Forged In Abyssal Dark is the debut album from British metal band Graves of the Dark, released on the 28th of November 1992 produced by Martin Lords on Macabre Records. The song "Under A Silver Moon" features vocals by bassist Jeff Peters, who had to record the vocals for the album after vocalist Aaron Morteimer became unfit to sing. He recovered a few months later and re-recorded over Peter's vocal tracks, but decided to keep one song to honour Jeff Peter's contribution to the vocals.

The band have expressed their disliking for the murky mix and low quality of Forged In Abyssal Dark, and producer Martin Lords relocated the band to London to record their later records in a much more adequate sound. It is the first and only album to feature Harold Thompson on rhythm guitar, who was fired from the band in 1993 shortly before the recording of Black Processions of the Infernal Luciferi, with the guitars he contributed being re-recorded by new rhythm guitarist Paul Arteman. Although Thompson was fired, he and the other band members has said it was not a negative event, and that he is content that he received credit on Black Processions of the Infernal Luciferi.


The band were signed to Macabre by October 1991, and began recording their first official album in a small studio in Nottingham, under the supervision of producer Martin Lords, who also produced the dramatic soundscapes used in this album and future Graves of the Dark works. Halfway through recording Aaron Morteimer contracted severe throat problems and was unable to perform the demanding vocal tracks for the album. Jeff Peters, who had along with playing bass sang for a few local bands, volunteered to do Morteimer's vocal tracks. He recorded a few of the songs, but Morteimer had recovered by the time it was done and the band decided to have Morteimer re-do the tracks, although the song "Under A Silver Moon" is sung by Jeff Peters. The band released their first album, Forged In Abyssal Dark, on the 28th of November 1991, to general acclaim by several minor metal sources. However in a 2001 interview Morteimer expressed his disliking of the album's mix, calling it murky and distant sounding. Other members of the band have said similarly on numerous occasions.


Forged In Abyssal Dark is notably black metal as opposed to the symphonic/gothic black metal that would become staple for Graves of the Dark on their later albums.

Track listing

  1. "Nightraven Requiem" - 4:00
  2. "She Is Darkness" - 3:44
  3. "Harlot In Red" - 4:00
  4. "Under A Silver Moon" - 5:13
  5. "Darkness Take Me" - 7:00
  6. "A Heretical Birth" - 3:00
  7. "Abyssal" - 4:44


  • Martin Lords - production, mixing
  • Aaron Morteimer - vocals, lyrics
  • Jared N. Hargrove - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Harold Thompson - rhythm gutiar
  • Jeff Peters - bass, vocals on "Under A Silver Moon"
  • William Kay - drums
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