Five Nights At Freddy's 4 is a horror game, and the prequel to the previous games. It takes place before all the other games, and is the beginning to the story. It is set in 1977, a decade before the infamous "Bite of '87".


You play as Dan Eversmith, a waiter at FredBear's Family Diner, a brand new family restaurant in 1977. There are five special animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Sringtrap. Springtrap was originally going to be a special new version of the old, worn out Freddy (called Golden Freddy by the staff), but they decided to keep the classic Freddy due to the kids seeming to really like it. The Springtrap suit is also wearable, but the springs in the suit are very dangerous and could snap shut at any moment, killing anyone wearing it at the time.

However, at night, the animatronics start to go crazy, since this is fairly new tech for the time and they haven't been programmed very well. One night, Dan is accidentally locked into the restaurant, and is forced to hide in the security room and use the cameras to see when the animatronics are coming, so he can duck and hide under the desk, protecting him from the animatronics. Due to his good survival skills on that night, they hire him as the brand new night guard.

The next four nights, the animatronics get more and more dangerous, until the fifth night, when a mysterious new animatronic comes out of nowhere. The phone guy warns him that the newest animatronic they have built, Geckit, is far more dangerous, and the phone guy tells Dan to use a spare Bonnie suit to hide.

After beating the game, a newspaper is shown saying that Dan went crazy after the traumatizing final night with Geckit, and was fired, but doctors have said that Dan might be able to return to work in about a "decade or so", which would be about 1987.


  • Freddy Fazbear

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "Oh, Freddy's the leader. He really shouldn't bother you. He doesn't really walk around at night, but sometimes he changes his mind."

STARTING LOCATION: Performance Stage

  • Bonnie the Bunny

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "Bonnie is the blue bunny. He, Chica, and Foxy will probably be the biggest problems for you tonight. Don't worry... it's easy to deal with them. Just duck under the desk to hide from them, and they'll walk away."

STARTING LOCATION: Performance Stage

  • Chica the Chicken

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "Chica is the Chicken. She, Bonnie, and Foxy are the only ones that really walk around that much... Freddy and Springtrap shouldn't be too active... not as active as these three, I guess..."

STARTING LOCATION: Performance Stage

  • Foxy the Pirate Fox

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "Next is, uh, Foxy... the Pirate Fox... he stays in the Pirate Cove, so... yeah... he's a quick one, I'll give you that. You might be able to see him running down the halls. A problem with his programming, he just runs around where as the other animatronics walk. We're trying to fix it..."


  • Springtrap

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "Springtrap is the, uh, gold one. It's a bit new. It's in the parts and repair room, that's where we keep it. Springtrap is wearable, but the springs in it are glitch. They have a tendency to spring shut, so no one's allowed to wear it... the springs can spring shut and cut them up... fun fact, Springtrap was originally supposed to be the new Freddy... a golden version. But we scrapped the idea, since the normal Freddy's a favorite of the kids, ya know... so, uh, we changed him to a bunny. Kind of like Bonnie."


  • Geckit the Gecko (only on final night)

PHONE MAN'S DESCRIPTION: "All right, last night of the week, buddy! We're almost there! Just... be careful, all right? We got a new animatronic... he's a gecko. Geckit is his name. He's located in the prize corner. He's probably the only one that's REALLY dangerous... he has a tendency to make loud screeching sounds. A problem with the programming, we're trying to fix it. You wouldn't believe how many kids he scared with that today, man... and hiding under the desk won't work with him. Oh no... we have this new facial recognition thing so the animatronics can tell where humans are... so they don't, like, walk into them... so far Geckit's the only one who has it. He'll be able to see you under the desk, so instead we have a Bonnie suit there for you. Just pop on that Bonnie mask and you'll be protected from Geckit. Just watch out, man. Watch out."



The gameplay is similar to the previous games, with a first person view of the security office, where the player uses the cameras to see the animatronics coming. There is one door, with no way to close it, and the only way to protect yourself is ducking under the desk, until the final night, in which you can use a Bonnie suit to hide from them, much like in FNAF 2.

Restaurant Layout

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