Five Nights at Frankie's 4 is a fanon game in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. It is the final game in the Five Nights at Frankie's series. Despite Frankie being the main antagonist, Freddy Fazbear himself is the secret true antagonist of the game, unlike the others in the Five Nights at Frankie's series.


Frankie 3.0 is leading the new restaurant strong. A security guard must survive the restaurant with the help of Phone Guy. The restaurant is closed down due to all the new animatronics (basically not Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, or Foxy) break out into an attack and break down most of the building. Not being able to pay for the rsturant's damage, the place is closed down for a while. Frankie, Frankie 2.0, Frankie 3.0, and the rest of the newer animatronics are destroyed to prevent any further accidents, while the original characters are kept. 


Same as previous.


Same as previous.


  • It is revealed through a cutscene you see if you beat custom night on all 6's, that Freddy had tampered with Frankie, Frankie 2.0, Frankie 3.0 and the rest of the new characters throughout the series to act out, so that Freddy would become the star again.
  • That means that Freddy is the true main antagonist of the series, and the reason the establishment shut down.
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