Flight 116 is Down is a 2012 drama-mystery-suspense-adventure movie based on a book by Caroline B. Cooney, starring Kay Panabaker.


After a airplane crashes into the woods next to her house, Heidi Landseth (Kay Panabaker) try get the passengers out of the plane with the help from Patrick Farquhar (Alex Pettyfer) who does his best to get many of the passengers out of the plane and into the house as he can.



Kay Panabaker as Heidi Landseth/A 16 year old girl who lives in the Dove House Mansion; the site of the plane crash Heidi is very independent, and courageous but she doesn't have have friends

Alex Pettyfer as Patrick Farquhar/A 17 year old boy yearing to be able to put his rescue training to work. He loves danger, challenges, and cars.

TBA as Tuck/Daniel's younger trying to make it to his father's wedding where he will wed again. He is very obedient.

TBA as Daniel/Tuck's older brother trying to make it to his father's wedding where he will wed again. He is a trouble maker and rebellious.

TBA as Darienne/A spoiled and sophisticated girl with a natural beauty, but because of this, she is very stuck up and snobby.

TBA as Carly/A misunderstood teenager who is returing home after running away to follow a gang.

TBA as Teddie/A little girl coming home from her grandparents to her parents that adore her like an angel.

TBA as Mr. Landseth/Heidi's father

TBA as Mrs. Landseth/Heidi's mother

TBA as Mr. Farquhar/Patrick's father

TBA as Shirl/Carly's twin sister

TBA as Laura

TBA as Ty


There is no such thing as time...



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