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First Dated Action, Comedy, Crime, Television Series..,,,

"First Dated"
Guest star(s)

Arley R. Swaby Lewin Solomon Jr.


Tony Gilroy (director) Tom Hanks (director by)

Episode chronology
First Dated (TV Series)
First Dated
Written By Written by McG (writer)

Tony Gilroy (co-writer) Aisa Rosales Jackson (writer by)

Production Code Blank
Original Airdate November 1, 2016

October 30, 2017 (finale)

Previous Episode "Ghost Cop"
Next Episode "Gets Nuts"

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  • Arley R. Swaby As, Will Barrows (Episode-99)..,,,
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. As, Roger Gallows, Jr. (Episode-99)..,,,
  • Chloe Walter As, Claire (Episode-98)..,,,
  • Junior Peart As, William (villain)..,,,
  • Alan Pennyworth As, Kyle Edwards (Episode-1) (villain)..,,
  • Lewin Solomon Sr. As, Roy (villain).,,,
  • Peterson Anderson Jr. As, Lieutenant Kendall Gallows (Episode-35)..,,, Roger's Cousin..,,
  • Jasser Camacho As, Jarrold Gallows (Episodes-23-31).,,, Will's father.,.,
  • Taylor Belford as, Garrett (Episode-21)..,,, Will's Uncle..,,, Joseph's Relative..,,
  • Eddie Anderson as, Joseph Simons Sr. (Episode-21).,,,, Will's cousin.,,
  • Trenny Deanne Nelson as, Lt. LPD Angie Barrows (Episodes-23).,,, Will's adoptive mother.,,
  • Lioyks Aquilar as, President Ford (mentioned)..,,,
  • Lee Ebanks as Sgt. Phil Barrows (mentioned)..,, Will's Step-Son.