Franjessica is a 1990 American Drama Film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Alexandre Aja

Directed by Alexandre Aja
Produced by

Gregory Levasseur,

Alexandre Aja

Written by Kevin Williamson
Narrated by

Brad Pitt,

Kerr Smith,

Corey Haim,

Alice Braga,

Jacqueline Obradors


Brad Pitt,

Kerr Smith,

Corey Haim,

Alice Braga,

Jacqueline Obradors,

Bob Hoskins,

Willem Dafoe,

Ralph Fiennes,

Jet Li,

Ziyi Zhang

Music by Francois-Eudes Chanfrault
Cinematography Maxime Alexandre
Editing by Baxter
Distributed by Lions Gate
Release date(s) November 22, 1990
Running time 102 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2.5 million
Box office $6,401,336

It stars Brad Pitt, Kerr Smith, Corey Haim, Alice Braga, Jacqueline Obradors, Bob Hoskins, Willem Dafoe, Ralph Fiennes, Jet Li and Ziyi Zhang.

The film is inspired by Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho and Brad Pitt's performance in the film is a testament to the deceased actor River Phoenix whom once lost a film role to Pitt.


Two young boys growing up engage in homosexual kissing and tear apart their friendship as their families refrain from seeing the other.

One family moves away and one of the boys reverts to a straight orientation.

The other however cannot fight their feelings and remains in the same town growing up heartbroken and deeply damaged which leads him into drugs and bringing a gay male prostitute to the school which gets him expelled.

He runs away from home and flees to the agency of which the gay prostitute came from and finds himself embezzled in a world of gay teen prostitution.

He hopes it will fill the hole left when his old friend left but it doesn't and when he tries to escape he finds himself pursued by a large mafia family of whom wish to take his life and defile him.

He flees with the help of a also fleeing prostitute woman whom takes him all the way to Las Vegas.

There he reunites with that old friend of his whom left the gaping hole in his heart and was the love of his life.

He becomes embroiled in the mafia threats and is forced to abandon his current girl in Las Vegas to take off with the boy he had once had gay relations with and a total stranger woman.

The three take in search of a singer woman/FBI agent whom happens to be the stranger woman's lesbian lover who can help get them out of the country.

Only problem being the straight forced drag along but his love for the other questions his true orientation.

Along also is a gay Boston Hustler picked up whom is an epileptic on his way also to see the great singer woman/secret FBI agent tentatively titled Franjessica.


  • Kerr Smith as Barry Obodine Cading
  • Brad Pitt as Steven Quartenden
  • Corey Haim as Raymond B. Sallis/ Epileptic Boston Hustler
  • Alice Braga as Prostitute Salma Haydeen
  • Jacqueline Obradors as FBI Agent Casey Mulligan/ Franjessica
  • Bob Hoskin as Mafia Boss Maranta
  • Willem Dafoe as Jack Cading
  • Ralph Fiennes as Alex Quartenden
  • Jet Li and Ziyi Zhang as the Strange Chinese Twins
  • Kelly Preston as Miss Leterdon The Employer
  • Michelle Yeoh as The Hider Mother of the Strange Twins
  • Thomas Gibson as Boss Mortis
  • Clark Gregg as Client Tatum Havenlock The Suicidal Widow
  • Andrew McCarthy as the Strange Abusor
  • Laura San Giacoma as Client Clarica Rarta
  • John Hannah as Fellow Gay Hustler Hetting
  • Bobcat Goldwaithe as Fellow Gay Hustler Fisherman Joseph "Fisherman Joe"
  • Amy Yasbeck as Fellow Gay Hustler Lesbian LeRitta Conroy
  • Jeff Garlin as Client Delivery Man Coting/ Delivery Man for Boss Maranta/ Possessor of Obession for Steven
  • David Koechner as Client Washed Up Airplane Pilot Drunk Nathaniel Turner-Gills
  • Irrfan Khan as Client Festachio Gilligro/ The Slave of Clarica Rarta
  • Mike Judge as Fellow Gay Hustler Hilton Avenue/ Later Murdered Hustler
  • Stephen Chow as Fellow Gay Hustler Makasan Ishibashisan
  • Nia Vardalos as Fellow Gay Hustler Lesbian Lara Eberdine
  • Paula Abdul as Hustler Boss Corvinitta/ Former Partner of Boss Maranta


  1. Never Ever- All Saints
  2. All Around the World- Oasis
  3. Brimful of Asha- Cornershop
  4. It's Like That- Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
  5. Turn Back Time- Aqua
  6. 3 Lions 98- Baddiel & Skinner and the Lightning Seeds
  7. Gym and Tonic- Spacedust
  8. Frehel - 'Le Meilleur de Frehel'
  9. Berthe Sylva - 'Les Roses Blanches'
  10. Jacqueline Francois - 'Mademoiselle de Paris'
  11. The Duprees- You Belong To Me
  12. Gotta Get Back To You- The Crystalairs
  13. My Darling- The Tabbys
  14. For My Angel- The Vons
  15. What About Me- The Castanets
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