Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (18373's 2014 fan version) is a fan made Five Nights at Freddy's game. Scott Cawthon approved it to be called Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and he counts it as canon in the franchise.


This game takes place between Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Under the belief its a prequel) and Five Nights at Freddy's. 


The game takes place in the restaurant from the first game. 


Freddy Fazbear's pizza had reopened. Following what he said from FNAF 2, Phone Guy took the job as security guard at the restaurant. 

Night 1:

Phone Guy starts working. He gets a recorded message from the manager: 

"Hello? Um... welcome to your job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I would like to inform you that our restaurant is not responsible if you...die. 

Check the cameras, because as you already know, if the Animatronics find you,  they will stuff you into an animatronic suit which kills you.

Now as tribute to the old restaurant, we wanted to bring something back to remember that place, even after all that...happened. We brought back that puppet-Marionette thing. I know you've always hated that thing, me too. Its kinda...disturbing. Now that all the original animatronics are back, were back and ready for business. Anyways, tonight will be easy, talk to you tomorrow"

Phone Guy then must survive the animatronics. They are all easy. 

Night 2:

Phone Guy comes back for the second night. He gets another recorded message from the manager.

"Hello? Um...good job on surviving the first night. Most of them don't do that. Um...this restaurant is a little slow in business, because of all the bad things that have happened. Like that time when those five children went missing, when that animatronic acted up and bit someone's frontal lobe off, or that time when the pizza sauce was replaced by blood. If you hadn't heard about that, I'll tell you. Sometime at Fredbear's Family Diner, some sicko replaced the sauce for the pizza with blood. 

Despite this, our restaurant hasn't had any strange...complications yet... 

Um... You probably won't like this, but we've added a new animatronic. I think his name is Terry the Tiger. His job during the day is to let children ride on him...I can almost see the lawsuits now. Oh well, thats why we make anyone who rides him sign a contract make sure that they don't get hurt. 

We have no idea how he moves, so we've decided to disable him tonight, and close the restaurant tomorrow. Then we will record how he moves that night, and you will come back in two nights so...congrats you got tomorrow off. out for Freddy, he seems to be different from the rest...I don't know, he has a weird way of moving around, he usually doesn't move for the first few days of the week. Anyways, check those cameras, keep an eye on that puppet, talk to you tomorrow"

This night is harder than previous nights, but still easy.

Night 3:

"Hello? now I can tell you about how Terry works. He seems to only attack once per night. What he does is he immediately moves to the hallway, and then randomly he just charges in. So be weary. Just saying, this is where your job gets hard.

I feel I should have mentioned this before, but you have a limited power supply...we can't really afford to get normal power, so we have a limited supply. Once it runs out of power, all the animatronics, including the puppet, shut down...except...Freddy. Freddy becomes dangerously active and he will come to your office. If you run out of power and see Freddy, play dead. You know...don't move. That could slow him down and you have a little more time to live. 

Anyways, tonight is harder, but I know you can do it. See you tomorrow...I hope."

 This night is where the game becomes harder. 

Night 4:

There is no Phone call. 

Night 5:

Tonight, Phone Guy gets a call from a different person. 

"Hello? I regret to inform you that yesterday, the old manager had died. No one really knows why or how he died. I sure hope that this isn't the missing children incident all over again. Unlike him, I am not going to lie. Tonight you are probably going to die...unless you are very good your job. 

Also unlike him, I'm not going to hesitate telling you of current events. That new animatronic...Tarzan the tiger or something like that...oh wait! Its TERRY the Tiger! Anyways, Terry has...acted up lately...he threw a child off him that was riding him...that child...hit the wall. He is in the hospital right now and has amnesia. Luckily the contract he signed prevents anyone from suing the restaurant... the mechanics will work on him tomorrow. Talk to you tomorrow...if you live that long. 

Night 6:

The manager from the previous night calls Phone Guy again. 

"Hello? Well I guess you didn't die...thats good news. Now I have to tell you what happened today. The mechanics tried to fix Terry but unfortunately, Terry...killed them. He killed them all. We have discontinued that wretched Tiger and we are going to destroy him in two days

 This reminds me of that one time back at Fredbear's Family Diner, where the Marionette had acted up. It had chased a child around the Pizzeria. Everyone was screaming, crying, and they were absolutely traumatized. Of course, I wasn't working there at that time...only you and that old manager have stayed with this business for so long. I guess that makes you the only person who has worked at every It warms my heart that you would stay here this long...and that you haven't sued. 

And that you would come for OVERTIME at a hellhole like this is...inspirational. Most either die, quit, or sue. 

Anyways, you might not hear from me tomorrow...I might not know...around anymore...someone has been sending me...letters. Some guy wants me...d-dead. (starts crying) stay strong okay! Tell my wife Susan I love her! I DONT WANT TO DIE! (gets control of himself) o-okay...good luck...god knows we will both need it.."

 This night is very very hard. The Manager is implied to have died after this night. 

Night 7:

Custom night. 


On Phone Guys pay check, bellow is a newspaper article talking about how Terry the Tiger was destroyed. 


Phone Guy

Main protagonist

Old Manager

Advice Guy until night 4

New manager

Advice Guy on Night 5 until night 7

Freddy Fazbear

Main antagonist. Only active on night 4 and up.


Antagonist. Active all nights.


Antagonist. Active all nights.

The Killer

Mentioned antagonist


antagonist. Active on Night 2 and onwards.

Golden Freddy

minor antagonist. Only active on Night 7.

The Marionette

Antagonist. Active on Night 3 and onwards.

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