Five Nights At Freddy's is a 2019 American Horror film written and directed by Chris Columbus. Based on the 2014 independent by Scott Cawthon. It follows a newly hired security guard at the children's restaurant Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria who must contend with possessed animatronic puppets over a course of six nights, whilst uncovering their connection to the death of his son.

It stars Channing Tatum, Katja Herbers, James Frain, Clyde Kutatsu and Jordan Calloway.

Distributed by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, principal photography took place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida primarily and on location in Little Hardy, Arkansas from May 14th, 2018 until October 20th, 2018.

Released theatrically and in IMAX select theatres on March 20th, 2019 to mixed to positive reception and a box office and audience success.


At Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria in 1987 William Afton is let into the restaurant by security guard Moya Miyashi, the two prepares to burn down the building with gasoline and matches but are attacked by the large animatronic restaurant puppets which come to life and grab a hold of Miyashi. Afton flees to the security office and locks himself in an attempt to escape.

Present day 2019 handyman Mike Schmidt leaves faces eviction with the short amount of money he has been able to save since recovering from grief induced alcoholism. He is prompted with his training as an officer to take a security position at the newly renovated, Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria. A mechanic named Tomas while working on the Foxy animatronic has the puppet's jaw lock close and bite into his arm, resulting in him being rushed to hospital. Foxy is taken apart and into the storage basement of the restaurant.

As Mike begins his shift that night and receives a strange phone call from a supervisor named Miyashi he catches glimpses of his missing son Tyler, roaming the corridors. He leads him to the basement where the broken Foxy has disappeared. He sees the security office doors have large claw marks in them and after checking the monitor for a moment sees several of the main stage animatronics have vanished. At 6 a.m. he returns home to an eviction notice and becomes heavily intoxicated, for a moment believing to have seen the damaged Foxy.

After researching into the Pizzeria's bizarre history and further into the news reports of Tyler he comes across various missing children's reports from the local and nearby areas, as well as tragic accidents at the pizzeria of workers. The next day he confronts the supervisor he believes will be Moyashi about the issue, the supervisor instead being an Estelle Parker who informs him Moya Moyashi was the security guard in 1984-1987 until it's temporary close, it's reopening being just this year. He encounters a woman Elizabeth Afton with her child sister Monica in the restaurant. That second night a drunken Mike is attacked by the replacement Foxy in Pirate Cove and returns to the office, seeing animatronics Bonnie and Chica having not only left the main stage but on the monitors. Passing out he awakens at 6 a.m with a cut on his hand, seeing his broken whiskey bottle he assumes his injury was sustained from the glass.

After therapy and detoxing, able to detest his eviction he begs Estelle to maintain his job, who agrees on the condition of running alcohol and drug tests, and working with new security guard Nate Donague, as the Pizzeria had been vandalised overnight. Following a purple silhouetted on the premises, which Mike correlates with children's drawings on the coloring wall of the restaurant, Mike is left brutalised by Freddy Fazzbear in the basement, Nate rushing him to hospital. Mike has in his hand a retrieved drawing by Tyler identifying his connection with the pizzeria. That night as Officer Sampson Rothe closes the establishment he is killed by the marionette animatronic which extends and pulls him upward, leaving nothing but blood behind. Nate filling out his last night is saved by Elizabeth who appears with Monica and ushers him outside.

The next day the fully believing Nate collects Mike from the hospital and they together discover that Elizabeth and Monica are the daughters of restaurant founder William Afton, that all three disappeared from 1984-1987. Returning that night Estelle, waitress Julie and early hours janitor Morton become entrapped in the pizzeria as night falls and Mike and Nate arrive. As the group discovers new in storage animatronics they attack and crush Morton. Once locked in the security office as Estelle tries to exit and sees the Purple Man she is slammed on the head by animatronic Bonnie which drags her away. The others are seperated in a group attack by the various puppets and Julie is almost killed in the pirate cove backstage curtains by Foxy who renders her bloodily unconscious and captures her. In the basement Mike sacrifices himself into being forced into an animatronic Golden Freddy Fazzbear suit, which crushes him, his spirit then giving life to the machine which attacks Nate and Julie as they escape. Using Miyashi's gasoline they immolate the building and destroy all the monsters inside.

In the days following Nate and Julie have police scan the Afton home and discover the basement stored corpses of eleven children, murdered by William Afton, among them his daughter Elizabeth and their inbred daughter Monica. Victim parts having been hidden in the suits by Afton resulted in their possession. Nights onward a family now resides in the Afton house, a young boy Liam is afraid of the monsters in his closet, as his mother and father leave his room new animatronics Ennard and Springtrap (possessed by the missing remains of Estelle and Morton) emerge and approach Liam.


  • Channing Tatum as Mike Schmidt
  • Katja Herbers as Elizabeth Afton
  • James Frain as William Afton
  • Clyde Kutatsu as Moya Miyashi
  • Javier Botet as Purple Man
  • Jordan Calloway as Nate Donague
  • Ato Essandoh as Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Josey Smith as Monica Afton
  • Timothy Radford as Tyler Schmidt
  • Joe Cortese as Finn Morton
  • Ian Gomez as Officer Sampson Rothe
  • Gloria Reuben as Estelle Parker
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Julie Nicolson
  • Yuzuka Honda as Wei Un
  • Rose Chiu as Nei Un
  • Austin Foxx as Danny Banteron
  • Sam Lavagnino as Cooper Daniels
  • Ashton Tyler as Teno Moriaty
  • Scarlett Hicks as Jenny Adamson
  • Kennedy Anthony as Nina Hollander
  • Ace Hunter as Malcolm Hall
  • Annabelle Malaika Süess as Etta Solomon


  1. Someone To Watch Over Me- Gertrude Lawrence
  2. Some Of These Days- Sophie Tucker feat Ted Lewis & His Band
  3. Three O'Clock In The Morning- Paul Whiteman
  4. The Man I Love- Marion Harris
  5. Sonny Boy- Al Jolson
  6. Always- Vincent Lopez
  7. Whispering- Paul Whiteman
  8. Dardanella- Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
  9. Ain't Misbehavin- Fats Waller
  10. Test Of Time- The Romantics
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