Flora & The Lost City of Goats is a Shires+ Live-Action Original Movie based off Flora of the Forest.


Flora moves back to the city when Her Mom thinks that She’s ready to move out of the forest, but Villainous Poacher Juanito DeTorro locks her to a mountain that has a kingdom called “The Lost City of Goats”.

Turns out, that mountain was Gorby’s hometown, and the rulers of the kingdom are Gorby’s parents, Queen Gloria and King Goatum, but his mom isn’t happy that he’s been hanging out with a human since his childhood.




  1. Flora of the Forest Theme Song Cover - Weird "Al" Yankovic
  2. A Big Deal - Queen Gloria, Goat Guards, and Goat Citizens
  3. All for One - Flora, Tiago, Gorby, Chelsea, Migo, Marina Martin, Nichael Martin, Queen Gloria, Goat Guards, and Goat Citizens


  • Critics panned this movie just because one character (Lucinda the Panther) was absent, since Lucinda was an important characater of The Flora of the Forest Franchise.
  • The Post Credits Scene was a Performance by The Woodland Band.
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