Flappy's young days is a 2021 puppetry youtube series.


main characters

Flappy- A female bald eagle. She is the title character and the recycled version of kim the bird. She it dark brown and has yellow talons. She is also the leader of the animal league. She is brave, courageous, loyal, wise and fearless.

Simon- A male eagle kestrel. He is an added character. He is blue, white, yellow and red.

Snazzy- A male scarlet macaw. He is a recycled version of fluffy the military macaw. He has a habit of eating everything he can see.

Sadie- A brown mouse. She is a tomboy and loves video games.

Mandu- A great blue heron. He was born and raised in a french zoo that closed down.

Pinky- A flamingo. She is a girly girl and enjoys things like shopping, makeup and cheer.

Doo doo-


season 1

S1E1- the supply teacher

Flappy and her friends have a supply teacher but get back their normal teacher at the end.

S1E2- Video game day

Sadie gets a new video game, making the others envious of her.

S1E3- toilet training

The little ones across the neighbourhood want to sleep without an nappy. However things don't come out good...

S1E4- Flying Olympics

The animals that can fly attend the flight Olympics, but they have many restrictions.

S1E5- Hoppity hop

Felicity goes to the ice skating championship, and they all crack the ice.

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