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Are you looking for Five Nights At Freddy's (2017 Film), Five Nights At Freddy's (Film), Five Nights At Freddy's 2 (Film), Five Nights At Freddy's 3 (Film), or Five Nights At Freddy's 4? (fnaf 4 is already out)

The Cover of the GAME. NO PC GAMA can be downloaded.

What is PC ​GAMA?

PC GAMA is a type based adventure game but with actions, talking, time abilities, and emotions. I made up PC-GAMA. Bunny1002 (talk) 15:00, August 23, 2015 (UTC) 


Characters That Might Be Confusing (Gender, Canon or Fanon, Who They Are):

  • Diamond Foxy (You Control Him) (boy (in case you didn't know)) (fanon)
  • Golden Freddy (Fred Bear)
  • Puppet (Girl)
  • Mangle (Girl)
  • Stella (Girl) (Fanon)
  • Golden Toy Foxy (Boy) (Fanon)
  • Golden Foxy (Boy) (Fanon)
  • Spring Trap (Purple Guy) 
  • Night Watch (Unnamed) (Boy)
  • Balloon Girl (The one under the desk)
  • Purple Balloon Guy (fanon) (boy)
  • Other Balloon People (fanon) (boy/girl)
  • T. Broken (boy) (fanon) (toy)
  • Nibbles (Foxy Plush) (Boy) (fanon)
  • Plushie Army (Boy/Girl) (Fanon) (led by nibbles) (made by Golden Toy Foxy)
  • Clones (made by G.T.F.) (Fanon) (Boy/Girl) 
  • Diamond Nibbles (made by G.T.F.) (Boy) (Fanon) (Plushie Version of Diamond Foxy)

Characters That Might NOT Be Confusing:

  • Freddy
  • Foxy
  • Chica
  • Bonnie
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Chica
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Balloon Boy


  • Fred Bears Family Diner
    • Kitchen
    • Pool
    • Secret Room (where T. Broken was found)
      • Stairs leading to T. Broken
    • Secret Room 2 (where a box was) 
    • Time Machine
    • Back Stage
    • Stage
    • Office
    • Back Room
    • Party Room
      • Puppets Box
    • Diamond Cove
      • Stella and Diamond Foxy's House
      • Golden Toy Foxy's Box
    • Dining Room
    • Golden Cove
    • Kids Cove
    • Pirates Cove
    • Spring Traps Lair
    • Puppet's Secret Balloon Boy Army's Secret Room In Which You Can Not See The Door To Because Secret Room 2 Is Too Dark.
    • Halls
    • Corner Halls
    • Basement
    • Up Stairs (Spring Trap At The Top Map Only)
    • Bathrooms
    • Um... If YOU remember a location please comment it! Bunny1002 (talk) 14:11, August 23, 2015 (UTC)


The maps shown do not have a picture yet and don't change gameplay, they just change whats where.

The Starting Map


This map starts the game. The red lines mean locked doors. The ? closest to the EXIT is Secret Room 1. The ? second closest to the EXIT is Secret Room 2. The ? farthest from the EXIT is Puppet's Secret Balloon Boys Army's Room

Maps you start with

  • FredBear's Family Diner (the first time you play this game, it auto sets to this map)
  • Spring Trap At The Top (there is now a second floor that has spring trap's lair right over the middle of the map)
  • Puppets In The Basement (same as above but puppet below the map instead of springtrap at the top)
  • Comment New Maps And I Might Accept! (this is not a map) Bunny1002 (talk) 14:11, August 23, 2015 (UTC) 

Maps you download

  • Freddy FazBear's Pizza (FN@F's map but changed to fit in the new rooms)
  • Toy FazBear's Pizza & Joy (same as above but with FN@F 2's map)
  • FazBears Fright (same as above but with FN@F 3's map)
  • Toy FazBears Fright (Five Nights at Freddy's 3 map but lit up and joyful (but like above, it's changed to fit in new rooms))
  • Comment New Maps And I Might Accept! (this is not a map) Bunny1002 (talk) 14:11, August 23, 2015 (UTC)


Part 1:

you find T. Broken and he makes you jealous of his awesomeness

Part 2:

a black out randomly happens and you find out puppets dark secret....

Part 3:

Golden Toy Foxy creates clones of everyone and it ruins FredBear's Family Diner

Part 3 1/2:

G.T.F. creates new plushies and you're basically forgotten.

Part 4:

You get a birthday party and diamond nibbles is born and grabs you're face.

Part 5:

A kid accidentally steals all the animatronics souls with plushies and you have to kill the kid thru nightmares. (FN@F 4)

Secret Part 6:

If you get the good ending for all 5 and 1/2 parts then you get this part. (a good ending is when you solve the problem in a good way) You get a party where you can do any thing you could before but the animatronics won't get mad! this is FNAF's night 6.

NightWatch Fun Time Part 6:

If you get a bad ending for all 5 1/2 parts then the night watch will come and yell at you as he kills you. this is FNAF's night 7.

Good and Bad Endings:

if you don't get all good or all bad endings then there is no part 6.