Firebird Suite Part 2 is 37th track of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

The battle against Morganian witch Firebird erupts with Mr. Blake, Emily, and Tlob join the battle after heard the news about the witch's escape. But the fight proved to be very difficult as not only Muriel is stronger than any of them, but dark past between Emily and her former lover Zacros began to unveiled...


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Griffin Beach, Gryphon District, Trostville. 08.25 PM 6 February 1939

“You know we can’t do that”, Raido denied. “You don’t know what this thing capable to either.”

“And you think i’m that ignorant?”, the witch sneered. “I know that thing more than you do. Don’t you dare to press me. I’m not a patient Morganian and i will burn you one by one until one of you decide to comply.”

She snapped her fingers and conjured a fireball that she prepared to hurl on the trio. "You have 10 seconds before i hurl this on your face."


Seemingly out of nowhere, another witch with black coat and raven-like mask delivered a powerful ash-imbued fist on the fire witch's side. Unexpectedly, the fire with simply stopped the fist with one hand, and angrily yelled, "What is this? Another merlinean"

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