hold up squatting in a dilapidated logger's in The Brulesk, utilising stolen body inventory.

However having been forced to take the corpse of Kristofferson with them, Victor notices his body tissue showing no state of decomposition, and after a dream that night of Kenyon's resurrection and bringing him home to his family, Victor awakens Igor to propose of resurrecting them. Officers having been tipped off by a bartender from the tavern storm the place, angry townsfolk burn the inn and Victor forcing Igor to escape with Kristofferson's corpse resulting in Igor getting burned and disfigured facially by the fire.

Ostracised Frankfurt farmer's daughter Elizabeth Lavenza saves Victor and Igor with her horse-drawn carriage taking them to Castle Vägar on the outskirts of Düsseldorf that formerly belonged to the deceased Herren Vägar who was Elizabeth's loving great uncle and an experimental chemist. Victor utilises the laboratory of the Castle to set up his project, coercing Igor into joining him for for further graverobbing, taking the corpse of a freak show strongman in Hamburg, a soldier being transported by hearse on the mountainous backroads to Berlin and a Leipzig scholar from the church of St. Albans.

Victor assembles the man and uses the heart of his brother Kenyon, retrieved from the morgue, combined with lightning and Vägar's own machines to bring the creature to life. The creature however does return to the visage of a person, remaining a colossal in size, walking sitched corpse. Victor in a drunken stupor that night by a Düsseldorf canal is saved from drowning by Elizabeth and her friend Alia Maurette, who provided him a bed for rest at the Maurette estate. Victor returns to the castle to entrap the monster, feeding it and leaving it in Igor's care as he pursues a relationship with Elizabeth, eventually becoming married and moving into the Maurette estate with her. While Igor was invited to the wedding and provided a mask to conceal his face, his resentment and jealousy towards Victor results in him turning him in, a lynch mob along with the authorities coming to Castle Vägar. Victor races his way there to put his monster out of it's misery before the mob can.

However his attempt to electrocute and stop the monster's heart fails, it enraged at his attempt to kill it attacks him, leaving him brutalised before he is subsequently arrested along with Igor. The Monster escapes into the surrounding wilderness eventually saving a peasant girl from drowning, her father however shooting at him incites his wrath and he crushes him with a boulder.

Frankenstein's monster tries to stop the girl from screaming by covering her head with his hands but ultimately causes her to die by almost immediate asphyxiation. The monster comes to kill Victor and arriving at the Maurette estate, does not find him there but rather wife Elizabeth, Alia and the Maurette family. The Monster is fired upon by the Maurette men, which it kills by charging and smashing into them. It then destroys the estate by causing it's collapse the destruction claiming Alia, her mother and sister's lives while a fatally injured Elizabeth is taken from the rubble and to the hospital wing of Hope Mercy. There she succumbs to her wounds after forging a final letter to Victor.

Victor devastated is then along with Igor by an assortment of the Düsseldorf guard to aid in the execution of the creature. Following the creature back to Castle Vägar all the knights are killed, some by the activated medieval traps set in place in the castle, some by the attacking monster and others by the collapsing surroundings. Ultimately in the laboratory Igor turns on Victor again revealing his hatred for him despite their long life of friendship, setting fire to the room on the hope they will go down with the monster they made in flames. Victor convinces the distraught Igor to do otherwise due to his deep love for him and he saves them both from the spreading flames. However in a final duel with the monster Victor hesitates to end it's life with his cyanide serum seeing his brother's face, this moment of weakness allows for the monster to seize Igor and throw him against a stone wall. He then dies in Victor's arm as the monster collapses below into the earth from the castle and Victor carries out Igor's flaming body.

Arctic Fury

Back in present North Pole 1794 Captain Walton emphasising with Victor's tragic story tells he will get his chance to bury his beast as he, his remaining men and himself will seal it in an icy grave. Utilising the weapons from their shipwreck Walton, Victor and the sailors trek to the highest point of the arctic summit causing an avalanche to lure out the monster. They return to the shipwreck and collapsed lake ground with Victor at the front to bring it straight into battle. The monster appears and propels the wrecked ship at them, crushing some of the men and breaking the lake further, to drown and freeze the others. As the monster is about to tear apart Walton Victor talks with his creature, promising it care, servitude and love before injecting his cyanide serum to it, Walton firing at the platform with his musket and the monster dragging Victor along with him into the icy depths.

Present Day

In 2016 Dr. Henry Jekyll arrives at an excavation site in the Arctic Circle in the North Pole, there his team pulls forth the frozen corpse of Frankenstein's monster as he tells his men: "let me tell you a story," at that point another voice is heard as an Invisible figure walks to his position.


  • Vin Diesel as Frankenstein's Monster
  • Kit Harrington as Dr. Victor Frankenstein
  • Simon Sears as Fritz Igor
  • Ryan Reynolds as Henry Moritz
  • Bonnie Wright as Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Jessica Biel as Alia Maurette
  • Til Schweiger as Lukas Nettinger
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Herr Vogel
  • Angourie Rice as Maria Ivarne
  • David Kross as Fran Ivarne
  • Heike Makatsch as Juliette Jadarne
  • Veronica Ferres as Sofia Ivarne
  • Johnny Depp as Dr. Jack Griffin/The Invisible Man
  • Sofie Boutella as Princess Ahmunet/The Mummy
  • Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde
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