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Five-Headed Shark Attack is a 2017 Canadian Horror-Comedy film and sequel to Four-Headed Shark. It stars Michael Cera, Mila Kunis, Morgan Freeman, Steven Bauer, Miles Fisher, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jack Black, and Jonah Hill. It's sequel is called Six-Headed Shark Attack.


A 17-year-old witnessed a murder by a crime lord but is protected by the C.I.A. and is hired by them to go to L.A. by a boat to charge the criminal. However, the crime lord finds a dangerous shark with five heads and fills the ocean with it to kill the witness or take the whole boat crew down with him.


17-year-old Toby (Michael Cera) is having a summer vacation in Hawaii but sees a prosecuter (John Schneider) hanged upside down and tortured. He tries to save him but they see cars coming and he tells Toby to hide. Toby sees the criminals and finds out their led by Fernando Jaramillo (Steven Bauer). Jaramillo torments him about his son going to grow up without a father but Jaramillo has no problem hurting kids. He beats him to death with a baseball bat as Toby watches in horror, much to the gang's excitement. They cheer for their boss and he tells them to clean this up because he's going to L.A. Toby tries to escape quietly but accidentally kicks a soda can, causing them to hear it and see him. He manages to get out of there and they hear a train coming so they get out of there and are planning on finding Toby.

At Toby's hotel room, he watches the news about Jaramillo to learn about him but finds out the cops are corrupt and can't help him. When he hears a noise at the door, he finds out they found him by tracing the license plate number. However, he is saved by C.I.A. agent Chief Hatcher (Morgan Freeman) and he says, Come with me if you want to live. Hatcher shoots them and they escape in Hatcher's car.

At C.I.A. headquarters, C.I.A. director Kris McCann (Jack Black) gives them an assignment to go to L.A. on a boat and charge Jaramillo with manslaughter and other various crimes.

At the docks, they befriend Jordan (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Donnie (Jonah Hill), Jason (Channing Tatum), and Wanda (Mila Kunis), who Toby falls in love with. But they get annoyed by arrogant and selfish jock Al (Miles Fisher). Al brought his girl-friend Heather (Erica Durance) and their friends, bad boy Snake (Kris Lemche) and his selfish, abusive, annoying, and bossy girl-friend Court (Alexz Johnson). They also meet fellow teenagers Jeff (Ryan Merriman), his best-friend T.J. (Texas Battle), Jeff's girl-friend Brigette (Julianna Guill), Mort (Aaron Yoo), and Zeke (Ben Feldman). There's also Harry (Clark Duke), his girl-friend Lashawna (Malika Haqq), funny jock Skyler (James Franco), and his silly girl-friend Harley (Anna Faris).

At Jaramillo's hideout, he found a five headed shark and filled the ocean with it after finding out where Toby is.

On the boat, Toby hangs out with Wanda and tells her that he is charging Jaramillo for crimes that Jaramillo committed, which she finds to be very cool. But they get annoyed by Al's lady talk. Zeke tries to talk to the girls but has sexual comments that upset them. They all mess around instead of doing home-work. But their ship hits something and they go to a island until it's fixed.

On the island, they see a dead whale and Brigette wonders what happened. Al responds by saying, Something ate it, stupid. Jeff goes to check it out and sees shark bite marks. Brigette goes to the boat to help out. Hatcher has a phone conversation with Kris.

At the boat, Heather is forced to fix it. But before she finishes, the five-headed shark appears and kills her. Brigette is unaware of that.

On the island, Snake and Court waste time and make out in the water. When the shark appears, it bites Court and she spits out blood. She collapses in the water and gets eaten alive. Snake tries to warn everyone but gets his leg caught in the shark head's jaws like a bear trap and also gets eaten alive by the shark. When Toby goes to relax, he sees Snake and Court's blood in the water. He goes and warns everyone. They all see Al goofing off in a speeder boat along with T.J., Skyler, and Harley. But the encounter the shark. Mort and Zeke go to save them but are eaten alive by the shark. It attacks T.J. and kills him, Jeff says, NO! Al betrays Skyler and Harley by leaving them to get killed by the shark. Al is beaten up by Wanda for his actions but he gets depressed to find out that Heather was also killed.

At the C.I.A. headquarters, Hatcher tells Kris, Jaramillo somehow managed to fill the ocean with a dangerous five headed shark. Kris believes and orders every unit to save any survivors. He also orders them to bring in Jaramillo and charge him with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder, even sentencing the crime lord to death.

However, Jaramillo fell into toxic waste and became half-human, half-shark a.k.a. Man-Shark. Later, Gwen forces Al to help her with the boat.

At the boat, Gwen manages to fix it and calls for any help. But Al abandons her and tries to escape by himself. However, his phone starts ringing and the shark attacks him, even ripping him into parts and eating him alive. Gwen escapes the boat as it's sadly destroyed by the shark.

On the island, Hatcher makes a speech to make them brave but is attacked and killed by the shark, his body is later seen being torn apart. Toby tells them that Hatcher's right and confesses this because he is tasked by C.I.A. to charge Jaramillo for murder, attempted murder, and police corruption. But they don't blame him and decide they have to work together if they want to get rid of that shark. They recognizes the Man-Shark as Jaramillo but they set up a plan to kill him and teach him a lesson about killing. They realize the island is somehow beginning to have a earthquake and it's sinking.

All of them split up, Jeff and Brigette stay and share one last kiss before getting killed by the shark. Harry and Leshawna stop at a dock and think their safe but get eaten alive by the shark. Toby, Gwen, Jordan, Donnie, and Jason find an explosive barrel and use it to as their way of killing the shark. Donnie and Jason see the shark and fight it but are devoured by it. Toby, Gwen, and Jordan hear this and realize they're the only ones left. Jordan decides to get killed so they can escape and they give a goodbye hug. He fights the shark and gets killed but manages to put the barrel in it's mouth before dying. Toby and Gwen escape and reach a giant rock. Toby finds a rifle and starts shooting the shark. He then aims for the barrel and says, Smile you son of a... He then shoots the barrel and it blows up. The shark and Jaramillo are killed, ending Jaramillo's killing spree.

Helicopters arrive to save the survivors. They share a kiss and get ready for a happy ending.


  • Michael Cera as Toby - The Main Protagonist of the film. His goal is to help the C.I.A. stop Jaramillo (succeeded) and to kill the shark (succeeded).
  • Mila Kunis as Wanda - The Female Protagonist of the film and Toby's love-interest.
  • Morgan Freeman as Chief Hatcher - The False Protagonist of the film and C.I.A. agent from Hawaii.
  • Steven Bauer as Fernando Jaramillo - One Of The Main Antagonists of the film and C.I.A.'s most wanted crime lord.
  • Miles Fisher as Al - The Secondary Antagonist of the film and Toby's rival. He doesn't care about his friends and is a 18-year-old jock who's arrogant and selfish.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Jordan - The Secondary Protagonist of the film and Toby's best-friend.


(after Court dies, Snake gets scared and tries to escape but his right leg gets caught in one of the shark's mouths, trapping him)

  • Snake: (in pain) "AGH! F**KING D****T! (then he sees the head) OH MY F**KING GOD, IS THAT A F**KING SHARK?! PLEASE, NO!"

(then the rest of the heads go up and eat him)