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Five Nights At Freddy's is a 2015 American horror-comedy film directed by Wes Craven and produced by Scott Cawthon. It is based on the popular horror game series by Scott Cawthon. It stars Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Steven Strait, Neil Campbell, Devon Sowa, Bobby Campo, and Renee Olstead. It also stars Robert Englund as Freddy Fazbear. Rated R and in theaters, October 05, 2015.


Seven teens get jobs as night guards at a restaurant called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". However, things go worst when the animatronics come to life and stalk them. Their only chance is survival.


The film begins in 1987 with a night guard named Ricky (James Franco) guarding the cold storage warehouse. However, he wastes time with his girlfriend Violet (Emma Stone) but they here a noise so Ricky checks it out. While wandering around, she hears Ricky scream and goes to find him. She does find him but he has been stuffed in a Freddy Fazbear suit. Horrified by this, she steps back. While stepping back, she sees Freddy Fazbear (voiced by Robert Englund) and screams but Freddy already jump scares her, presumably killing her. However, her younger brother Mike (David Mazouz) and six kids encounter Freddy and together, they fight him until overpower him and defeat him. Before he temporarily shuts down, he vows revenge on them before he goes back to his shipping box and they leave before they can get arrested. They make a pact and promise that they will stop him 10 years later. (the opening title then says "Five Nights At Freddy's")

Ten years later, a newspaper article saying "help wanted at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the animatronic show attraction which got their city to be named Fazbear City, for seven security guards to work the night shift. We then cut to a montage of the now grown up kids applying for the job: high school graduate Mike Schmidt (Michael Angarano), his step-brother Jeremy Fitzgerald (Steven Strait), his best friend Tom Williams (Bobby Campo), Jeremy's girlfriend Tina Carter (Renee Olstead), and college students, Tom's girlfriend, Vicky Lewis (Shelly Hennig), Mike's stoner classmate Fritz Smith (Devon Sawa), and Mike's love-interest, Cheryl Roberts (Danielle Panabaker). The seven college students then arrive at the building at 11:45 pm, 15 minutes before their first shift. They sign a contract that if they want to quit for any reason, they must complete at least five shifts first, or they could be sued by the owner (voiced by Willem Dafoe). Mike will be supervised by assistant manager Veronica (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her boyfriend Roy (Kerr Smith), who take a little distrust to Mike.

At 11:59, they enter their individual offices, and the owners lock up. They are each given laptops on their desks to monitor the cameras and the monitors on the desk are used to communicate with/see each other through a Skype call. They also have cameras on the wall to see the several different rooms and locations in the building. At 12 am, the telephones on their desks ring, and they are left a message by the manager and day watch guard, The Phone Guy (Scott Cawton), he is also one of the previous employees. He tells them about how their job and office and other features work, including the cameras and face-chat laptops called the monitor. He explains their biggest threat is the show stage animatronics - Freddy Fazbear the bear, Bonnie the bunny (voiced by Michael Rooker), Chica the chicken (voiced by Emma Roberts), and a fourth animatronic, Foxy the pirate fox (voiced by Jay Baruchel), on a separate stage called Pirates Cove but it's closed because Foxy was framed for the Bite of 87, an incident in 1987 which involved a child's frontal lobe getting bit by one of the animatronics. He explains that after hours, they wander around the resturant until they're near you office, and if they see you, they will see you as an endoskeleton without it's costume on instead of a human, and force you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit, which are filled with razor wires, killing you in the process. There are electric metal doors on each side of your office to protect you, but you can only close them when the animatronics are at or close to your door, because you each have a limited supply of power in your office, and if it runs out, the doors won't work. 

After the message ends, everything goes peachy for a little while, until Fritz notices that Bonnie has left the stage. The others panic at first, but find him in the dining area. Soon after Bonnie moves again to the backstage storage room, Chica goes missing from the stage as well. She turns up in the restroom, and they both make their way to the offices. Bonnie shows up at Jeremy's door, and Chica shows up at Mike's. When Mike is being dragged away, Veronica refuses to save him and selfishly leaves him to die but Mike manages to get away. Soon after they leave, it turns 6 am, and their shift ends.

At 7:00 A.M., they are mad at the owner for leaving them to die but he doesn't care and rudely tells them to go away and do their job. When Mike encounters Veronica, she hugs him and promises to not be so selfish, unaware that her fingers are crossed.

On night 2, they find another message on the phones from phone guy. He tells them that this night, will be a little more challenging, and that Foxy will be active on this night. He explains that as you check on Foxy, he will noticeably start to peek out of the curtains, and every time you check, he is further out of the stage. Once he has left Pirates Cove, close your left door immediately, as he will run to any of your offices, dash in and immediately kill you. After he hangs up, things go similar to the previous night until everybody notices that Foxy has left Pirates Cove. Veronica finds out and once again selfishly endangers Mike but he takes her gun and throws it out. They then start getting in a struggle but Veronica mysteriously kisses Mike to get him distracted. However, Mike throws her off and wipes the kiss mark off but Veronica explains she planned to have Mike all to herself by pretending to save him. A disgusted Mike kicks her out of the office and leaves her to be stabbed to death by Foxy, who was also even disgusted by the whole thing. After a while, Tom realizes he's heading towards his office, runs to his door, only for Foxy to appear but Tom manages to run. However, Bonnie appears and bashes Tom in the head with a guitar before dragging him away. Just as everybody panics, the clock strikes 6 am.

At 7:00 A.M., Tom is found dead of head trauma. Mike soon starts cradling his body and cries over it while Vicki does the same. When the owner voice is heard, Mike angrily curses him for letting Tom die but the others calm him down. However, he still hopes the owner goes to H**l. He also declares a hatred of Bonnie. However, he is later verbally beaten by a vengeful Roy but this is stopped by the others.

On night 3, phone guy calls again. He explains that the only difference from Night 2 is that starting now, Freddy is active too as well as his three counterparts. Later, Tina's power runs out and Freddy kills her. Everybody is terrified by her death, Vicky especially. Things then start to get worse when Roy pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Mike. He even starts hurting him but Foxy decides to do the right thing and stabs Roy through the back of the chest with a real sword. Later that night, after several close calls with her and the others, Vicky has enough and tries to escape. She successfully makes it to the parking garage, but is attacked by Foxy, who knew she was leaving and had been hiding in her backseat, while trying to start her car. She kicks out her windshield and escapes, but as she runs out of the parking garage back into the building, Bonnie appears in the doorway and kills her with a hammer to the head. Shortly after they witness Vicky's death via the parking garage camera, the four animatronics continue their attacks until the clock strikes 6 am.

At 7:00 A.M., The Phone Guy threatens to sue the owner for endangering innocent people but the owner says, I don't care if their dead or not, just get the hell out of my office or i'll kick you out. The Phone Guy then tries his best to expose him but sees the animatronics finding him and he hides inside the office.

On the fourth night, only Mike, Cheryl, Jeremy, and Fritz remain. Phone guy calls them again, but his phone call is rather disturbing. He talks about how he's not going to be able to leave a message the next night, and that Freddy has him. They then hear the animatronic's scream as well as phone guy's, and the message ends. Things get scary after his message with several close calls, until Jeremy is pulled out of his office by Chica, and Fritz encounters Freddy and tries to escape but only to grabbed by the head and slammed into a power generator, electrocuting him to death. Mike runs out of his office and desperately and narrowly saves Jeremy. Mike, Cheryl, and Jeremy then rush back to Cheryl's office, close both doors, and the clock strikes 6 am soon after. 

At 7:00 A.M., they get worried about The Phone Guy. They continue to work in order to save him. However, every kids and parents gets scared when Freddy starts smirking and finally reveals his true nature about his hatred of humans. He then traps Mike, Cheryl, and Jeremy in the building with him.

On night 5, phone guy's message starts with a desperate scream, followed by several "help me!"s, and the sounds of him being stuffed into a Freddy suit. After this, a distorted Freddy voice yells "hello kids, your' little phone buddy is officially dead, and soon, you'll be too!!!", and the message ends. Freddy then shows up at Cheryl's office and kidnaps her. Mike leaves the office and finds her tied to a chair in the backstage. Once he takes the tape off her mouth, she is too late to warn him to watch out as he is knocked out. When he wakes up, he finds himself, Cheryl, and Jeremy tied to chairs and where the three animatronics prepare empty Freddy Fazbear suits for each of them. When Freddy and the others tell Foxy to leave, he questions this but gets hit by them and is betrayed, much to the disgust of our three heroes. Jeremy then places baseball bats behind Mike and Cheryl's chairs to use as weapons. Foxy gets revenge on Freddy and unties Mike and Cheryl to stuff them inside their suits, Mike grabs the baseball bat behind his chair, beats up Bonnie with it, breaks his arm off, and rips his face off, killing him in revenge for Tom's death. Jeremy then kills Chica by cutting her hands and breaking her jaw with an axe, while Cheryl grabs her baseball bat and to kill Freddy but he doesn't get injured. Freddy tries to stab her but Foxy gets in the way and is killed by Freddy, who then chases them back to the office but Jeremy sacrifices himself to save Mike and Cheryl and his stomach gets slit by Freddy's axe, killing him. They try to shut the doors but the power runs out immediately. As Freddy prepares to kill them once his song ends, Mike stabs him with a knife and the clock turns 6 am. Just as Mike and Cheryl get up to end their final shift, a still alive Freddy grabs Cheryl by the hair. Just as he starts to drag her out the door, Mike grabs a machete and saves Cheryl by cutting her hair. He then says, "Hey Freddy. Here's a final performance for you. It's called 'Go to h**l.'" He then swings the machete and decapitates Freddy, killing him. Golden Freddy appears but instead collects the souls of the animatronics and bows in respect and honor at the sole survivors while explaining that his friends blame night guards for what happened to their souls and offers his deepest apology for their behavior because he'll be having a talk with them. He then disappears and the two sole survivors start leaving the establishment.

Mike and Cheryl are fired later that day due to killing the animatronics and are threatened to be sued by the owner. However, the owner is sued by Fazbear Entertainment for almost getting them killed and Mike is payed $100 by Fazbear entertainment for getting rid of them. The restaurant is then shut down due to the deaths of Ricky, Violet, Roy, Veronica, Tom, Vicky, Jeremy, Fritz, Tina, and Phone Guy. The film ends with Mike and Cheryl, who began dating after he saved her life, watching the restaurant being demolished 11 months later. Mike then proposes to Cheryl, and she says yes. They hug and the camera pans towards the rubble of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where we see Freddy's head winking at us and laughing until the screen turns black. (the Five Nights At Freddy's Live Action Music Video is heard during the end credits)


  • Michael Angarano as Mike Schmidt - The 17-year-old Main Protagonist of the film. His goal: Survive five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (succeeded), win Cheryl's heart (succeeded). In the movie, Foxy is his favorite animatronic.
  • Tobey Maguire as The Narrator. He's a former night guard who talks about the events.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Cheryl Roberts - Mike's 17-year-old love-interest and Female Protagonist of the film.
  • Steven Strait as Jeremy Fitzgerald - Mike's 18-year-old step-brother and former rival turned best-friend and Tritagonist of the film. He is the football quarterback of Mike's high-school.
  • Neve Campbell as Vicky Lewis - Cheryl's 18-year-old best-friend and the Tertiary Tritagonist of the film.
  • Bobby Campo as Tom Williams - Mike's 19-year-old best-friend and the false deuteragonist of the film. He is Vicky's boyfriend.
  • Devon Sowa as Fritz Smith - Mike's 17-year-old stoner classmate.
  • Amanda Delter as Tina Carter - Jeremy's 20-year-old girlfriend and Cheryl's rival.
  • Willem Dafoe as The Owner (voice) - The Bigger Bad Antagonist of the film.
  • Robert Englund as Freddy Fazbear (voice) - The Main Antagonist of the film.
  • Jay Baruchel as Foxy (voice) - The tormented youngest member of the animatronic group and Tertiary Antagonist turned anti-hero. He secretly befriended Mike in the past.
  • Michael Rooker as Bonnie (voice) - The Secondary Antagonist of the film and Freddy's best-friend.
  • Emma Roberts as Chica (voice) - The Quaternary Antagonist of the film.
  • Scott Cawthon as Phone Guy (voice) - The Main Deuteragonist of the film and the manager of the restaurant.
  • Kurt Russell as Crispin Schmidt - Mike's step-father and Jeremy's father.


(after getting Veronica off him, Mike kicks her out of the office through the right door and shuts it. Veronica knocks on his door)

  • Veronica: (terrified) "No. Please, let me in. Look I'm sorry. I promise to never hurt you again. Please, be merciful."

(however, Mike flips her off and just watches as Foxy stabs her to death. Later, after the second night, they find Tom dead)

  • Mike: (sad) "TOM!"

(he cradles Tom's body and cries over it. Vicky sees the body too and also cries)

  • Vicky: (also sad) "Tom, I love you."

(she then kisses him before going to be comforted by Cheryl. When the owner' voice is heard, he comments Tom's body)

  • Owner: (not caring) "Wow, that's messed up."

(however, an angry Mike yells at him)


(however, Jeremy calms him down)

  • Jeremy: (a little bit mad too) "Let it go, this trash is not worth it."

(before they leave, Mike glares at Bonnie)

  • Mike: (glaring) "I hope you and your friends go to H**l."

(Bonnie just smirks before Mike leaves. Later after killing Freddy, they start hugging each other but then a golden beam brightens the room and Golden Freddy appears. The survivors armed themselves but are shocked to see him bowing to them in respect and honor)

  • Golden Freddy: (honorable) "Congratulations, you won. (he then collects Freddy's soul and glares at it) I will deal with you and your friends later. (he pockets it and then explains) I give you my deepest apology for their actions. I promise you that I had no idea that they were killing people. I even kept on telling them that you guys were the wrong targets. They were murdered by someone that worked here and they blame you for it but now, they have finally been stopped. Return to your own lives and never work here again."

(he then disappears and the two survivors then agree with him as they leave and call 911)


  • Rated R for Bad Language, Bloody Violence, and Drug Content.
  • Tom's body being found and cradled is now one of the Top 10 Saddest Moments in movie history.


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