Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Jiggle Jacob's 2014 fan version)

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Jiggle Jacob's 2014 fan version) is a fan made game based off the Five Nights at Freddy's series. It was created on Gamjolt and approved by Scott for use of his mechanics. It takes place right after Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (Jiggle Jacob's 2014 fan version)


Freddy and Bonnie's Pizza Kingdom had stayed open for about two months since the previous game. There were major modifications to the restaurant and the building was bigger and business was booming. 

Meanwhile, a guy named Albert Ansonio gets a job at the restaurant as a security guard and must survive 5 (although its 7) nights at the restaurant. 

On night 1, Phone Guy introduces Albert to his new job. On night 2, Phone Guy tells him to be aware of Chica, because shes been acting weirdly lately. On Night 3, Phone Guy informs him on the Disappearance of Jacob Swinlgy and that he's been "researching" it. On Night 4, Phone Guy informs Albert that Chica has been put into disrepair because she started acting up in public. On night 5, Phone Guy says that he needs Albert to do him a favor on night 7, so he asks him to stay for two more nights. On night 6, Phone Guys says that Chica was repaired and is active again. But the Weird thing is is that none of the mechanics had touched Chica, so they have no idea how she got fixed. 

On Night 7, Phone Guy reveals to Albert he has a master plan and Albert is playing a part. He tells Albert how Jacob Swingly was a friend of his and how he attempted to convince him not to take the job. He did, however, and went missing. He reveals that someone (The Killer) killed him and hid the body in the basement. 

With the death of his friend, and the fact that Ian wont tell anyone and proclaimed him missing. So Phone Guy took a picture of Jacob's dead body and is planning to report it. Phone Guy wants Albert to leave work with stolen footage. The footage will be of the mechanics fixing the animatronics and his, Jacob, and Jack's nights nearly dying from the animatronics. 

Phone Guy will then frame Ian for the murders and sue him. Then he will say he hired the mechanics to tamper with the animatronics so they try to kill the security guards. And then, Albert will go to court with Phone Guy and will justify Phone Guy's plot. Albert agrees and does so. 

It cuts to a newspaper telling Phone Guy's story and how Freddy and Bonnie's Pizza Kingdom will get shut down. 

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