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Four-Headed Shark is a 2016 American Horror-Action film starring John Boyega, Oscar Issac, Kirsten Dunst, Brian Geraghty, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, and Dave Franco. There will be sequels called Five-Headed Shark Attack and Six-Headed Shark Attack.


A group of young adults are brought to a facility to study sharks. But goes wrong when a mutated shark with four heads attacks them and eats them one by one.


The film starts with 3 people: banker Cameron (John Boyega), his co-worker Mike (Brian Geraghty), and their boss Sam (Seth Rogen) getting snacks and sodas in a gas station. When they leave, they encounter rich boy Mark (Dave Franco) and he tells them that they're not invited to his party. They just leave and are so annoyed that he's a jerk. They're invited to go on a trip to a Ocean facility. They invite Mike's cousin Manitoba (Oscar Isaac) and Mike's girlfriend Zoey (Kirsten Dunst).

On the boat, they meet B (Craig Robinson) on it but he can't talk ever since elementary school. They are annoyed to see Mark but Sam's girlfriend Dakota (Brie Larson) and her best-friend Dawn (Jillian Bell) are on it. B's best-friend Brick (Martin Starr) is coming to be B's translator. They also meet arrogant jock named Lightning (Justin Hires), who annoys people with his sports talk.

At the facility, Mike is confused by a mutated shark with four heads. A technician (T.J. Miller) claims it's an experiment but it's dangerous. Mark makes fun of Mike but gets scared by the shark, much to Mike's amusement. Mike talks to the shark and reveals Mark's fear of sharks. Cameron befriends a friendly shark named Rex and also laughs at Mark's fear of sharks. Mark confesses that when he was a kid, his pet shark named Fang attacked him for being mean to kids.

In the control room, an arrogant intern named Ben (Reid Ewing) hires Mark to help him sell the sharks to a rival company and Mark agrees. They secretly release the four headed shark and he attacks the facility, killing a few people. Everyone grabs guns and start shooting at the sharks. An intern (Kevin Corrigan) falls on a burning engine and his last words are, It burns. Dawn and Brick are killed by the shark.

In the camera room, Mike finds out that Mark and Ben did this. They're mad at his betrayal.

At the docks, Mark and Ben prepare to leave in a submarine but confront Fang. Mark tries to reason with him but he assaults and kills them (off-screen) for their behavior.

In the camera room, they thank Fang for stopping them. Sam finds a trap door and uses it as an exit for all of them. They see the shark and Sam and Dakota are killed trying to save the others. They run to a ship but it's guarded by the shark. B sacrifices himself and finally speaks, See you on the other side.

On the ship, the shark attacks them and Mike uses a plastic boat to distract him. But Mike is sucked into the water and killed by the shark (off-screen), causing his blood to squirt out of the hole. Zoey, Manitoba, and Cameron are saddened by his death but Lightning's too busy surviving. He abandons them but is blown up in the boiler room. The shark attacks them but Zoey fights him for Mike. She ends up electrocuted to death by the wire but Cameron uses the wire to burn the shark, killing it. They make it to California and they teach each other how to surf. They make tombstones to honor the casualties of the incident.


  • John Boyega as Cameron - A 19-year-old young man and Main Protagonist of the film. His mother is over-protective and his father is a scientist.
  • Oscar Issac as Manitoba Smith - A 26-year-old Australian hunter and Main Deuteragonist of the film. He is shown to best friends with Cameron and wants to protect him.
  • Kirsten Durst as Zoey - A 20-year-old red head and Main Tritagonist of the film. She is allergic to dogs.
  • Brian Geraghty as Mike - A 21-year-old slacker and Secondary Protagonist of the film. He is Zoey's boyfriend and Manitoba's American cousin. He gets concern about Zoey and always saves her.
  • Seth Rogen as Sam - A 24-year-old gamer and the main characters' boss.
  • Craig Robinson as B - A 23-year-old quiet and shy person.
  • Dave Franco as Mark - A 22-year-old arrogant biker and Main Human/Secondary Antagonist of the film. He is Mike's rival and worst character of the film. He betrays the group by leaving them to die and helping an arrogant intern steal sharks to sell them. He also hates farming and doesn't care about his family.