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Five Nights at Freddy's is a Horror-Thriller movie based on the 2013 video game. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Diora Baird, AnnaSophia Robb, Victoria Justice, Chris Zylka, Justin Welborn, Idris Elba, Tyler Mane, Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, Micheal Bailey Smith, Mason Cook, Lily Collins, and Courtney Cox


An interracial couple has dissapeared one night while they were night gaurding at Fazbears. Now a group of college kids get a job as night shift security gaurds at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant. One of them is named Stu and he said he's seen demonic figures at night. However when they go on their 5th night on the job they see the animatronics come to life and kill anyone who enters their territory.

On the first night, The Puppet's sitting on her Prize Corner box. She saw Balloon Boy begin to roaming because she's very motherly to him.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Stu Shepard, The Main Protagonist/ A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant. However, he first appears as selfish and mean because of not being liked by anyone.
  • Diora Baird as Tracy Cooper, Stu's girlfriend/ A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Sandy Weathers, A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant
  • Victoria Justice as Tatum Wilson/ Tracy's best friend/ A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant
  • Chris Zylka as Nathan Wilson/ Tatum's brother/ A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant/ Sandy's boyfriend
  • Justin Welborn as Tim Llyod, Tatum's boyfriend/ A local security guard at Fazbear's Arcade and Restaurant
  • Idris Elba as Trevor Nolan, The manager of Stu and his friend's
  • Amanda Righetti as Kris White, 1st victim in movie
  • Robbie Jones as Roy White, Kris's husband

The Antagonist Cast

  • Tyler Mane as Phone Guy/ Freddy Fazbear, A grizzly bear animatronic
  • Derek Mears as Bonnie, A purple bunny animatronic
  • Kane Hodder as Foxy, A fox animatronic with a meathook
  • Micheal Bailey Smith as Golden Fredy, Golden bear animatronic
  • Mason Cook as Balloon Boy, An animatronic that is a boy holding balloons but is abused by Bonnie.
  • Lily Collins as Puppet, A puppet/ Animatronic who's a bit motherly and protective of Balloon Boy.
  • Courtney Cox as Chica, An overgrown chick animatronic


  • Kris-She came back from getting coffee and doughnuts for her and her husband and they went in the camera room to eat and drink Roy saw the cameras getting static Kris went to check it out she turned on her flashlight her flashlight kept flickering once she got new batteries and turned it back on a hook went through her neck then the killer picked her up slowly and pinned her to a wall(Killed by Foxy)
  • Roy-He heard Kris's screams and got out his gun he was aiming it at the end of the hallway and turned on his flashlight at the end of the hall and saw Balloon Boy and Puppet standing there when he turned on his flashlight again they were gone before he could turn around and run he was ganged up and murdered to death(Killed by Chica, Freddy, and Golden Freddy)
  • Tatum-She was looking around the Restaurant with her friends Stu then told them about what happens at night in Fazbear's Restaurant then heard moaning down the hall Sandy thought it was one of the guys making a cheap prank then a figure jumped out a room grabbed Tatum and dragged her then locked a door the others ran away then the figure slammed her head against a wall 17 times until she stopped moving(Killed by Bonnie)
  • Tim-They all ran to the camera room locked the door and Sandy said "What the hell was that" Nathan brung up where's Tim no one could find him Tim was crawling through a vent he saw someone else crawling through a vent he said help me when he went where the figure was he couldn't find it. Then he was slit in the throat with a meat hook (Killed by Foxy)
  • Sandy- Sandy said " I hate this place" she was trying to call someone but the animatronics cut the phone line Stu said "Let's man up" Sandy then opened the door when she opened the door she was impaled with a meat hook(Killed by Foxy)
  • Nathan-Stu told them it wasn't safe here Nathan called him a Dumb-Shit then Stu slapped him in the face. Nathan yelled "What the fuck was that for" Stu said "To stop acting like a bitch". Then Freddy popped up infront of them they all ran for it but Nathan skull was crushed (Killed by Freddy)
  • Trevor-Stu called Trevor to come over and see what's going one a few minutes later he came by and called out where they are then he heard an evil child laugh then Balloon Boy came out of a room covered in blood evil laughing he ran to his car and tried to start it but Chica and Puppet were walking up to his car and Chica popped one of his tires Puppet punched through one of his side windows grabbed Trevor and twisted his head until he started bleeding(Killed by Chica and Puppet)
  • Bonnie-He was walking around looking for Tracy ran down the hall hugged Stu and kissed him on the lips because she was so afraid of that place. Bonnie was walking down the hall Tracy started screaming at the top of her lungs then Stu grabbed out his gun and repeatedly shot Bonnie until he fell to the ground(Killed by Stu)
  • Tracy-She was sobbing in fear holding on to Stu then Golden Freddy and Freddy broke down a door Tracy started screaming then she tripped then when she got up Freddy grabbed her by the throat and threw her threw a window and she started bleeding causing blood loss killing her(Killed by Freddy)
  • Golden Freddy, Puppet, Freddy, Chica, and Foxy- Stu ran and hid through a closet and saw 2 buckets of gasoline and a lighter in the janitors closet he saw some of the animatronics really close to the door he jumped out and shot some of them making them unconscious he then opened the bucket of gasoline poured it all over them and the floor lit the lighter and the fire started to spread some of them jumped up and tried to walk up to Stu and kill him he grabbed Tracy's gun because his was out of bullets then he shot them all until they fell he jumped through the window that Tracy fell in then the fire spreading through the whole restaurant then paramedics and police officers took all the animatronics and corpses and Stu was crying with his family about how scary it was(Killed by Stu)


  • Stu - Depressed by the incident and the loss of his precious people. He also hates himself for his past behavior.
  • Balloon Boy - A nearby girl found him cute and takes him in as a toy, much to his happiness.