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Flora of the Forest (2020 is An Upcoming Reboot of the Old Flora of the Forest. It takes place between The Original Flora of the Forest and Flora & The Lost City of Goats, when Flora and Her Friends are 13 years old (in their years).



  • Flora Martin (voiced by Isabela Moner)
  • Socks (voiced by Benicio Del Toro (speaking) and Nancy Cartwright (vocal effects)
  • Gorby (Voiced by Matthew Gurnley)
  • Chelsea (voiced by Teresa Gallagher)
  • Migo (voiced by Max Charles)
  • Purse (voiced by Rosie Perez)
  • Compass (voiced by Marc Thompson)
  • Thiefie (voiced by Andrew Daly)
  • Lucinda (voiced by Sara Ramirez)
  • Elroy (voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • Big Red Dino (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Juju The Parrot (voiced by Nancy Cartwright)
  • The Woodland Band (voiced by Jeff Pidegon)
  • Wise Old Oak Tree (voiced by Mel Brooks)
  • Vanilla and Night (voiced by Kath Soucie and Tara Strong)
  • Colman Martin (voiced by Tara Strong)
  • Marina Martin (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Nichael Martin (voiced by Jeff Bergman)
  • Little Tiger (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, replacing Thomas Sharkey)
  • Mittens and Stocking (voiced by Jeff Bergman and Kath Soucie)


  • Jiara the Fennec Fox (voiced by Bryana Salaz)
  • The Anti Evil Angel (voiced by Bebe Neuwirth)
  • Ghost the Poison Dart Frog (voiced by Will Forte)
  • Kimbo and Dana (Jiara’s Parents) (voiced by Will Sasso and Kath Soucie)


  • If the Show ends, they would promise for the viewers to find out what happened to Lucinda the Panther, who will be returning in the series.