Five Nights At Freddy's 2: Age Of Puppet is a 2016 American sci-fi horror-thriller film directed by James Wong and is a sequel to the 2015 horror film Five Nights At Freddy's, which itself was based on the popular horror game series by Scott Cawthon. It is also distributed by Dimension Films. Danielle Panabaker reprises her role as Cheryl Roberts, one of the survivors in the previous film. The film also stars Danielle Panabaker, Jared Padalecki, Kristin Herrera, Texas Battle, Oliver Hudson, Gina Holden, Emma Bell, Jesse Moss, Daryl Sabarra, and James Spader as The Puppet. Much like the first film, the animatronics come to life during the night shift, killing and terrorizing them. It's also based on the 2015 film Avengers: Age Of Ultron.


The film starts with three friends Suzy (Katrina Bowden), her crush Dave (Adam Beauchesne), and her boyfriend Franky (Robbie Amell) driving to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the ill-fated restaurant that is awaiting destruction. Franky stays in the office while Suzy drags Dave with her to another room. However, a new animatronic named Toy Freddy sneaks in and slams Franky's head into the fan, shredding it. In the other office, Suzy cheats on Franky by playing with Dave and forcefully laying him down on something, despite his protests. Having enough, Dave breaks free and wishes he was dead but Toy Bonnie appears and throws his guitar at Dave's abdomen, impaling him but much to his small relief. A horrified Suzy runs outside and encounters a purple suited man (Willem Dafoe) for help but he points a gun at her stomach and shoots her. However, the Puppet (voiced by James Spader) sees him and glares at him. (the main titles say, "Five Nights At Freddy's 2: Age Of Puppet")

2 years later, Mike Schmidt had married Cheryl Roberts shortly after the first movie and they have a daughter but he recently passed away of a heart attack after having a nightmare about Freddy. Cheryl is now recognized as the only survivor of the previous film left. She soon reads a newspaper article about a new and improved version of the ill-fated restaurant wanting to hire an experienced previous guard to work the night shift and help the new night guards out. She decides to only because she needs a job and is the only night guard from the previous location left.

On her first night, she meets her fellow night guards: police officer Terrence Baker (Matthew Lillard), who is there to investigate the unsafety of the restaurant and get it shut down, stoner friends Eddie Davidson (Daryl Sabara) and Robert Pearson (Aaron Yoo), young woman Eileen Harris (Kristin Herrera), her lover Elliot Larson (Texas Battle), siblings Tod (Jesse Moss) and Nancy Carson (Emma Bell), recent college graduate Krista James (Gina Holden), and teenager Kathleen Clark (Sara Paxton), who Cheryl becomes very close to.

On the first night, Cheryl finds many changes, including no doors, a flashlight, a mask to make the animatronics think you're one of them, a new Phone Guy named Jonathon Mcray (Scott Cawton), the monitors are now Kindles, and new animatronics: as well as the old, aging animatronics she previously had to deal with in the previous film, her and the new guards have to deal with newer versions of the animatronics: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Mangle (Toy Foxy), but Balloon Boy is a friendly ally created by Old Foxy (Jay Baruchel). They also find another new animatronic in the prize aisle in a box called The Marionette (James Spader), the new leader, who will make his way to your office and kill you if you forget to wind up his music box for a full minute. The owner also calls them saying, Cheryl, you've been demoted to basement. and Cheryl says, What?!. The first night is scary, and a few people have some close calls, until near the end of the night, Toy Chica catches Elliot by surprise and kills him by stabbing his head with the fake cupcake, leaving Eileen devestated. 

On night 2, some tension builds as the skills to survive get harder, including avoiding the puppet. Eventually, Tod forgets about Old Bonnie and killed when his upper face is ripped off. With two people dead, everyone, especially Nancy and Eileen, tries to quit their job, but like the first restaurant, the owners threaten to sue if they don't do at least five nights, forcing them to stay three more nights.

The third night is especially terrifying when all of the animatronics become active. Nancy eventually gets scared and attempts to escape, but encounters Old Chica in the hall and is killed when she electrocutes her with wired hands. Cheryl, Krista, and Eddie almost die as well while trying to find her and save her, but Kathleen, Terrence, Eileen, and Robert save them and wound the two animatronics. 

On night 4, things get absolutely worse than ever. Several animatronics attack, but the others fight back: Mangle and Toy Bonnie attack Eddie, who survives but is wounded; The two Freddys attack Krista, first Toy Freddy, whom she fights back against and gets out of her office, and then Old Freddy (Kevin Michael Richardson), who attacks her and ends up ripping her face open in the party room; Robert finds Krista's body in the party room later and kills Old Freddy but is attacked and dragged by Toy Bonnie into the backroom; and Eileen is almost killed by Old Bonnie, but Old Foxy saves her by killing him after saying, Good night asshole, say hello to Freddy in hell.

On night 5, only five remain. The Phone Guy says, Hello, Hello? What the hell are you guys doing there, didn't you get the news? The place is shut down because a criminal broke in and pissed off the animatronics and now they are going crazy. Listen, I don't have much time, i'm sorry but i'm getting out of here without you. Good night. After the message ends, a sneaky Eileen manages to successfully escape and get to the police station, leaving the other four alone. Eventually, Cheryl looks on the camera and sees Balloon Boy in Eddie's office, and then sees Mangle heading towards his office. She goes to save him and Balloon Boy, but Mangle kills Eddie by throwing him to a wall and kidnaps Cheryl. A terrified Kathleen then finds out via the cameras that Old Chica is heading towards Terrence's office. She goes to his office but Old Chica makes it there first and kidnaps Terrance. Kathleen arrives there but is grabbed and kidnapped by Toy Freddy.

Kathleen wakes up in the backstage to find her, Terrence, and Cheryl tied up and all the animatronics, led by The Puppet, about to stuff Kathleen into a Freddy suit. They untie Kathleen and prepare to kill her. Just before they do, she punches The Puppet in the face, giving her and the other two the opportunity to grab weapons and fight back. in the ensuing battle, Mangle and Old Chica are killed by Terrence, Toy Bonnie is killed by Kathleen, and Foxy, seen as a traitor for killing Old Bonnie and for creating Balloon Boy, is killed by Puppet, while Cheryl yells, 'NO!

Eileen and the police then arrive and shoot Toy Freddy and Toy Chica dead. However, Puppet survives, stabs Cheryl, and attempts to kill Kathleen but is blown up with grenade by Terrence: Kathleen, Terrence, and Eileen are safe now, and Kathleen kisses Terrence for saving her life but then they all sadly watch on as Cheryl dies in Kathleen's arms. The two start dating soon after, attend the others' funeral, and the restaurant is shut down again, this time for good.

On the sixth and seventh night, a new night guard named Tim Tyler (Matt Passmore) is tricked into working at the factory and held hostage by the owner who explains his name is William Afton, the purple suited man from the beginning. Tim has to survive the spirit called Golden Freddy until the two nights are over. When the seventh night is ending, he makes a burning cocktail and throws at Golden Freddy while managing to escape the building, that gets set on fire.

At 6:30 A.M., the newspaper has revealed that William escaped after the police tried to bring him into the station while Tim is being hospitalized in a mental hospital after being accused of suffering hallucinations. William is yet to be found.

In the mid-credits, a video recording of an old animatronic called Spring Trap (voiced by Edwyn Tiong) and he calls himself Michael. He claims that he is welcoming new future guards to his lair Fazbear's Fright and that he hopes they are ready for one h**l of a ride before the video ends as he sadistically laughs off-screen.


  • James Spader as The Puppet - The Titular Main Antagonist of the film.
  • Sara Paxton as Kathleen Clark - The Main Protagonist of the film.
  • Matthew Lillard as Terrence Baker - The Main Deuteragonist of the film and Kathleen's love interest.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Cheryl Roberts - The Main Tritagonist (Protagonist earlier in the film) of the film.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Freddy Fazbear - The Tertiary Antagonist of the film and the Puppet's strongman.
  • Willem Dafoe as William Afton (voice) - The Hidden Secondary Antagonist of the film and the phone guy impersonator.


(Cheryl and the others celebrate their victory)

  • Cheryl: "So we won."

(However, Cheryl is impaled through the chest by a damaged but still alive Puppet)

  • Puppet: "Surprise."
  • Cop: "What the f**k?"
  • Terrence: "How the h**l did you survive?"
  • Puppet: "Bullets can't kill me. (looks at Kathleen and laughs) You're next."
  • Terrence: "Oh no she isn't."

(Terrence puts a grenade in puppet's stomach and kicks him towards a wall)

  • Puppet: "Oh f**k."

(Puppet blows up. Everyone smiles at Terrence and Kathleen kisses him but then they see Cheryl is still mortally wounded and Kathleen goes to her. She then cradles her)

  • Cheryl: (dying) "Don't. It's too late, I'm not gonna make it. Please, take care of Terrence, Eileen, and her child. See you on the other side."

(then she passes away as Kathleen cries over her body while the others watch in sadness)

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