Red Flash

Flash-Man is the third sequel to Go Rangers, an American remake of Himitsu Sentai Goranger. It follows Dyna-Man and Beast Force and is an adaptation of Chousinsei Flashman. The series was followed by Sky Force.


Many years ago, two astronauts brought their five children on a mission to the flash star system, known for its prism-like formation. The two astronauts were then captured by the evil Experimental Reconstructive Science Empire. Before the children could be also captured, the Flash Defense Army intervened and drove the Empire off. The Flash People then raised the children, before it was discovered that due to their exposure to both Earth's and the Flash system's atmosphere's, the children shared a special aura. The children were trained to become great warriors in order to take advantage of the aura. Many years later, the children's robot guardian Cicuit learns that the Experimental Reconstructive Science Empire is moving towards Earth. The five are dispatched there in order to save their home planet from the Empire, codenamed Mess on Earth, as the Flash-Men. However, things are more complicated than that; the group begins to suffer from Anti-Flash phenomenon.


The Flash-Men are named after the Wild Force team.

Cole: Red Flash. Studied science on the Red Flash Star.

Max: Blue Flash. Learned speed and agility on the Desert Flash Star.

Danny: Green Flash. Gained strength on the rock planet.

Taylor: Yellow flash Developed a sharp mind of the icy Flash planet.

Alyssa: Pink flash Developed a high jumping ability on a zero-gravity Flash moon.

Circuit: The team's robotic ally sends in the Flash-robo when the battles escalate.

Merrick: Black flash

Experimental Reconstructive Science Empire Mess

Dark Science Emperor Lars Daeus: His origins are unknown. He is imprisoned in a mirror that is kept on board the Mess base. Later, Doctor Blood smashed the mirror in a rage. The pieces recollected and formed a new physical form. He then set about collecting the pieces of a shattered mask which could restore his power. Just as he retrives the final piece, Blood blasts him with his sceptre. The pieces then come together and transform Daeus into a more powerful form. He imprisons Blood and forbids Leoparda from speaking to him. Later, she frees Blood and he plays his organ one final time, transporting Daeus outside where he battles the Flash-Men. He uses his dark aura to transport the Flash-Men into a nightmare dimension. There, they use their aura to blast Daeus, transporting them back, but Daeus absorbs the energy and grows into a gigantic monstrous form. The Flash-Men battle him in their robot and split his mask, severly weakening him before the final blow completley destroys him. Voiced by Ron Pearlman.

Great Doctor Blood: Originally from Earth thousands of years ago, abducted by Mess on their first recon mission to Earth. He was one eight Great Doctors. He joined Mess with the promise of killing the other Great Doctors and absorbing their knowledge. He later had a love affair with Leoparda and they plotted to overthrow Emperor Daeus. She freed him when Daeus imprisoned him. When the base began to explode around them, Blood transported Daeus away to fight the Flash-Men while he died in the explosion.

Leoparda: Doctor Blood's lover. She does not recollect what happened to her that she ended up with Mess. In the final episode, Red Flash attempted to stab Blood and she dove into the way and was killed.

Flow and Tac: Leoparda's bestial assistants.

Zebrus/Zebrak: A winged bestial commander. Ambigiously gay. Became the monstrous Zebrak and died fighting the Flash-Men.

Yeti: An albino bestial commander. After one too many failures, Lars Daeus vaporized him. Voiced by Hank Azaria.

Zorrors: Red bug-like grunts.

Star Hunter

Intergalactic bounty hunters who either kill Mess's enemies or capture rare creatures for research.

Deadeye: Takes on a special rivalry with Red Flash. He becomes obsessed with taking him down. The two have a final duel and Red Flash kills Deadeye by running him through.

Killhawk: Takes control of Star Hunter after Deadeye's death and creates a bigger void between Star Hunter and Mess. He bugs the Mess throne room to learn of Mess' secret dealings. After he is fatally wounded by the Flash-Men, he hears Mess mocking him and Star Hunter from his listening device. Enraged, he dies as he crashes the Star Hunter ship into the Mess base, fatally damging it.

Bloodstream/ Hatefire/ Perishtake: Star Hunter's top warrior. All three perished in an Aura Blast unleashed by the Flash-Men. Bloodstream voiced by Tom Kenny, Hatefire voiced by John DiMaggio, and Perishtake voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

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