Five Nights at Freddy's 5 (Jiggle Jacob's 2014 fan version)

Five Nights at Freddy's 5 (Jiggle Jacob's 2014 fan version) is a fan made game that takes place in between his previous game, and Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Freddy and Bonnie's Pizza Kingdom had been shut down for a long time, until two men, one named Tyler and the other who was named Hugo bought the restaurant and renamed it back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the name the company used to go by, and aligned back with Fazbear Entertainment.  

The restaurant was going strong for a while, until the company built a two headed animatronic named Splat. 

One week later, Hugo and Tyler gone missing. Bill Fernam got a job as security guard and must survive the animatronics, and the one possessed by Hugo and Tyler's dead spirits, Splat.

 On Night 1, Phone Guy introduces Bill to his new job. On night 2, Phone Guy warns him about Splat, who is special and is extremely dangerous (although not as dangerous as Freddy). On night 3, Phone Guy informs Bill that the restaurant had been declining in customers due to the restaurant having a bad smell. On night 4, Phone Guy says that the smell has gotten worse and that Splat has been acting up. On Night 5, Phone Guy is not there and is replaced by an unknown man who worked there in the past. On Night 6, Phone Guy is still gone, but no Phone Call replaced him. On Night 7, Phone Guy is back and has a lot to tell Bill.

 The reason he hasn't been there is because the restaurant had been dealing with lawsuits after a mishap. One of the walls had broken and revealed the dead bodies of Hugo and Tyler. The restaurant was sued and will be shut down in two days. There is no Phone call on night 7.  

afterwards, the restaurant was condemned and watched by Police Guards 24/7. In one night, someone (the Killer) killed every police officer. The court saw this as the final straw and shipped the animatronics (Except Splat, who was destroyed) into boxes and were placed into storage facilities. The restaurant was then destroyed by a wrecking ball and Phone Guy was interrogated by Police forces. Bill had also gone missing. 

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