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#'''Forget It All''' | '''Logan Gets Sick'''
#'''Forget It All''' | '''Logan Gets Sick'''
#'''Overused''' | '''The Dummy'''
#'''Overused''' | '''The Dummy'''
#'''Cameron vs. Greg''' | '''Making Way'''
[[Category:TV series]]
[[Category:TV series]]

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Flushed! is an American animated television series produced for The CC.


Cameron Bust is a teenage boy who has the power to give people bad luck. He uses his power for good things, like stopping bullies, and rather rebellious things.


Season 1 (2019-present)

  1. The Dash | The Major Confession
  2. Feeling Fit | June and the Big Boom
  3. The Tick-Tock | I Will Do It!
  4. The Rude Dude | Noah the Know-It-All
  5. Make Me | A Tale of Two Classrooms
  6. In the Time | Ye, Me and We
  7. Nerd Alert! | A Heavy Grudge
  8. A Hard-Knock Life | Tommy Breaks a Leg
  9. Cool and Vicious | Can We Stop?
  10. The Cold Day | Are We There Yet?

Season 2 (TBA)

  1. Bobby | I am the Man!
  2. Forget It All | Logan Gets Sick
  3. Overused | The Dummy
  4. Cameron vs. Greg | Making Way
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