First Men's  Is An Upcoming American Slasher Horror Starning:Chace Crawford,Sebastian Stan,Keegan Allen,Zac Efron,Sean Faris,Bobby Campo,Treavis Van Winkle,Matt Lanter,Kendall schmidt,Robbie Amell,Amanda Righetti,Max Carver,Julianna Guill,Luke Pasqualino and Matt cohen



Chace Crawford As Yusef/ The Nice Brother

Sebastian Stan As Gerardo/The Smart Brother

Keegan Allen As Alan/The Gothic Brother

Zac Efron As Fabrizio/The Drunk Brother

Sean Faris As Mike/The Brother Millionaire

Bobby Campo As Johnny/The Hot Brother

Treavis Van Winkle As John Paul/The Sportsman's brother

Matt Lanter As Robert Cassidy/The Killer

Kendall schmidt As Dan/The Bashful Brother

Robbie Amell As Brian/The Brother Stupid

Amanda Righetti As Brittany Cassidy

Max Carver As Albert/ Gerardo Brother

Julianna Guill As Cece

Luke Pasqualino As Leon/The Courageous Brother

Matt cohen As Oscar/The Good Brother


Brittany-accidental hit head john paul

Dan-stabbed in heart by a broken bottle

Albert-hit by a car when the murderer stabs him in the head

Leon-Stabbed multiple times

Brian-stabbed in the chest

Mike-Stabbed in neck


Cece-Decapitated with an axe

Fabrizio-neck snapped

Oscar-3 shots in the head with a nail gun

John Paul-Machete accidentally thrown at head by Alan

Gerardo-Stabbed in stomach multiple times

Robert-machete in the chest by alan and shot in the head by yusef


Yusef And Alan

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