A remake of the video game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, being transferred to the Xbox 360/Xbox One and PS3/PS4.


Night 1: The easiest of all nights. Toy Bonnie and Chica will be active.

Night 2: Old Foxy, Mangle, BB and Toy Freddy become active.

Night 3: The old animatronics will become active.

Night 4: The difficulty increases.

Night 5: Animatronics become more aggressive as well as giving the player the ending where you get paid $100.50.

Night 6: Animatronics are as hard as ever as well as having Golden Freddy becoming more active. This will also give you your overtime payment.

Custom Night: Select the A.I. difficulty of each animatronic. Also complete various challenges to receive the ending where another guard gets fired from his job.



Old Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and Chica become active on Night 3. They will make their way to the office. Once they get into the office, the player must put on their mask immediately to survive and avoid death. Bonnie will go through the left air vent, Chica will go through the right air vent and Freddy will go through the hallway.


Toy Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and Chica become active on Night 1. They will directly go for the guard in the office to kill him/her. Toy Bonnie will go for the right air vent, Toy Chica will rather go through the hallway or left air vent and Toy Freddy will go through the office, with Toy Freddy acting like the old animatronics as he enters the office, the player must don the mask. Toy Chica will go away when the mask is on and Bonnie will attempt to search the room when the mask is on.


Foxy will become active on Night 2. He will go for the hallway straight away. To defend himself/herself from Foxy attacking, they must flash the light at him from time to time until he goes away.


Mangle will become active on Night 2. He crawl on the ceiling to head towards the hallway then will go to the right air vent. If his seen in the blindspot, the player must don the mask or he'll sneak onto the ceiling and attack at random.


BB will become active on Night 2. He will go straight away to the left air vent. If he manages to sneak into the office, instead of killing the player, he'll disable the lights, leaving the player defenseless against Foxy and almost impossible to search for the other animatronics in certain rooms including the vents.

The Puppet

To prevent the Puppet from going into the office to kill the player, the music box must be wound up and stopped from ending the music. If the music box goes out, this will allow the Puppet to escape and kill the player. He will become active on Night 1.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy will become active on Night 6. He will randomly go into the hallway or office. If inside the office, the player must wear the mask. If in the hallway, the player must stop looking there.


The player yet again inhabits the Office, where the animatronics are attempting to find and kill the player. The player can use monitors to locate each animatronic, use the vent lights to find out how far they are from coming in and use the flashlight to reveal their positions better in rooms and the hallway. The player must wear the mask to stop most animatronics from attacking him/her.

  • Y/Triangle: Pull Up and pull down Monitor.
  • A/X: Wear the Mask.
  • X/Square: Left Vent Light.
  • B/Circle: Right Vent Light.
  • D-Pad: Monitor to Monitor.
  • Joy Stick: Look Around In Office.
  • RT/2: Flashlight.
  • A/X (Hold): Wind Up Music Box.


  • CAM 09 (Show Stage)
  • CAM 08 (Parts/Service)
  • CAM 07 (Main Hall)
  • CAM 10 (Game Area)
  • CAM 11 (Prize Corner)
  • CAM 12 (Kid's Cove)
  • CAM 05 (Left Air Vent)
  • CAM 06 (Right Air Vent)
  • CAM 01 (Party Room 1)
  • CAM 02 (Party Room 2)
  • CAM 03 (Party Room 3)
  • CAM 04 (Party Room 4)


  • Easy Times: Complete Night 1.
  • Difficulty Problems: Complete Night 2.
  • Old Friends Return: Complete Night 3.
  • Bloody Fate Awaits: Complete Night 4.
  • Deadly Night: Complete Night 5.
  • Death Around Every Camera: Complete Night 6.
  • I See You: Die for the first time.
  • Light Is Your Best Friend: Get rid of the menacing Foxy.
  • Fool: Prevent an animatronic in the Office from attacking.
  • Golden Night: Survive Golden Freddy during Night 6.
  • Not Stopped Yet: Complete Custom Night's 20/20/20/20.
  • New Challengers: Complete Custom Night's New and Shiny.
  • Blue/Purple: Complete Custom Night's Double Trouble.
  • Pair of Clowns: Complete Custom Night's Night of Misfits.
  • Foxy Fun: Complete Custom Night's Foxy Foxy.
  • She Digs Me: Complete Custom Night's Ladies Night.
  • Welcome to the Circus: Complete Custom Night's Freddy's Circus.
  • Challenge Accepted: Complete Custom Night's Cupcake Challenge.
  • It Kills: Complete Custom Night's Fazbear Fever.
  • Still Alive: Complete Custom Night's Golden Freddy.
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