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Tim Burton's Five Nights at Freddy's is a 2015 American horror comedy movie that's based on the survival horror video game of the same name. It stars Robert Englund, Bella Sana, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Maitland McConnell, Fiona Dourif and Mark Hamill as the voice of Freddy Fazbear (2015) and much more.

Scene Selection

1. Hospital 2. Freddy Fazbears pizza 3. Frightened 4. Cops arrival 5. The lie 6. Big Gray Van 7. Imaginary Man 8. Night Guard Job 9. Jermey Fitzgerald 10. Panic room 11. Foxy 12. In Anger 13. Pirates Cove 14. Don't forgive 15. Foxy's refuse 16. Purple man 17. Rescue Foxy from Pirates Cove 18. The noise 19. Burn evidence 20. Fire alarm 21. Victims Funeral 22. Karla found upset 23. The Marionette 24. Mean and Selfish 25. Lucy's bleeding legs 26. Arsonist 27. Killer from 1995 28. Survived the fire 29. Attempts 30. Confronted by Ronnie 31. Freddy dies 32. The killing of Bonnie and Chica 33. Fire occurs 34. Ballon Boy and Golden Freddy sacrifice 35. The death of the toy animatronics 36. The death of Purple Man 37. The injured puppets 38. Final scene By the authorities 39. Ending scene New Lives 40. End Credits


A 25-year-old man named Mike Schidmt (Johnny Deep) and her sister Karla (Bella Sana) starts working as a night guard to investigate his brother's death.


In 1995, a 5-year-old Mike Schidmt (Jace Norman) and her sister Karla Naniel (Bella Sana), is waiting for his mother to recover from the hospital but sees her pass away. Saddened by this, he runs away crying but somehow runs into Freddy Fazbear's pizza, a children restaurant, and hides when two criminals (a killer and a robber) break into the restaurant, they see kids sneaking into the place, so they hide in costumes, when the kids cheer for them the killer takes out his knife and torture them to death. Freightened, Mike picks up a phone and calls the cops, suddenly, the killer finds him and threatens him but his partner sees and says monster and shoots the killer in the chest, killing him. The next day, the cops arrive to save Mike but accuse the robber for the murders and arrest him. Wait shouted Mike he didn't do it the guy already left he lied. He wore a leather jacket and jeans and drove away in a big gray van. Then suddently they realesed the man and are now still looking for this imaginary man.

20 years later 2015, a now 25-year-old Mike Schidmt (Johnny Deep) Karla set to free pay to the bashes to Freddy is given a job as a night guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. He befriends Jeremy Fitzgerald (Christian Bale) and has a crush on a woman named Alice (Amber Heard). Later at the restaurant a little girl named Lucy (Lilla Crawford), so Karla stay in the panic room who is celebrating her birthday, is told to come up the stage to have fun with Foxy (Michael J. Fox) but a security guard tells her not to get close to Foxy but she ignores his warning and her mom also ignores it as well. Lucy makes the mistake by making fun of Foxy. So, Foxy, in anger, accidentally bites the frontal lobe of her brain off but she survives.

Lucy's spoiled step-father Ronnie Brown (Kevin Bacon) are sueing the company for this but Foxy is instead sentenced to be shut down into pirates cove. He tries to apologize but they still don't forgive. Mike and Karla feels bad for Foxy and wants to convince Ronnie to drop the charges on Foxy but he refuses to. Later at night, a purple man (Joe Hamm) breaks into Fazbear's Fright and turns on Chica (Tracy Pollan) and orders her to kill people.

A woman named Monica (Natalie Portman) sneaks in to rescue Foxy from pirates cove but is torn apart by Chica that Karla can survive by Bonnie. The security guard, from before, hears the noise and goes to check it out but has his face bit off by Chica. The purple man later turns off Chica and sets himself on himself on fire to burn evidence. Jimmy (Steven Bauer), Mike's and Karla older brother, hears the fire alarm and goes in there to rescue him but is killed in the fire. The next day, Mike and all the other employees intend Jimmy and the other victims' funeral. Later at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Karla is upset by his brother's death and want's to find out who the arsonist is.

Balloon Boy discovers that The Marionette was a human before the Animatronics converted him to survive his death. He was mean and selfish but now he kinda felt bad for hurting his family's feelings.

The Marionette saw Lucy's bleeding leg and bandages it but Karla scream from the lose. He later finds out that the arsonist is a purple man.

Once Karla and Mike helps them out, Mike reconizes the arsonist as the killer from 1995. Purple man is revealed to have survived the fire and has killed the animatronics. He attempts to kill them but they escape. They are later confronted by Ronnie, who is threating to kill Foxy but ends up killed by the purple man. Freddy trys to kill them but loses them and gets killed by the Marionette. Bonnie and Chica are betrayed and killed by the Purple man. A fire occurs and the whole place is coming down. Balloon Boy and Golden Freddy sacrifice themselves to save the others. Once the fire stops, the toy animatronics are killed by the Purple man. He tries to kill Mike but is killed by the Marionette. Foxy carries the injured Puppet and leaves. The next day, Mike, Karla and Jeremy retire after the place is shut down by the authorites. And the heroes spend time with their new lives and happily ever after but Karla see Freddy looking at Mike and Alice and Karla scream. and there sign is "THE END?" appears


  • Christian Bale as Jeremy Flitzgerald - Mike's 27-year-old best friend and the main deuteragonist of the film.
  • Johnny Deep as Mike Schidmt - the 25-year-old main protagonist of the film.
  • Bella Sana as Karla Naniel - the 24-year-old Mike cousin-sister main female deuteragonist of the film
  • Jace Norman as young Mike Schidmt.
  • Christopher Lyold as Marcus - Mike's father.
  • Thomas Haden Church as Purple Man - The true antagonist
  • Fiona Dourif as Veronica
  • Robert England as Spring Trap - A animatronic responsible for the missing children incident in 1995 and a minor villain.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Robber - A nice criminal who saved Mike from a killer in 1995.
  • David Spade as The Marionette - The Antagonist (later) tritagonist who betrayed freddy to help the surviviors.
  • Jared S. Gilmore as Balloon Boy - A good friend of the Marionette who help the survivors.
  • Natalie Portman as Monica - Andy's possible wife.
  • Kevin James as Golden Freddy - Freddy's father and friends with the animatronics.
  • Scott Cawton as The Phone Guy - The unseen tritagonist of the film and was a witness of the bite incident.
  • Adam Sandler as Freddy Fazbear - One of the antagonists of the film.
  • Amber Heard as Alice - Mike's love interest later wife and Lucy's carer.
  • Lilla Crawford as Lucy - A girl who lost her parents since she was 8 and put in Alice's care.
  • Kevin Bacon as Ronnie Brown - Lucy's selfish spoiled step-father and possible villain in the film.
  • Ben Stiller as Bonnie - The secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Drew Barrymore as Chica - The tertiary antagonist of the film and the female member of the animatronics.
  • Michael J. Fox as Foxy - An animatronic who is responsible for the bite of 2015 because the victim made fun of him.
  • John Michael Graham as The Security Guard in the Bite of 2015.
  • Steven Bauer as Jimmy Schidmt - Mike's 28-year-old older brother and a college teacher.
  • Logan Lerhman as Toy Freddy
  • Chris Pratt as Toy Bonnie
  • Theresa Palmer as Toy Chica
  • Megan Fox as Mangle - Foxy's Girlfriend


  • SMike's mom: Passed away from illness.
  • Five children: Killed by a killer in 1995.
  • Killer: Shot in chest by robber.
  • Monica: Torn apart by Chica.
  • Security Guard slite throught by Foxy.
  • Purple Man commited suicide by lighting the place on fire with him in it (survived)
  • Jimmy Schidmt killed in explosion by the Purple Man.
  • Freddy Fazbear Killed with Chainsaw by the Marionette.
  • Bonnie stabbed with knife by purple man
  • Chica shot by purple man
  • Ronnie Brown Stabbed in neck by purple man.
  • Toy Freddy Beaten with bat by purple man.
  • Toy Bonnie died in fire by purple man.
  • Toy chica Strangled by Purple Man.
  • Monica crused by fan that fell from the celling in fire.
  • Purple Man finally got killed by The Marionette in revenge for killing his friend.
  • Foxy survived and thanking the Marionette as a friend.

Survivors / Aftermath

  • Jeremy Flitzgerald: Retired, currently living at home with his wife.
  • Molly and Robert: Spending their time at a motel
  • Marcus: Mike's father - currently lives on his own.
  • Lucy: In the hospital.
  • Mike Schmidmt: Gets married to Alice.
  • Karla Naniel: in the wedding and see Freddy looking at Mike and Alice
  • Alice: Looking after Lucy after the Fazbear incident, and gets married to Mike.
  • The Puppet: Travels to England with his new actrobatic skills.


The Marionette Bandage Lucy

  • (The Marionette saw Lucy passed out with a bloody knee.)
  • (The Marionette pick up her leg and bandaged her with his old rag.)
  • The Marionette: You'll be safer.
  • (The Marionette run off after Alice searching for her.)


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