Five Nights at Freddy's is a 2016 American horror-comedy movie, based off the game of the same name. It stars Jensen Ackles, Alexa Vega, Ciara Bravo, Emily Kinney, Nathan Kress, Dylan O'Brien, Natalie Zea, Evan Peters, Christian Serratos, Jackie Earle Harley as Freddy Fazbear and Michael Cera as Foxy. It's written by Leigh Whannell, Jason Pagan & Andrew Stark and directed by James Wan and Wes Cravan.


Guards are watching over the stage during a show. Bonnie, Freddy (Jackie Earle Harley) and Chica are calling out for Foxy on stage and eventually he starts performing. Alice (Natalie Zea) tells Mark (Evan Peters) to go check on the show as a young girl is crawling on the stage. As Mark gets there, the fox robot snaps at her, ripping her shoulder. 

Alice is mourning that night over the demise of the girl. Meanwhile, Mark is walking with Foxy, telling him he should've been careful. Foxy tells him the girl was insulting him. Mark tells Foxy there will always be haters and that he shouldn't worry. Mark goes back to the office with Alice and Miranda (Christian Serratos) and starts making out, until the power suddenly shuts off. Chica, Bonnie and Freddy approach toward the office.

Freddy says, Ready or not, here I come.

Alice, Miranda and Mark are all attacked by the three animatronics and dragged to the stage. Alice tells Freddy to let them go. Mark sees Foxy's eyes in the dark and begs him to help. Freddy tells him to kill them. Foxy reaches to Mark, but then swings his hook into his stomach. Alice and Miranda scream as Bonnie, Chica and Freddy start ripping them apart. Mark begs for Foxy to stop, but Foxy bites his neck and rips him apart, breaking Foxy's jaw. 

In 2015 at Fredbear high school, four seniors are having a conversation about the restaurant and they want to go visit it tonight. They invite their classmate Josh (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) but they see him get bullied by Eric (Dave Franco). Tyler (Nathan Kress) and Xander (Dylan O'Brien) protect him by Xander saying, Hey Eric, why don't you go barf on a cheerleader again. and Eric says, That was like 8 days ago asshole. Tyler says, People don't forget. Eric says, Josh is a dork. and Josh says, Oh yeah Eric, don't you have guys to date. Eric flips them off and leaves.

At 12:00 A.M., a new security guard Steven (Jensen Ackles) is hired to work at Fazbear's and is about to close out, but then the group of six teens knock on the door. They ask if they can see the place again before it closes the next month as they are all leaving for college. He hesitently lets them in and warns them not to touch anything.

Hailey (Alexa PenaVega) walks to the stage and observes Freddy, Chica and Bonnie. Monica (Emily Kinney) comes up and says Freddy's deserves to be destroyed. Hailey agrees, saying the animatronics are worn out and creepy, the two walk to the kitchen as Bonnie's eyes open and he looks to them.

Tyler and Xander goof off with the three animatronics as the girls come back in. Steven sees the cameras and runs to the group. Freddy comes alive and tosses Tyler onto a table. Bonnie looks to Monica and punches her. Steven gets Xander and Hailey and they get out, but Monica and Tyler are split up and they run to the party room. Chica turns to face them and walks to the door.

Steven tells Xander and Hailey they never should have been there and Hailey tells him he shouldn't have let them in. Xander has them look at the screen as Tyler and Monica are trapped in the party room. Tyler sees the vents and tells Monica one of them should go through and try to get out. Tyler grabs his phone and turns on the light and jumps on a chair and peeks in. He looks around and sees Chica, the animatronic screams and bites his head, pulling him into the shafts. Monica is left, screaming.

Tyler is then tossed down onto a table in the dining area. Bonnie stalks to him and grabs his leg, dragging him to the back room where the suits are. He is forced into the body suit, his skin is impaled by the wires and metal. He is unable to move as Bonnie grabs a head and slams it onto the begging teens head, making his eyes pop out of their sockets. Hailey sees what happened through the cameras and screams.

Steven and Xander decide to go find Monica and Steven instructs her on what to do. The men go look around the structure. They find Monica in the kitchen and hear the walkie talkie. Hailey says the Bear has started moving and is going towards them. They start running to the security office, but Monica is tackled down. Freddy stands over her and Steven tells him to leave her but he then stomps on her head.

Hailey cries out in terror as Bonnie and Chica come out from behind and take Xander and Steven. She then notices Pirate Cove is empty. She checks the camera and Sees Foxy running to her. She is about to close the door, but the fox gets in, screaming. She grabs the fire extinguisher and hits him, making him fall back and she closes the door.

Steven and Xander are thrown into the back room and see Tyler's dead body. Chica walks in, observing the two. Xander then tries to run outisde, but Chica grabs him, bites him head and twists it. His body falls lifeless. Chica is about to snap at Steven, but she falls. Hailey is revealed behind her and she hits her with an ax, over and over.

The two make their way back to the office. Hailey says they should close both doors but Steven says they need to save power. As they walk in, they hear screaming from Bonnie and Freddy. Freddy punches Foxy, saying this was all his fault. Bonnie tells Foxy he was always a screw up and the biggest mistake of the show. The two walk to the office, Foxy glaring at them.

Hailey walks out one door to see Bonnie at the end of the hall. Bonnie charges at her, but Josh (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) swings his ax first, hitting Bonnie in the jaw. He then rips Bonnie's face off, hitting him in the back of the head next. Steven accidentally hits high school bully Eric (Dave Franco) in the hand with a sledgehammer, horribly disfiguring it. Steven says he is sorry and thought he was an animatronic but Steven is hit in the leg with the sledgehammer by Bonnie and Eric tries to crawl away but is killed with the sledgehammer. Hailey grins and turns to talk to Steven, only to see him on the ground, screaming. He is then dragged into the darkness. She runs to close the door. Freddy gets in and pushes her down as Foxy comes in as well. Freddy tells him to kill them, but Foxy says no and attacks Freddy. In a huge battle, Hailey takes the axe when Foxy is about to be killed by Freddy and chops off the animatronic's head. She then completely destroys Freddy as Foxy dies.

Dawn breaks out as Hailey gives out a sigh of relief. She starts walking down the hall when Bonnie's eye lights up. Sara (Ciara Bravo) is standing outside the scene of the crime as reporters and cops start talking about what they think happened. According to Hailey, Steven had killed everyone and destroyed the bots, as well as taking the Bonnie suit. Sara sees the animatronic walk into an alley and follows. He turns to face her and kills her by slamming her into a wall, five times and is throw in dumpster, and bonnie says That's here you belong. Hailey and Josh start kissing at the end. But Bonnie tries to kill them. Only to be killed by Josh.


  • Jensen Ackles as Steven - A night gaurd at Fazbear's Pizza.
  • Alexa Penavega as Hailey - A high school senior looking for fun and the Main Protagonist of the film.
  • Ciara Bravo as Sara - A local teen.
  • Emily Kinney as Monica - Hailey's best friend.
  • Nathan Kress as Tyler - Monica's boyfriend and school clown. He wears a winter jacket.
  • Dylan O'Brien as Xander - Football team quarterback and Hailey's ex-boyfriend. He is best friends with Josh and Tyler. Cause of break-up: He cheated on her.
  • Natalie Zea as Alice (Uncredited) - Head of security at Fazbear's in '87.
  • Evan Peters as Mark - Alice's co-worker who trusts Foxy.
  • Christian Serratos as Miranda - Mark's girl-friend and co-worker.
  • Mackenzie Foy as the girl - First victim.
  • Jackie Earle Harley as Freddy Fazbear - The Titular Main Antagonist of the film and is shown to have been lying to Foxy in order to use him into killing people. He resembles Freddy Krueger.
  • Michael Cera as Foxy - The anti-hero of the film and was a hero for betraying Freddy because he is abused by the animatronic group.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Bonnie - The secondary antagonist of the film and was also a bully to Foxy.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winsted as Chica - The tertiary antagonist of the film.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Josh - Tyler and Xander's classmate and the Secondary Protagonist of the film. He wears classes and he is bullied by Eric. He had a crush on Hailey since they were 10. He says to Eric, Oh yeah Eric, don't you have some guys to go date?.
  • Dave Franco (Uncredited) as Eric - A high school bully and Josh's arch-rival.


  • The Girl - Shoulder ripped, possibly bled out. (Foxy)
  • Miranda/Alice - Dismembered. (Bonnie, Freddy and Chica)
  • Mark - Hooked in chest, throat slashed. (Foxy)
  • Tyler - Bitten and dragged (Chica) Stuffed in mechanical suit. (Bonnie)
  • Monica - Head crushed (Freddy)
  • Xander - Head bitten, neck snapped (Chica)
  • Chica - Axed in the torso and head. (Hailey)
  • Eric - Hand accidentally hit with sledgehammer (Steven) Blugeoned with sledgehammer. (Bonnie)
  • Steven - Hit in leg with sledgehammer (Bonnie) Dragged off, crushed. (Freddy)
  • Freddy - Hooked multiple times (Foxy) Head chopped off, beaten with Ax. (Hailey)
  • Foxy - Beaten up, eventually dies. (Freddy)
  • Sara - Slammed into wall five times (Bonnie)
  • Bonnie - Stabbed in the heart.


  • Hailey - Currently dating Josh.
  • Bonnie - Kills Sara.
  • Josh - Dating Hailey.


  • Rated R for strong disturbing violence and gore, terror and language throughout, along with sexual content, and drug use.
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