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Five Nights in Robot Hell 6: Fancy Restaurant Simulator (2018)

Parents Guide


MPAA - Rated R for language and terror including brief violence, and for some strong female sexuality/nudity

Certification - Argentina:16 | Australia:MA15+ | Austria:12 | Belgium:CAT.2 | Brazil:14 | Bulgaria:D | Canada:18A (outside Québec) | Canada:16+ (inside Québec) | Chile:14 | Colombia:15 | Denmark:11 | Estonia:K-12 | Finland:16 | France:16 | Germany:16 | Greece:17 | Hong Kong:IIB | Hungary:16 | Iceland:12 | India:UA | Indonesia:17+ | Ireland:15A (theatrical release) | Ireland:15 (home release) | Italy:VM14 | Jamica:T-16 | Japan:R15+ | Kazakhstan:E16 | Latvia:16+ | Malaysia:P13 | Maldives:15+ | Malta:12 | Mexico:B15 | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand:RP13 | Nigeria:15 | Norway:15 | Philippines:R-16 | Portugal:M/14 | Romania:N-15 | Russia:16+ | Singapore:R21 | South Africa:16 (L) | South Korea:15 | Spain:16 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:14 | Taiwan:15+ | Thailand:15 | Turkey:15A | United Arab Emirates:15+ | United Kingdom:15 | United States:R | United States:TV-14 (L, TV rating) | Venezuela:C (San Cristóbal and Baruta municipalities) | Venezuela:B (Maracaibo municipality) | Vietnam:C16

Sex & Nudity


As the protagonists learn their passives and affinities, five pillow humping scenes, a lesbian sex scene and a lesbian foursome happen infrequently.

Based on each passive, a lesbian foursome and three pillow humping scenes happen.

  1. Remove Electrify Passive: A foursome happens between the protagonists. Allie gets undressed and Lexia, Olivia and Hailey get around her. Lexia sucks on her right nipple, Olivia sucks on her left nipple and Hailey gives her oral sex.

Based on each affinity, a lesbian sex scene and two pillow humping scenes happen.

  1. Scissors Affinity: Lexia and Allie have sex in the shower. They undress until completely naked and enter the shower where Lexia closes the door and turns it on. The girls passionately kiss and Lexia gives Allie oral sex, sucks on her nipples, thrusts against her with both girls moaning and kisses her. The girls then switch sides, where Allie gives Lexia oral sex, sucks on her nipples, thrusts against her with both girls moaning and kisses her. Allie then turns off the shower and they exit it and wrap themselves in towels. Multiple views of their breasts, buttocks and vaginas.

Violence & Gore






Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking



Frightening & Intense Scenes


The jumpscares throughout the movie can be frightening to most viewers.

ACB - Rated MA15+ (strong themes, sex scenes, nudity and coarse language)

BBFC - Rated 15 (strong threat, sex, sexualized nudity and language)

Info-communications Media Development Authority - Rated R21 (Some Homosexual Content and Nudity)

Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration - Rated IIB (strong shocking elements, occasional violence, coarse language and some strong sexuality and nudity)