Flappy's young days is a 2016 puppetry youtube series.


main characters

Flappy- A female eagle kestrel. She is the title character and the recycled version of kim the bird. She wears a military argyle shirt and has colorful talons. She is also the leader of the animal league.

Simon- A male eagle kestrel. He is an added character. He is every colour of the rainbow except orange, blue, and purple.

Snazzy- A male scarlet macaw. He is a recycled version of fluffy the military macaw. He has a habit of eating everything he can see.

Flippy- A Golden falcon chick. He is an added character and enjoys fast flying.

Felicity- Flippy's little sister. She is an added character and enjoys ice skating.

Fern- Flippy's twin sister. She is very fussy and lives at Willow bean pond.


season 1

S1E1- the supply teacher

Flappy and her friends have a supply teacher but get back their normal teacher at the end.

S1E2- Video game day

Sadie gets a new video game, making the others envious of her.

S1E3- toilet training

The little ones across the neighborhood want to sleep without an nappy. However things don't come out good...

S1E4- Flying Olympics

The animals that can fly attend the flight Olympics, but they have many restrictions.

S1E5- Hoppity hop

Felicity goes to the ice skating championship, and they all crack the ice.

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