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Five Nights With Top: Rebooted is a FNAF fan-game featuring FANDOM user Top2456 and his cast of characters, all based on people/other things that Top knows.


“Looks like you’ve made it into Top’s house...our plan is nearly complete...”

In this new version of Five Nights With Top, you play as theTwiKing and your goal is to delete Top2456’s channel. But what’s the fun in that, or the challenge? Over the span of a week, Alex strives to delete some of Top’s videos every night, but will have to avoid Top and his friends in the process.

Can you outsmart Top’s gang and successfully destroy his channel? Or will you be caught and killed?


  • Top2456: Story, Ideas, Supervisor.
  • IntergalacticAlan51 Games: Modeler, Graphics Designer, Coder.
  • EvanFan/EvanVinzuett: Co-Coder, Subtitles.

Voice Actors

  • Top: Top2456.
  • Alan: intergalacticAlan51.
  • Sharktopus: Top2456.
  • Xzee: Xzee Neto.
  • White Cat: Cat SFX.
  • Andre: EvanFan/EvanVinzuett.
  • Elinor: Markeda McKay.
  • Phone Guy: SleeperTV (Jon).
  • Alex: theTwiKing.

People In This Game


  • Alex: theTwiKing. The main protagonist.
  • Jon: SleeperTV. The guy on the Phone that helps Liam.


  • Top: Top2456. A FANDOM user and the main character.
  • Alan: intergalacticAlan52. Top’s old friend and the creator of Thomas the Slender Engine.
  • Sharktopus: The main antagonist of the movie of the same name. It is Top’s favorite movie.
  • Xzee: Xzee Neto. One of Top2456’s YouTube friends. In this world, he looks exactly like Twisted Wolf.
  • Obby: The pure white cat that Top takes care of.
  • Andre: EvanFan/EvanVinzuett. Developer of SlendyBFDI.
  • Elinor: The main protagonist of Elinor Wonders Why.

Easter Eggs

  • Killer Donuts: Inside of a Dandy Donut Box in the Kitchen. Will kill the player if clicked on.
  • Lavalantula: Seen on the video game on the table.
  • Poofesure: Channel seen on Top’s computer.