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King Harus and Queen Panghua, two ruling wolves of the Siberian wilderness, adopt a fox puppy and name him Flamer. The arrival of Flamer brings jealousy to Harus's younger brother, Samo, who vows for revenge. 

Cast and characters 

  • Flamer, a red fox raised by wolves:
    • Max Charles as young Flamer (speaking)
    • Zach Callison as adult Flamer (singing) 
    • Drake Bell as adult Flamer (speaking) 
    • Nathan Sharp as adult Flamer (singing)
  • Talan, a red vixen, Flamer's love interest:
    • Rowan Blanchard as young Talan (speaking)
    • Grace Rolek as young Talan (singing) 
    • Emma Stone as adult Talan (speaking)
    • Ashley Tisdale as adult Talan (singing)
  • Tim Curry as Samo, Harus's younger brother
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Harus, a gray wolf, Flamer's adopted father 
  • Kirstie Alley as Panghua, Harus's wife 
  • Scott Menville as Royfoy, a white-tailed deer 
  • Hynden Walch as Inkayenka, a doe 
  • Greg Cipes as Weswane, a gray bunny 
  • Tara Strong as Kopu, a yellow bunny 
  • Khary Payton as Ukun, a badger   
  • Finn Wolfhard as Lunus, Panghua's first son
  • Sadie Sink as Koha, Panghua's first daughter 
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Salos, Panghua's second son
  • Millie Bobby Brown as Mithe, Panghua's second daughter 
  • Pierce Gagnon as Rano, Panghua's third son


  1. A Fence-Free World - Flamer (Zach Callison) and Talan (Grace Rolek)
  2. Here Comes a Thought - Harus (Jeffrey Tambor)
  3. What's the Use of Feeling Blue? - Talan (Ashley Tisdale) 
  4. Selamina Simimineti - Flamer (Nathan Sharp) and Talan (Ashley Tisdale) 
  5. Here Comes a Thought (reprise) - Flamer (Nathan Sharp) and Harus (Jeffrey Tambor) 
  6. Stronger Than You - Flamer (Nathan Sharp) 



  • Albania: Odiseja da Dhelpre (Odyssey of Fox) 
  • Armenia: աղվեսի կյանքը/aghvesi kyank’y (Life of a Fox)
  • Azerbaijan: Bir Tülkü Həyat (Life of a Fox)
  • Brazil: Indagação de Raposa (Inquiry of Fox)
  • Catalonia: Odissea de Guineu (Odyssey of Fox) 
  • Denmark: Odyssé af Ræv (Odyssey of Fox) 
  • Egypt: حياة الثعلب/hayat althaelab (Life of a Fox)
  • Estonia: Odüsseia uv Rebane (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Finland: Odysseia Kettu (Odyssey of Fox)
  • France: Odyssée du Renard (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Hispanic America: Consulta de Zorro (Inquiry of Fox) 
  • Iceland: Odyssey af Refur (Odyssey of Fox) 
  • Indonesia: Kehidupan Rubah (Life of a Fox)
  • Israel: חיים של שועל (Life of a Fox)
  • Italy: Odissea di Volpe (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Latvia: Odissija uv Lapsa (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Lithuania: Odisėja ov Lapės (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Maharashtra: एक लोमड़ी का जीवन/ek lomri ka jeevan (Life of a Fox)
  • Norway: Odysseen av Rev (Odyssey of Fox) 
  • Portugal: Odisseia de Raposa (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Quebec: Enquête de Renard (Inquiry of Fox)
  • Romania: Odiseea de Vulpe (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Russia: Жизнь Фокса/Zhizn' Foksa (Life of a Fox)
  • Spain: Odisea de Zorro (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Sri Lanka: ஒரு நரி வாழ்க்கை/oru nari vāḻkkai (Life of a Fox)
  • Sweden: Odysseyen av Räv (Odyssey of Fox)
  • Telangana: ఒక ఫాక్స్ లైఫ్/oka phāks laiph (Life of a Fox) 


  • The title changes depending on the continent:
    • Americas: Inquiry of Fox 
    • Asia: Life of a Fox 
    • Europe: Odyssey of Fox