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Five Nightmares At Freddy's is a survival horror game and a reboot to the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise.


(since Mike's ending is canon, he will be introduced as the main character and he is currently in first-person view)

  • Prologue: Mike wakes up in the morning and start looking for a job. When he reads the paper, he finds out that the new Freddy Fazbear's pizza is wanting a new night guard. He drives to the restaurant and meets the owner, who hires him. Then at 11:55 P.M., he goes to the office from the first game but it looks different. The office's desk contains papers, a sausage sandwich, a small drink, an open pizza box, and a small fin. On one side of the room there is a barrel and on the other side is a bunch of cardboard boxes. Nearest to him are two panels, one on each side, both of which have two buttons mounted on them. The top bottom closes and opens the doors, which protects him from the intruding animatronics and the lower buttons power on the corresponding lights to allow him to see directly outside the Office. The longer the doors are active, the more power is drained. There is an open entrance in the middle of the office. The monitor is a laptop, he must use it to check the cameras. He must also use it to shut the door to the fuse room.


  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - This is the location of Night 1 and the Drawkill Marionette boss battle happens. When 1st night is completed by defeating and killing the Drawkill Marionette, the place is burnt down and he is kidnapped.
  • Meat Bucket - This is the location of Night 2 and where the Nightmare boss battle happens. The phone guy will try to save him while Nightmare tries to kill him. When 2nd night is completed by defeating and killing Nightmare, he is saved by phone guy.
  • Hospital: This is the location of Night 3 and the Drawkill Mangle boss battle. He is injured but must protect himself from the Drawkill Mangle, who was sent to kill him. When 3rd night is completed by defeating and killing Drawkill Mangle, he is found by phone guy and taken into his vehicle but the authorities arrive and take them in along with Spring Trap and the animatronics.
  • Police Station: This is the location of Night 4 and the Twisted Wolf boss battle. He is put under custody but the Twisted Wolf breaks in and starts hunting him down after murdering the police and breaking out Spring Trap and the animatronics. When 4th night is completed by defeating and killing the Twisted Wolf, he finds the phone guy but sees him mortally wounded and is told to go to a mansion-like cabin. After the phone guy passes out, his pulse is checked and he is sadly dead from his injuries. Mike gets into a car and goes to the location.
  • Mansion-like cabin: This is the location of Night 5 and the final boss battles. His car beaks down and he finds a Mansion-like cabin but when he is trapped inside it, he must find a way to escape by fighting the animatronics. When Night 5 is completed by defeating Spring Trap and killing the four remaining animatronics, there are two endings: Go in to the light of a doorway (when you choose to play as Mike Smith) or go into the darkness doorway (when you choose to play as Mary Fritz).


  • Light Ending: Mike starts getting a little sleepy but manages to see Spring Trap going to him. However, Spring Trap is weakened by the light and gets blown up by it, killing the animatronic and erasing him from existence while avenging those who were killed by him. Mike finally passes out. Mike wakes up in a 5-year-old form and his young adult sister claims he had a bad dream as she hugs him in comfort. However, he sees Fredbear smiling at him but he hugs it and it says, "You were broken but I put you back together." Then the end credits roll and Pocket full of sunshine song plays. Mid-credits scene shows 20 years later, Mike marries his love-interest Cheryl Roberts and is reunited with his dead friends and family from the 1st film. Post-credits scene shows Mike receiving a check that says he will be given 10,000 dollars for an excellent job at Freddy's. Bonus scene shows Mike, his friends, family, and the animatronics singing "Livin La Vida Loca" at a special party for the wedding.
  • Dark Ending: After trapping the Superior in a now locked down area and escaping from him, Mary gets jumpscared by Circus Baby and knocked out. When she wake up, she goes to the exit only to be shot at by the business official and some government agents but when the screen turns black, she is heard being possessed by an evil spirit and murdering them. After leaving the place and being covered in blood, she sees Kit and hugs him, claiming "She will protect him". He hugs her but he doesn't notice her glowing red eyes as she smirks at a mirror until the screen turns black. Then the end credits and some scary music is played. During the end credits, Mary can be seen holding Kit in her arms and taking him to her house, to possibly have him all to herself. In the mid-credits, Tod and Emily are making out instead of taking care of Kit but Mary takes their candy cane and murders them with it before framing Tiffany for the murder, leaving Kit's parents to find the bodies. In Mary's room, she gets in her pajamas on and cuddles with Kit on the bed as the parents come home and scream at the carnage. In the post-credits, a cassette plays and a man says that Mary's job is terminated but only to be attacked by her and possibly killed. She is then heard saying that Mary did a nice job.


  • Mike Smith (voiced by Hayden Christensen): Mike is the playable protagonist in the first part who is hired to guard the restaurant but in real life, is a child having a nightmare. He also is revealed to be the first protagonist Mike Schmidt. In the light ending, Mike resembles the crying child from FNAF 4. He is the only playable character to get away from the animatronics and succeed at defeating them while getting to be happy.
  • Mary Fritz (voiced by Elizabeth Olsen): Mary is the playable protagonist in the second part who is hired to babysit a boy at her house but is actually a serial killer who wants to keep him to herself. She loves the boy and wants him in her life, indicating she has a crush on him. She is the only playable character who is successfully the current vessel of an animatronic's soul and also the antagonist because she's a serial killer. In the light ending's bonus scene, she is seen dancing happily with Kit at Mike and Cheryl's wedding party.


  • The manager: He's the deuteragonist of the first part and is the phone guy.
  • Kit: A lonely and sad boy who is babysat by Mary but he gets abused by Tod and Tiffany. However, Mary is there for him and would hug him. He's the deuteragonist of the second part. In the light ending's bonus scene, he is seen dancing happily with Mary at Mike and Cheryl's wedding party.


  • Spring Trap: An old animatronic that contains the body and soul of a murderer.
  • Drawkill Freddy: The titular mascot and Mike's nemesis. Despite the first film not being part of this timeline, they still remember each other.
  • Drawkill Bonnie: Freddy's best friend. When he is killed, Mike claims that was for Tommy, despite the first film not part of this timeline.
  • Drawkill Chica: The female member of the group. As a human, she seemed to be a little nicer to Mike during his childhood and acted sisterly to him but had been stalking him until her death. When she is killed, Mike can't help but decide to share a kiss with her.
  • Drawkill Foxy: The youngest member of the group. However, he hates them for how they treat him. Despite his behavior, Mike did like Foxy and was saddened when he had to kill him. When he is defeated, he gets his hook arm ripped off and is impaled in the heart with it. However, he gets redeemed by accepting his death and giving Mike a weapon. In the light ending's bonus scene, he is seen dancing happily with Roxy, his new girlfriend.
  • Twisted Wolf: The cannibal of the group.
  • Drawkill Mangle: Foxy's ex-love. He hates her because she mistreated him.
  • Nightmare: The more scary member and he's really strong.
  • Drawkill Marionette: The first member of the group to die.


(Mary's story begins with Kit's parents arriving at Mary's house. Mary is in her room drawing a heart that says "K+M". However, she hears the doorbell and goes to answer it. When she sees Kit, she becomes happy)

  • Mary: (happy) "Hey Kit."
  • Kit: (happy) "Mary."

(they hug each other. She smiles at the parents)

  • Mary: (smiling) "He's in safe hands."
  • Mom: (happy) "Thank you. (then she looks at Kit) Now sweetie, no more horror films. You'll get nightmares again."
  • Dad: (sighing) "Honey, don't embarrass him. He's in a woman's house. (then he looks at Kit) Good luck, sport."

(they leave and drive off. Mary closes the door and smiles)

  • Mary: (smiling) "Wanna go to my room?"

(he nods and they go to her room. Later when Kit is crying, Mary checks on him)

  • Mary: (worried) "What happened?"
  • Kit: (crying) "It's Tod and Tiffany. They would rather make out then take care of me. I wish you would be a serial killer who defends me."
  • Mary: (sad) "I wish that too. (she hugs him) We'll hang out sometime, okay. (he nods) Good. Love you, Kit."

(she kisses him on the cheek)

  • Kit: (happy) "Love you too."

(she smiles and leaves the room as he goes to sleep. Later after killing Tod and Tiffany, Mary runs to her room and takes out her pajamas. She takes her outfit off and sees Kit blushing. After he decides to not look, she puts on boxers and a tank top. She then cuddles with him but then they realize that she's still wearing a bandana. However, Kit takes it off of her and hides it. After they share a smile, they go back to laying on the bed)

  • Kit: (smiling) "I love you Mary."
  • Mary: (also smiling) "I love you too Kit."

(then she kisses him on the cheek and they fall asleep as Kit's parents come home but discover the bodies and scream)

T.V. Tropes

  • Adaptational Heroism: Unlike the original timeline, the phone guy is now loyal and does care about the protagonists.