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Flying with the Abigail is a 1986 American science fiction adventure film directed by Martin Campbell and written by Max Patterson.


  • Angela Thorne as Carole McAdams
  • Mollie Sugden as Janice Howard
  • Don Henderson as David Frierson
  • Frank Thornton as Dr. Louis Freguson
  • Michael Knowles as Night Guard Blyton
  • Ballard Berkeley as Detective Berk
  • Chris Latta as the voice of Matt
  • Ed Gilbert as the voice of Pocketman
  • Frank Welker as R.A.O.U.L.
  • Peter Cullen as the voice of Creature Weird
  • Dick Gautier as the voice of Buster
  • Ian Carmichael as Dr. George
  • Beryl Reid as Thesea