The Forevers.jpg
 Official Name
 Editorial Names
 Team Aliases
 Base of Operation
 Team Leader(s) Chronox (deceased), Zurabbit (currently)
 Current Members Ikarion, Sersa, Thenaxia, Ajakonix, Spriterdon, Phastox, Makkaros, Klingo, Noah, Ardomix, Uglii, Rejehog, the Armadillan Brothers, Agrhinar, Ardomix, Foxstar, Cybelephant, Atlasphere, etc.
 Former Members Druigorex (traitor)
 Enemies Krowsnest, Druigorex, the Extincteviants, the Quintessials (their creators), etc.
 Place of Formation
 Creators Brian DuBose
First Appearance
The Forevers #1 (July 1976)

The Forevers are a subfaction of the Maximals, but they live forever. There are many ways a Forever can die, including the Rite of Sacrificing a Forever, if he or she has a disease like Cosmic Rust. They were formerly led by Chronox, the ox-transformer who gave his life to defeat the former Extincteviant leader Uranix. Now they are led by Zurabbit, in their base at Po-Lar. They comprise of rat-transformer Ikarion, cat-transformer Sersa, and hundreds of others, many of whom first appeared in The Forevers #1 (July 1976).

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