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Formidulosus High is a comedy-horror film directed by Mark Waters. It stars


Julie Baker and her stepbrother Peyton DuBois find themselves in a high school not only filled with teenagers, but monsters!



  • Rowan Blanchard as Julie Baker, a teenager who got inadvertently sent to Formidulosus High, a school for monsters
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Peyton DuBois, Julie's teenage stepbrother who is also accidentally sent to Formidulosus High, an all-ghouls school
  • TBA as Fangetta Redblood, a teenage vampire Goth girl who secuded Peyton and wants to be her lover. She mistook him for her "undead vampire boyfriend who drinks blood on the living by feeding on them".
  • TBA as Luke Talbot, a werewolf teen who is vegetarian. He somehow turns into a werewolf at a full moon.
  • TBA as Phillip Casper, a friendly ghost who died in an accidental house fire.
  • TBA as Ophelia Wicked, a perky cheerleader witch who casts spells. Her stepsister, Sage formed a Gothic cult group with Fangetta.
  • TBA as Sage Wicked, a spellcasting cult Goth witch who can see ghosts like Ophelia because all monsters see ghosts. She is very wise and somewhat smart.
  • TBA as Franklin Styneson, a Frankenstein's monster who is clumsy and nerdy.
  • Martha Higareda as Patricía Muertos, a Hispanic living skeleton principal who is loyal to her friends and cleans up after them. She has a passion for reading.
  • TBA as Faraka, a mummy girl who is 1,000 years old. She isn't only lovable and popular, but undead.
  • TBA as Purronica Meowrison, a werecat Reading teacher whom Henry has a crush on.
  • TBA as Swimonthy Sea, a sea monster who loves swimming.
  • TBA as Rebrainca Zomboson, a zombie girl who is rather ditzy.
  • TBA as Warren Lok, a warlock boy who is Sage's friend.

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