For Sale is an upcoming comedy-drama film, written by ??? and directed by ???.


A married couple residing in London, move to New York City for a better life.


  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Sean Oxford
  • Sally Hawkins as Winifred "Winnie" Oxford, Sean's wife
  • Will Poulter as Harry Oxford, Sean and Winnie's son
  • Anna Popplewell as Samantha "Sam" Oxford, Harry's sister
  • Colin Firth as James Smith, a real estate agent
  • Anna Friel as Lucy Smith, James' wife
  • Michael Caine as Thomas Oxford, Sean's father
  • Judi Dench as Margaret Oxford, Sean's mother
  • Hugh Bonneville as George Oxford, Sean's stepfather
  • Julie Andrews as Elizabeth Oxford, Sean's aunt
  • Michael Gambon as Fergus Stone, the architect who built Sean and Winnie's old house
  • Brian Cox as Lawrence Jones, a house painter
  • Jimmy Kimmel as Paul Grimes, Sean and Winnie's new neighbor in America
  • Heather Graham as Marilyn Grimes, Paul's wife
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Jeff Grimes, Paul and Marilyn's son
  • Riley Griffiths as Nathan Grimes, Jeff's brother
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