Fire and Ice is a 2013 action fantasy film based on Ralph Bakshi's 1983 film of the same name.


Nekron, the evil Ice Lord, pushes his glaciers southward and destroys small vilage of settlers, The only survivor is Larn, a young Neanderthal who sets out for revenge by killing Nekron. Meanwhile, negotiations with the king of Firekeep don't go well and Nekron's men kidnap his daughter, Teegra. However, she escapes while being dragged through the jungle and teams up with Larn to try and get home. However, the two are seperated again and Larn temas up with Darkwolf, a mysterious warrior who is later revealed to be Nekron's father, and they set out to rescue Teegra and stop Nekron.


Taylor Kitsch - Larn

Gerard Bulter - Darkwolf

Megan Fox - Teegra

Dane DeHaan - Nekron

Jeremy Irons - Jarrol

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