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(The camera shows us Marlin, Nemo, and Dory sleeping, then it cuts to Marlin's dream)

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Mmm-hmm.

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Mmm-hmm.

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Yes, Marlin. No, I see it. It's beautiful.

Marlin: So, Coral, when you said you wanted an ocean view, you didn't think that we're gonna get the whole ocean, did you? Huh? (sighs) Oh yeah. A fish can breathe out there. Did your man deliver or did he deliver?

Coral: My man delivered.

Marlin: And it wasn't so easy.

Coral: Because a lot of other clownfish had their eyes on this place.

Marlin: You better believe they did - every single one of them.

Coral: Mm-hmm. You did good. And the neighborhood is awesome.

(A lot of other fish playing)

Marlin: So you do like it, don't you?

Coral: No, no. I do, I do. I really do like it. But Marlin, I know that the drop-off is desirable with the great schools and the amazing view and all, but do we really need so much space?

Marlin: Coral, honey, these are our kids we're talking about. They deserve the best! Look, look, look. They'll wake up, poke their little heads out, and they'll see a whale! See, right by their bedroom window.

Coral: Shh! You're gonna wake the kids.

Marlin: Oh, right. Right.

(then, Marlin and Coral go into the grotto to look at the eggs)

Coral: Aww, look. They're dreaming. We still have to name them.

Marlin: You want to name all of 'em right now?

Coral: I like Nemo.

Marlin: Nemo?

Coral: Just think that in a couple days, we're gonna be parents!

Marlin: Yeah. But what if they don't like me?

Coral: There's over 400 eggs. Odds are, one of them is bound to like you. (swims into the anemone)

Marlin: (peeks at Coral)

Coral: What?

Marlin: Remember when we met?

Coral: Well, I try not to.

Marlin: Well, I remember. 'Excuse me, miss, can you check and see if there's a hook on my lip?'

Coral: Marlin!

Marlin: 'Well, you got to look a little closer because its wiggling.'

Coral: Get away! (swims out of the anemone)

Marlin: Here he is. Cutie's here!

(the other citizens swim back into their homes)

Marlin: Where did everybody go?

Coral: (staring at the barracuda)

The barracuda: (roars)

Marlin: (gasps) Coral, get inside the house, Coral. No, Coral, don't. They'll be fine. Just get inside, you, right now.

Coral: (swims to her eggs)

The barracuda: (prepares to strike, swimming fast)

Marlin: NO!!!! (he ends up battling the barracuda, then Marlin gets knocked into the anemone)

(cuts to the present-day)

Marlin: (wakes up and yells in fear)

(then, Nemo and Dory wake up)

Nemo and Dory: What's wrong?

Marlin: Uh.... Nothing? Well, go back to sleep.

Nemo: Why, dad?

Marlin: It's in the middle of the night.

Nemo and Dory: Okay. (then they go back to sleep)

Marlin: (sighs, then he sits on a rock) I know you're out there, Coral. I really miss you.

From Disney And Pixar

Finding Marlin

Marlin: (wakes up) All right guys, ready to start the day.

Nemo: (yawns) Okay, dad.

Dory: (also yawns) What are you guys going to do today before Nemo goes to school?

Marlin: (to Dory) We're going to the reef.

Dory: Can I come with you on a field trip again?

Marlin: No.

Dory: Okay.

Nemo: Hey dad, can you come with me on the field trip today?

Marlin: Let me think about that. Just one question: What field trip is it today?

Nemo: Today, the class is gonna learn about coral reefs!

Marlin (to Dory and Nemo) Well, I would say that the dangerous moment of our last adventure was the gigantic squid.

Nemo: I know, dad. I was nearly eaten by one. But then--

Dory: We pulled you out of the tentacles and then --- Hmmm.

Marlin: (groans) How many times do I have to tell you, Dory? We ran into a rock wall, which hurts Nemo. Then the rest of the story happens. The end.

(Marlin then sees that everyone have a family)

Nemo: (to Marlin) Dad, what happened to my mom?

Marlin: (sighs) Nemo, I need to tell you something... I should've told you a long time ago. (sighs) Your mother was eaten... by a predator.

Dory: Aw... that's so sad.

Nemo: Yeah, okay dad... I agree with Dory.

Marlin: Okay, I've decided that I'm gonna come on the field trip with you.

Nemo: (smiles) Okay.

(then the three fish arrive at the reef)

Mr. Ray: Well guys, you made it again!

Nemo: Hey Mr. Ray, guess what: my dad is coming with me on the field trip!

Mr. Ray: Wow! (to Marlin) And you, Marlin. Do not be rude again.

Marlin: Uh... I wasn't rude the first time Nemo went to school...

Mr. Ray: Come on, Marlin.

Marlin: Okay, Mr. Ray. (to Dory) See ya later, Dory.

Dory: See you later, guys! (to herself) I don't know why the pink squid has a short tentacle anyway.

(then Marlin and Nemo swim to Mr. Ray)

Mr. Ray: All right kids. Today's the day! Our field trip to the coral reefs!

Kids: Yay!

Nemo: (to Marlin) I've always wondered where coral reefs come from!

Marlin: I guess you'll find out on the way.

Mr. Ray: Now, does anyone know where coral reefs come from?

(long pause)

Kids: Uh.... No.

Mr. Ray: C'mon! Make a guess!

Kathy: I think they come from magic!

Marlin: Can you please stop talking about irrelevant things?

Nemo: But dad, you need to believe in magic!

Mr. Ray: I think you are getting off topic, Marlin!

Marlin: Okay.

Mr. Ray: Anyway, let's start singing while we head for the reefs, everyone! [singing] Ooooooh, coral reefs, coral reefs, coral reefs, every reef big and small! There is a big coral reef that we live in!

Marlin: Ugh... this song is gonna get stuck in my head!

Nemo: C'mon, dad! It's gonna be fun!

Marlin: Okay, Nemo.

Mr. Ray: (singing) Oh, coral reefs are cool. Coral reefs are fun. It makes it's home with everyone in the ocean...

Nemo: Woah.

Mr. Ray: Here we are, guys. The coral reefs. But remember. STICK TOGETHER.. It is because Marlin will guide you. (to Marlin) I'm giving you a promotion, Marlin.

Marlin: But I don't work for you, Mr. Ray.

Mr. Ray: That's not what I meant, Marlin. Since you're a grown-up, Marlin, you'll need to guide the kids.

Marlin: Okay, Mr. Ray. (to the kids) All right, kids, do you have any questions?

Fish #1: Hey Nemo's dad, why don't you have a wife?

Kids: Yeah? How come?

Marlin: (sighs) Okay, fine. I lost my wife and most of my unborn children years ago. We were planning on naming the eggs, but a barracuda showed up and devoured my wife and most of the eggs.

Sheldon: Aww... that's so sad.

Nemo: (to Sheldon) That's what Dory said a while ago, Sheldon.

Pearl: Well, I didn't know he had a wife anyway.

Tad: I also agree with you, Pearl. He's always been too..... awkward.

(cuts to a few minutes later)

Marlin: And that's why I'm overprotective of Nemo. (to Nemo) And Nemo, I also have something else to tell you about. The coral reefs also remind me about your mother.

Nemo: Whoa.

Kids: Oooooh.

Marlin: Anyway, let's resume the field trip, kids!

Kids: Okay, Nemo's dad.

Nemo: Okay, dad. (smiles)

(then, Marlin shows the kids the reefs)

Marlin: Here they are. The coral reefs that make the whole Pacific Ocean wonderful.

Kids: Woah. Cool!

Nemo: (to Marlin) Hey dad, I found some broken pieces of coral!

Marlin: Huh? (to the kids and Mr. Ray) Guys, I'll be right back! (then swims towards Nemo) What's this? Those must be some evidence that Coral used to leave me when she was alive on the sea bed.

(then Dory shows up)

Dory: What are you guys up to?

Marlin: Dory, I thought I told you not to come on the field trip with Nemo again!

Dory: Okay, Marlin, I know. I just wanted to see what you guys are up to.

Nemo: We found some broken pieces of coral. It shows evidence that Coral is alive!

Dory: Wow, Marlin. I guess you lied to me the whole time. Wait--- What did you lie to me about again?

Nemo: I didn't think dad lied, Dory. He might have found clues.

Dory: Okay.

Marlin: Okay, so if Coral is alive, then where is she now?

(then, Mr. Ray and the other students show up)

Mr. Ray: Wait, Marlin. Your wife is alive?

Marlin: We think she is alive... but, we are not so sure. It is because we found some clues. Here they are, everyone.

Kids: Woah.

Nemo: That's the second time they said woah today.

(cuts back to the anemone)

Dory: I'm glad we found some broken coral pieces, guys. But I wonder. How did they get broken.

Marlin: Well Dory, call me crazy but I got this theory. It might mean Coral is still alive. And--- (finds more clues) What's this?

Nemo: Might be some more clues, dad.

Marlin: Well, guys. I guess we can wait before our next adventures begin.

Dory: Yeah, guys. Wait--- what adventure?

Nemo: Hey dad, Dory and I are going to play hide-and-seek later. See ya later, dad.

Marlin: Okay, Nemo.

(then Nemo and Dory swim off)

Marlin: (sighs) Oh well. But I might have an idea...

(then cuts to a few hours later at night)

Marlin: (wakes up) I need to follow those clues to see if Coral is alive. (then goes out of the anemone to follow the clues)

Nemo: (wakes up) Huh? Dad, where are you going?

Dory: (wakes up) Wait, what? (to Nemo) I don't know where your dad is going, Nemo.

Nemo: Yeah, Dory. Maybe he's going on a new adventure. So let's follow him to where he's really going.

Dory: Good idea, Nemo.

Marlin: (then spots Nemo and Dory) Woah, woah, woah! Why are you two following me?

Nemo: To see where you're going, dad.

Dory: Yeah, Marlin. Wait-- are you going on an adventure again?

Marlin: Yes, Dory. I'm following these clues to see if Nemo's mother is alive. And OK, I'll let you come with me.

Nemo and Dory: Yay!

Marlin: But ONLY if you two don't mess up. Understand?

Nemo: Yeah, dad.

Dory: Okay.

(then the three fish all start their adventure, then the next scene cuts to a few miles away from home)

Nemo: (groans) Dad, I'm SO TIRED! (falls asleep)

Dory: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Marlin: No, Dory! It is going to take a long time before we find Nemo's mom!

Dory: Do you mean a long time as in years?

Marlin: (sighs) No, Dory. I mean as in days. Anyway, I'll get help. (then he runs into Bruce, making Nemo and Marlin both gasp in horror)

Bruce: Hello.

Marlin and Nemo: Please don't eat us!

Bruce: Don't worry. We're complete vegetarians now.

Anchor: I agree with Bruce.

Chum: Yeah.

Bruce: (to Marlin) So I heard you wanted to get help, huh?

Marlin: Yes, Bruce. The reason why I wanted help because of two things: I need to find my long-lost wife, and Nemo is asleep.

Bruce: I see. Anyway, we can help you find your wife.

Anchor: Hop on.

Dory: Road trip! I call front seat!

Marlin: Fine, Dory.

Dory: But what about Nemo?

Marlin: We can bring him with us, Dory. I'm pretty sure he'll wake up soon.

(then the sharks swim across the sea, then cuts to a few hours later)

Bruce: (spots a cave) Okay, you guys can sleep there for the night.

Marlin: Okay.

Dory: I'm tired anyway. (yawns)

Marlin: Good night, you three.

Bruce, Anchor, and Chum: Good night to all of you.

(then Marlin and Dory go to the cave and bring Nemo with them)

Marlin: Okay, time to go to sleep, Dory. Good night.

Dory: Yeah, gotta get ready for the big day tomorrow, Marlin.

Nemo: Night night.

(then Marlin and Dory fall asleep, then the scene cuts to the next morning, where the trio wakes up)

Marlin: Time for the big day, guys.

Nemo: Yeah, dad. We'll continue our adventure. But how did I get here?

Marlin: It's a long story, Nemo. I'll explain later.

Dory: Yay! We're going to continue our adventure!

(then the three fish swim out of the cave, then while they travel, they run into the Tank Gang, who are no longer in their plastic bags)

Nemo: You guys look familiar...

Gill: Is it really you, Sharkbait?

Nemo: Yes, it is me, Gill!

The Tank Gang: YAY!

Gill: It's been more than a year than the last time we saw you, Nemo!

Dory: Wait a minute. Who are you guys and why do you know about Nemo?

Nemo: Dory, let me introduce you to my friends from the dentist office. They are the Tank Gang, and this is their leader, Gill.

Dory: Wow!

Gill: So, why are you guys out here?

Marlin: We're going on an adventure to find Nemo's mom!

Gurgle: Cool! So... can we join?

Deb: Please?

Gill: We promise, we'll help you guys!

Marlin: Okay, guys.

Bloat: Yay!

Peach: Woohoo!

Gill: (spots a science research ship from NIWA) Guys, I have a plan.

Bubbles: What is it, Gill?

Nemo: We want to know what the plan is, Gill.

Gill: Okay, we go near the ship, and then we get fished up by some people, and then we get put in a tank. Do any of you like my plan?

Dory: Cool!

Nemo: Awesome!

Marlin: I don't know, Gill. It might be far fetched.

Gill: Don't worry. I know it will work.

Marlin: I doubt it.

(then the fish swim towards the boat)

Marlin: Gill, no! I don't want my son to be scooped up by another diver!

Gill: Like I said, it'll work.

Nemo: When are they gonna get here?

(then everyone gets fished up by the scientists, and are put in a tank)

Dory: Whee!

Marlin: Gill, was this part of it?

Gill: It is now.

Dory: (to Gill) So, are we just gonna wait until we reach the location?

Gill: Yeah, everyone.

Nemo: Just look at all of the sea creatures.

Everyone: Woah.

(and then some scientists come in with a caged saltwater crocodile)

Scientist #1: (to the scientists) Okay guys, we have to study this saltwater crocodile.

Nemo: What's a crocodile?

Marlin: I don't know, Nemo.

Scientist #2: (to scientist #1) Yeah, and then we can eat our cereal.

(but then the crocodile breaks out of its cage)

Scientist #3: Oh no! We're SO FIRED when the boss finds out!

(crocodile bellows)

Everyone: (screams)

(then the crocodile chases Marlin and his friends)

Gill: Hurry, we got to jump from tank to tank to escape from that crazy croc!

(then the fishes jump from tank to tank)

Scientist #2: Press the alarm! Or else the fish will be eaten!

Scientist #1: (presses the alarm button)

(alarm noise begins)

Alarm: Loose animal alert! Loose animal alert!

Gill: Hurry guys!

(everyone continues jumping from tank to tank)

(crocodile bellows again)

Marlin: No!

Nemo: I don't wanna be eaten!

Dory: Aaaah!

Bloat: Hurry!

Scientist #3: (to two of the other scientists) We gotta recapture that crocodile before its too late!

(crocodile continues chasing the fish)

Gurgle: I don't wanna be animal food!

(crocodile opens mouth)

Everyone: NOOOO!

(and then the crocodile is recaptured by the three scientists)

Scientist #2: Phew! That was a close one.

Scientist #3: Yeah, wanna get a bite before we start studying this saltwater crocodile?

Scientist #1: OK, will do.

(then they enter the door)

Marlin: We made it!

Everyone: Yay!

Bloat: That was fun!

Peach: Let's don't do it again.

Gill: Don't worry. The scientist already took care of it.

Bloat: Now what?

Gill: We wait until we arrive at the port of that island. Okay.

Nemo: Okay.

(cuts to a few hours later, arriving at the port of Napier, New Zealand)

Scientist #3: Time to bring these animals back to the NIWA!

Scientist #4: Yeah, and the boss is gonna be so proud!

Scientist #1: Okay.

Scientist #2: That breakfast was so yummy.

(then the scientists bring most of the animals out of the ship)

Gill: (to Marlin, Nemo, Dory, and the Tank Gang) Now's our chance to tip our tanks over the side of the ship!

Everyone: Yay!

(then everyone tip their tanks over the side of the ship, landing into the ocean)

Nemo: That was fun! Let's do it again in the future!

Marlin: Oh no... I don't want to do it again...

Dory: Where are we?

(then everyone looks at the view of Napier, New Zealand)

Everyone: Ooooooh...

Marlin: We gotta get closer and see if Coral's there. C'mon!

(then everyone swims close, then they run into a genetically modified piranha named Spike)

Marlin: Who are you?

Spike: Hello there, the name's Spike, my friend.

Nemo: What species are you?

Bubbles: I've never seen this species before.

Spike: I'm a piranha, but not just any piranha, I'm a genetically modified piranha who broke out of a lab in Brazil!

Everyone: Woah.

Peach: Not bad.

Marlin: Excuse me Spike, I need to find my long lost wife, Coral, ASAP.

Spike: Oh. Well, I can help.

(then they swim close to the shore, where they look at a boat)

Dory: Is that another boat?

Marlin: I think so, Dory, and I'm not letting Nemo get taken again.

Spike: Wait-- you lost Nemo?

Marlin: It's a long story. Anyway, let's resume our adventure!

(before they can reach the shore, Marlin and Spike are then caught in a fishing boat)

Marlin: Aaaahh!

Spike: No! I've never wanted to be captured by humans!

(before the boat gets away, the workers of an aquarium rescue the two fish)

Marlin: Finally, we're saved!

Spike: Yay!

(then the humans put Marlin and Spike in a cooler in the truck)

Marlin: Or not.

(then the humans close the back door)

Nemo: Dad!

Dory: Marlin!

Worker #1: Okay, we just saved two fish, and now it's time to head back to the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

Worker #2: Yeah.

(then the two workers get in the truck, and they drive it to the National Aquarium of New Zealand, in the city of Napier)

Gill: No!

Gurgle: I guess we're never going to see Nemo's dad again, huh.

Nemo: C'mon! We got to save my dad! Who's with me?

Dory: I am!

Deb: But what about that piranha?

Nemo: We'll save him too!

Gurgle: Nemo, you're crazy! Gill's plans are more crazier than yours.

Gill: Gurgle, stop!

Gurgle: Fine, Gill.

Gill: Sharkbait, I also have something to tell you. Rivers also lead to the ocean, so let's pick one.

Nemo: Okay, Gill.

(then everyone starts travelling, but soon, they've travel too far and end up on the east coast of the South Island)

Dory: Where are we?

Gurgle: We're lost in the open thanks to Nemo!

Gill: Don't worry, guys. Here's a river. So let's get in.

(then everyone follows Gill across the river)

Dory: Woah. This place is strange.

Nemo: Shh! We don't want to get caught by a predator!

(then, a bunch of blue penguins show up)

Dory: Aww, they're adorable, just like the otters!

Nemo: (to the blue penguins) Excuse me, I'm trying to find my dad here.

(then the blue penguins guide the fish heroes somewhere)

Bloat: Where are they bringing us?

Gill: I don't know, Bloat.

Jacques: I guess we have to find out then.

(then the blue penguins introduce the fish heroes to their leader, a blue tang named Lincoln)

Nemo: Who's that?

(blue penguins chirp)

Gill: I think the birds are trying to say that the blue tang over there is their leader, Nemo.

Lincoln: Oh, hello! I'm a blue tang named Lincoln! I'm the leader of these blue penguins!

Dory: (falls in love with Lincoln) Aww... He's so handsome...

Nemo: Can you snap out of it, Dory?

Dory: No, Nemo. I'm in the middle of falling in love with that other blue tang.

Gurgle: This is not going to end well, is it.

Deb: Ugh! You are the worst, Gurgle!

Gurgle: Sorry, Deb. (chuckles)

Gill: (to Lincoln) So, why'd your bird friends bring us here?

Lincoln: They figured out you guys are lost.

Gill: We're not lost.

Nemo: The reason why we are in this river because it's the fastest way to find my dad.

Lincoln: I see.

Nemo: So, can you help us out please?

Lincoln: Hmmm. Let me think about that... Okay. I'll help you guys.

Everyone: Yay!

Lincoln: It's just... we need to get help from my companion.

Nemo: Okay, and bring your bird friends with us.

Lincoln: Okay.

Dory: That blue tang is so handsome...

Lincoln: Aww, thank you!

Dory: Uh... you're welcome?

(meanwhile, Marlin and Spike are put in a tank in a room of the aquarium)

Marlin: Where are we? Nemo? Dory? Gill?

Spike: You're friends are not here, Marlin.

Marlin: Oh yeah. But they need to find us, fast!

(then, a group of Special Needs children show up and look at the fish)

Child #1: Look at the fish!

Child #2: Wow!

Child #3: Ooooh.

(other children continue talking)

Marlin: And this has just became a nightmare. But in real life. Man. I'm in a freak-show.

Spike: Yeah, I know, Marlin.

Marlin: I wish this can just stop.

(then a 17-year old teenager comes through the open door)

Marlin: Someone's coming. Be quiet, Spike.

Spike: Okay, Marlin.

Oliver: (to the two fish) Oh, hello there. What are you talking about?

Marlin: What the?

Spike: (to Oliver) Who are you?

Oliver: I'm Oliver.

Marlin: I coulda sworn.... Impossible.

Oliver: I heard you. I'm a fauna-whisperer.

Marlin and Spike: (shocked) What?!

Marlin: That's impossible!

Spike: How'd you do that?!

Oliver: Okay, guys. Here's the reason why I can talk to animals: I got a brain injury in a car crash, which killed my parents, and when I got out of the car, an animal talked to me. A falcon. I can now understand and talk to animals. But however, I still suffer from seizures, fits, and headaches. What do you think?

Marlin: Oh.

Spike: Not bad.

Marlin: So... Oliver, I need to find my long-lost wife, a clownfish named Coral, because yesterday, while my son Nemo was at school, I found some clues. That's why I journeyed here.

Oliver: Don't worry. There are a bunch of clownfish in the coral reef exhibit.

Marlin: Wait- There's exhibits here?

Oliver: Yes, because this is an aquarium. The National Aquarium of New Zealand.

Marlin: Wow. Just like the time when my friend Dory travelled to an aquarium to find her parents.

Oliver: Look, I'll help you. I'll get you to your missing wife at the coral reef exhibit.

Marlin: Okay, fine.

Oliver: (then grabs a bucket) Then jump in!

Marlin: Okay, Oliver.

(then Marlin and Spike jump into a bucket of water)

Marlin: Let's start our adventure!

Oliver: But first, I need to disguise as a staff member so I won't get caught, and I will get that bucket to where you need to get to. Okay?

Marlin: Okay.

(the scene cuts to the barracuda from the first film, whose name is Fang, then he swims out of his cave)

Fang: (notices that Spike is missing) Huh?! Where is Spike? (groans, then knocks a rock away) I am very angry!

Paul: (swims out of the cave and sees that Fang is mad) What's wrong, Fang?

Fang: Spike is missing, and I don't know where he went!

Paul: What will we do, Fang?

Fang: We need to find him, now!

(then, Fang and Paul begin swimming from the Tasman Sea to the East Coast of New Zealand)

Fish #1: (spots Fang and Paul) Ahh!

Fish #2: Oh no! It's Fang!

Fang: Get out of my way!

Paul: Yeah!

(cuts back to the aquarium, where Marlin, Spike, and Oliver are trying to find the Coral Reef exhibit)

Marlin: Where in the world is that exhibit?

Oliver: I don't really know, Marlin. But try looking at the map.

(dolphin screaming)

Flipper: Help! Help! I'm being attacked by an orca!

Spike: (to Marlin and Oliver) Someone's in trouble.

Marlin: Hurry, put us in the tank!

Oliver: Okay, Marlin. (then puts Marlin and Spike into the tank of the dolphin exhibit)

Spike: Where is the dolphin?

Marlin: We have no time! (then swim to Flipper)

(cuts to Flipper)

Flipper: Stop it, you bully!

Arnold: NEVER, FLIPPER! (then starts chasing Flipper, but then he spots Marlin and Spike) Huh?

Marlin: (to Arnold) Stop bullying that dophin, now!

Spike: Yeah! You should know better!

Arnold: But... but...

Spike: You need to stop bullying other sea creatures!

(and then Arnold chases Marlin and Spike, but then the two fish hide from him, and figure out a strategy)

Marlin: Come and get me!

Arnold: I am SO going to get you, clownfish! (then chases Marlin, who then hides, and Spike appears behind him)

Spike: Come and get me!

(then Arnold chases Spike, and Arnold crashes into a bunch of rocks while Spike hides into a hole)

Marlin: And have your parents ever grounded you?!

Arnold: Yes, all the time!

Spike: (comes out of the hole) And you better leave others alone or you will be grounded for the rest of your life!

Arnold: Okay! I want my mommy!

(then some of the workers remove Arnold from the tank)

Arnold: NOOO! (and then gets put at the back of the truck with a large tank)

Worker #3: This orca is evil...

Female Worker: Yeah, I agree.

Worker #4: Let's put the orca back into the ocean.

Worker #3: Want to get a drink once we get back?

Worker #4: Sure.

Marlin: (to Spike) We did it!

Spike: Yay!

Flipper: Thanks for saving me, guys. The name's Flipper.

Marlin: I'm Marlin, and this is Spike.

Spike: Nice to meet you, Flipper.

Flipper: Nice to meet you as well, guys. So, why are you here?

Marlin: Spike and I are at the aquarium because I want to find my missing wife, Coral.

Spike: Can you show us the directions?

Flipper: Sure! It's at the highest floor of the aquarium!

Oliver: It's time to go, Marlin and Spike!

Marlin: Bye, Flipper!

Flipper: It was nice meeting you, Marlin!

(then Marlin and Spike jump into the bucket)

Marlin: Now, let's continue our adventure!

(then cuts back to Fang)

Fang: (panting) We made it. But we need to wait for Spike to come back, and he better bring me some fish because I'm hungry.

Eel: Get out of our territory, barracuda!!

Shark: NOW!

Fang: I'm here because I want to find my spy, a piranha named Spike.

Paul: Me too.

Shark: I see.

Eel: Sorry for the misunderstanding, barracuda.

Fang: The name's Fang. Now... get..... out... Or else I will eat you.

Eel: Swim!

Shark: Okay!

Fang: (laughing evilly)

(cuts to Nemo and his friends, who are near Napier)

Bloat: Are we there yet?

Lincoln: No.

Gurgle: Are we there yet?

Lincoln: No.

Dory: Are we there now?

Lincoln: Yes, we're here now.

Nemo: Who is that?

Lincoln: This is my companion, George the kiwi.

(George squawks)

Gill: A bird? Really?

Lincoln: Yes, he's a bird.

Dory: Nice pet you have there, Bob.

Lincoln: Actually, my name's Lincoln, not Bob. Okay? (to Nemo) So why does Dory keep on forgetting my name?

Nemo: Because she suffers from short-term memory loss.

Lincoln: Oh, I see.

Gill: Hey, you got it! Marlin is waiting for his son and you Dory.

Dory: Yay!

Lincoln: (to Nemo) You can explain to George now, Nemo.

Nemo: Okay. (then swims up to George)

(George squawks again)

Nemo: Uh... You must be George. So I want to tell you why my friends and I are here.

(George squawks)

Gurgle: (to the Tank Gang) I hope Nemo doesn't get eaten by that bird.

Peach: I'm pretty sure he won't, Gurgle.

Bloat: Why do you always think bad things are going to happen, Gurgle?

Gurgle: I don't. It's just a possibility.

Jacques: I see. But I hope you're wrong.

Nemo: (to George) I want to find my dad because he was taken by humans.

(George squawks, then gets distracted and pokes at the ground with his beak)

Nemo: So can you help us out please?

(George then spots a fish tank, then squawks)

Dory: So he thinks the fish tank is the only way to bring Nemo and friends to Marlin?

Gill: I don't know, Dory.

(George then puts Nemo in the fish tank)

Nemo: Whee! (then splashes into the fish tank)

(George then puts the fish one by one into the fish tank)

Nemo: That was fun, right everyone?

Everyone. Yeah!

Bubbles: Let's do it again!

Dory: Do what again? Is it eating something that makes you see weird things?

Gill: No, its not. We were put in the tank, Dory.

Dory: Oh yeah. That was amazing.

Gill: (then notices the pipes) Everyone, here's my new plan.

Nemo: What is it, Gill?

Gurgle: And it better not be lame.

Gill: (to Gurgle) Can you please stop criticizing my plans? Sheesh. It would be better if you stop it. (to everyone) As I was saying, we will get into the pipes to get into the building that has Marlin in it. Okay?

Deb: Not bad, Gill.

Lincoln: What do we do now, Gill?

Gill: In order to get into the pipes, we'll have to get help from your birds.

Lincoln: Okay. (to the birds and George) Listen up, birds. I need you guys to put us in the pipes.

(blue penguins chirping and George squawking)

Lincoln: It is because we're going to find Nemo's missing father now.

(And then the blue penguins pick up the fish from the tank and march to the pipes)

Gurgle: I can't breathe because we're not in water!

Gill: Don't worry, Gurgle. They'll put us in the water.

(And then the blue penguins put the fish into the pipes)

Nemo: Bye!

Dory: See ya in the future!

Lincoln: I promise, I'll visit you guys 3 times a month!

(George squawking)

(and then the fish start swimming and trying to get past the current)

Nemo: That was fun meeting the birds, right guys?

Dory: Yeah, Nemo. And I'm glad I found a love interest.

Deb: What would we do now, Nemo?

(then the current in the pipes tries to blow away everyone)

Nemo: We have to fight against the current and go to the building that has my dad, otherwise we'd be blown away!

Gill: C'mon, gang!

Bloat: Hurry!

(and then everyone tries to fight against the current)

Dory: Hey Nemo, what was the first time you were in the pipes?

Nemo: Well, when Gill launched me into the sink, I was in the sewage plant somehow avoiding the grinding machinery, and then I survived!

Gill: Well, I didn't know there were grinding machineries in the drains.

Lincoln: Proceed with fighting against the current!

Dory: Great job, Nemo!

Nemo: Dory, can you sing your Just Keep Swimming song to help us swim past the current?

Dory: Okay, Nemo. (then starts singing) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Peach: Hurry!

Nemo: I hope my dad's doing okay!

(cuts to Marlin, Spike, and Oliver, who are looking for the Coral Reef exhibit)

Marlin: What is this room?!

Spike: There are dead animals!

Oliver: No, they're not. This is the gift shop, and the "animals" you're looking at are actually stuffed animals.

Marlin: Oh. I thought they were dead.

Oliver: And nearby is the Fish Bowl Café.

(then Marlin, Spike, and Oliver go to the entrance)

Oliver: (whispering to Marlin and Spike) I have to get you guys to the Coral Reef exhibit, otherwise I'll be arrested by the police.

Marlin: Okay, Oliver.

(Then the three sneak past the entrance)

Spike: Great job sneaking us through the entrance, Oliver.

Oliver: Thanks, Spike.

(then the three go up an elevator, and Oliver shows Marlin and Spike the exhibits)

Marlin: What is that green thing?

Oliver: It's called a tuatara. They're lizards.

Marlin: (looks at the alligator exhibit) They look like the croc on the ship that my friends and I swam away from and went to different tanks.

Oliver: Actually, Marlin, those over there are alligators. They're part of the crocodilian family.

(Then the three look at the Coral Reef exhibit)

Oliver: There it is. The Coral Reef exhibit.

Marlin: Is that where Coral is?

Oliver: Probably.

(then walks up to one of the tanks)

Oliver: It's time for me to go, guys. I'll give you this orange rock so you guys can recognize me. (then gives the rock to Marlin)

Marlin: I'm gonna miss you Oliver.

Spike: We'll remember you.

Oliver: And when your friends come here to rescue you guys and Coral, I'll remember you guys as well. (then puts Marlin and Spike into the tank)

Marlin and Spike: Bye, Oliver!

Oliver: Farewell, guys! (then walks away)

Marlin: Now we gotta find Coral now, Spike.

Spike: Okay. Let's split up until we find Coral!

(then the two split up until they find Coral)

Coral: Marlin, is that you?

Marlin: Yes, it's me, Coral.

Coral: (happily) You're alive, Marlin!

Marlin: (happily) I know, Coral!

(and then Marlin and Coral hug each other)

Coral: I've missed you so much!

Marlin: I've missed you too, Coral!

(and then the two clownfish stop hugging each other)

Coral: (spots Spike) Marlin, who is this piranha?

Marlin: This is Spike, the piranha. He helped me out on my adventure today.

Spike: I sure did help you, Marlin.

Marlin: Uh-huh.

Coral: And you guys worked together to get into the aquarium to find me! Wow!

Marlin: But the reason we got into this exhibit because a human helped us out and put us into this tank.

Coral: What else does this human do?

Spike: He has the ability to talk to animals due to a car accident.

Coral: Wow!

Marlin: And Coral, I've been raising Nemo for more than 6 years now.

Coral: Nemo?

Marlin: Yes, Nemo is my son. I saw the egg on a coral.

Coral: Did you make new friends yet, Marlin?

Marlin: Well, there's this blue tang named Dory, who suffers from short-term memory loss, and one day, she journeyed across the ocean with help from me and Nemo to find her parents. But a year before that, Nemo was taken by humans, so I met Dory, who mostly wasn't.... helpful. Anyway, how did you survive the barracuda incident?

Spike: Come on, Coral. Tell us how'd you survive.

Both: Please?

Coral: Well...

(flashback begins)

Coral: (telling the flashback) I saw you were knocked out by the barracuda.

Fang: (in flashback, he knocks Marlin into the anemone)

Coral: (in flashback) Marlin, NO!

Fang: (starts to chase Coral in flashback)

Coral: (telling the flashback) So I swam from the barracuda as fast as I can, but when it almost ate me, I swam out from its mouth before it even closed!

Fang: (in flashback) Huh?

Coral: (telling the flashback) The barracuda then swam away from me because he didn't care anymore, and before I could get to you, I couldn't swim well because the barracuda damaged my tail. Then the barracuda got into the grotto and suddenly devoured most of the eggs!

(flashback ends)

Spike: Is that why you have a scar on your face?

Coral: Yes, because when I swam out of the barracuda's mouth, one of its teeth scraped part of my face, thus giving me a scar.

Marlin: You almost got killed, Coral!

Coral: But luckily I survived.

Marlin: I'm glad you're alive, Coral.

Coral: I know, Marlin.

(and then Spike sneaks away)

Spike: (to himself) I don't want them to catch me doing this, but I have to send a message to Fang because he is probably hungry.

(then the piranha spots phytoplankton)

Spike: I have an idea. (gets close to the phytoplankton) Tell a barracuda named Fang this: "I will bring two clownfish - a male and a female - to you for dinner tonight because you're probably hungry by now." (then waves a fin)

(then the phytoplankton arrange themselves into Morse Code patterns and then go to a drain)

Spike: (laughs maniacally)

Marlin: Spike, are you coming?

Spike: Oh, right! (then swims to Marlin)

(then cuts to Nemo, Dory, the Tank Gang, and Lincoln, who are still in the pipes fighting against the current)

Gurgle: How long before we get to the building? And I'm scared of these pipes because they're dirty!

Gill: I think maybe a few minutes, Gurgle.

Nemo: Maybe we are close to the building, Gill!

Gill: Okay, Nemo.

Dory: (to Lincoln) Hmmm... I wonder when I first fell in love with you, Pablo.

Lincoln: Actually, it's Lincoln, and we first fell in love a few hours ago, Dory.

Dory: Okay. You see, I suffer from short-term memory loss.

Lincoln: Is that why you accidentally called me "Pablo"?

Dory: Maybe.

Nemo: Sorry, but we need to continue fighting against the current and get to the building that has my dad!

Dory and Lincoln: OK, Nemo.

(as a minute passes by, everyone then sees a drain grate, seeing that they are almost at the NZ aquarium)

Nemo: Look at that!

Dory: Wow!

Nemo: We're almost there! (to the Tank Gang) Right, guys?

Tank Gang: Yay!

(but then the current becomes stronger and pushes Gill and the Tank Gang away from Nemo, Dory, and Lincoln, then they get stuck in a drain)

Nemo: (gasps) NO!

Gill: We'll be okay, Nemo, as long as you get help from someone else!

Nemo: Okay, Gill. (then looks through the drain grate, and then sees the pelicans from the first film) Pelicans! Pelicans!

Nigel: Huh? That kind of sounded like Nemo!

Pelican #1: You mean the little orange fish who was taken by a diver a year ago?

Nigel: Yes! That's him!

Pelican #2: What do we do, Nigel?

Pelican #3: Yeah, Nigel!

Nigel: C'mon, let's fly to that drain grate!

(then the pelicans fly to the drain grate)

Nigel: What is it, Nemo?

Nemo: The Tank Gang got stuck in a drain, and I need your guys' help to save them. And by the way, can you bring us to that building over there? It probably has my dad!

Nigel: Okay.

(then the pelicans try to lift the drain grate, but it is too heavy for the pelicans, and it smashes one of the pelicans' wings)

Pelican #4: OW! Son of a fish!

(then George the kiwi wanders by the pelicans)

Lincoln: (spots George) George! It's me, Lincoln!

(George squawks)

Nemo: We need your help to lift the drain grate!

(George squawks, then helps the pelicans lift the drain grate)

Nigel: (to the other pelicans) C'mon, guys! Hurry!

(the pelicans and George grunt as they try to lift the drain grate)

Gill: Hurry, or else we'll be stuck in here forever!

(then the pelicans and George finally lift the drain grate)

Everyone: Yay!

(then the pelicans and George drop the drain grate on some grass)

Nigel: Let's get the fish and bring them to that building where we can rescue Nemo's dad!

(then the pelicans put their heads into the water to scoop the fish out of the pipes)

Bloat: Finally!

Peach: We're no longer stuck in that drain!

(then George accidentally trips over a rock, then shakes his head, and gets up and squawks happily)

Nigel: Now, which building do you want to find your dad at, Nemo?

Nemo: Over there!

Lincoln: (to George) I'll see you in a few weeks, George!

(then George squawks happily, and then the pelicans fly with the fish in their beaks to the NZ aquarium)

(then cuts to Marlin and Coral)

Marlin: And then the truck fell into the ocean, while the other fish are flying out of the truck, and we managed to survive the truck. And then we lived a happy life.

Coral: Wow, Marlin! I am so impressed with all of these tales you tell, and how sweet they are!

Marlin: Thank you, Coral.

Coral: You're welcome, Marlin.

Marlin: (sighs) Coral, I need to tell you something.

Coral: What is it, Marlin?

Marlin: Nemo and Dory are probably trying to find me right now, and with their Tank Gang friends, they're probably trying to survive predators like birds and trying to make it to the aquarium to find us.

Coral: Wow, Marlin! I wonder when they'll find us.

Marlin: Probably soon.

Coral: Okay. But do you want to tell me something else?

Marlin: Sure, Coral. I know one joke.

Coral: Okay, what is the joke you know?

Marlin: Alright. Um, there's a mollusk, see? And he swims up to a sea cucumber. Well, actually the mollusk isn't moving. He's in one place, and then the sea cucumber says looks over to the mollusk and says: 'with fronds like these, who needs anemones?'!

Coral: (laughs) That joke is funny, Marlin!

Marlin: I know, Coral.

(then cuts to the pelicans and the fish, who are in a tree while looking at the entrance of the NZ aquarium)

Gill: We need to get into that building without getting caught, otherwise we would get captured by humans!

Nigel: (muffled) But how are we going to find Nemo's dad?

Nemo: I have an idea.

Everyone: What?!

Nemo: Maybe we can split up until we find the exhibit that has my dad!

Dory: That's a great idea, Carlos!

Nemo: Actually, it's Nemo. Not Carlos.

Dory: Oh, right.

(then the pelicans fly to the entrance and split up while carrying the fish in their beaks)

(cuts to Nigel, who has Nemo, Dory, and Lincoln in his beak)

Nemo: (looks at the sea creatures and their exhibits) Woah.

Dory: Cool.

Lincoln: It's pretty nice, actually.

Nemo: Nigel, you need to continue finding my dad, remember?

Nigel: (muffled) That's what I'm doing, Nemo.

(cuts to Pelican #2, who has Gill, Deb, and Gurgle in his beak)

Gurgle: (looks down) Oh no! I'm gonna be sick!

Gill: Calm down, Gurgle.

Gurgle: Okay, Gill.

Deb: This aquarium is amazing!

Gill: (to Pelican #2) I need you to continue flying until we see Nemo's dad!

Pelican #2: (muffled) Okay.

(then cuts to Pelican #3, who has Bloat, Bubbles, Peach, and Jacques in his beak)

Bloat: Guys, you need to see this!

Peach: I know, Bloat. It's because I have eyes!

Bubbles: Woah! You're right, Bloat! This aquarium is amazing!

Bloat: I know, Bubbles.

Jacques: (to Nigel) Are you still trying to find Nemo's dad yet?

Pelican #3: (muffled) Yes, I am.

(cuts to Pelicans #1 and #4)

Pelican #1: Do you see all of the sea creatures?

Pelican #4: Yeah, I do.

Pelican #1: Wait --- Aren't we supposed to find Nemo's dad?

Pelican #4: Yeah, we are. What do you think I was doing?

Pelican #1: Uhh... getting distracted by the sea creatures?

(then the two pelicans catch up with the rest of the gang)

Nemo: We checked almost every exhibit, and my dad is not there!

Pelican #2: So did I!

Gill: Wait!

Everyone: What?

Gill: Sharkbait, I think your dad is in the exhibit I'm pointing at!

Nemo: (then looks at the coral reef exhibit) Okay, let's get in there without being caught!

Everyone: Yeah!

(then cuts to Spike, who spots the pelicans flying to the tank while carrying the fish in their beaks)

Spike: Marlin, Coral, I think we got company!

Marlin and Coral: Huh?

Marlin: (then spots Nemo and Dory, who are in Nigel's beak) Nemo, how did you get all the way here?

Nemo: It's a long story, dad.

Nigel: (muffled) I think you might not fit because there are too much fish in my beak!

Nemo: Lincoln, I think you need to jump into the other pelican's beak!

Lincoln: Okay, Nemo! (then jumps into Pelican #1's beak, and then the pelican scoops some water into the beak so that he can live) Ahh, finally.

Marlin: Spike, Coral, I need you two to jump into the other pelican's beak, and then I can jump into Nigel's beak with Nemo and Dory. Okay?

Spike: Agreed.

Coral: Are you sure you want to do this, Marlin?

Marlin: I'm sure, Coral. (then he jumps into Nigel's beak, and then hugs Nemo and Dory) I missed you so much, Nemo and Dory.

Dory: Aww.

Nemo: It's okay, daddy. Nemo's got you.

Gill: I think we should leave right now, Marlin. Otherwise, humans would take us away.

Marlin: (to Gill) Okay, Gill. (to Nigel) Time to leave, Nigel.

Nigel: Okay, Marlin.

(then the pelicans fly away with the fish in their beaks)

Female Gang Member: What were those birds doing in this aquarium, boss?

Gang Leader: I don't know. But they are the worst birds besides seagulls.

Gang Member #2: Yeah! They stink! Not literally!

Gang Member #1: They need to get out of this aquarium!

Gang Member #3: I agree.

Gang Member #4: Me too.

Gang Leader: Everyone, get some rocks outside because we're gonna do some bonking!

(then cuts to the pelicans and fish, who are on the same tree they were on earlier)

Nemo: That was a fun adventure, right guys?

Dory: Yeah.

Gill: That adventure was pretty amazing.

Marlin: So, it only took you guys a few hours to get here?

Gurgle: Yeah. The worst part of the adventure was when we were in the pipes trying to fight against the current.

Bloat: No, no, no, no, no, no. The worst part was your annoying behavior.

Gurgle: No, it wasn't.

Gill: Can you please stop?

Gurgle: Okay.

(then the mean gang come out of the enterance)

Dory: (spots the mean gang) Who are those guys?

The fish and pelicans: Huh?

(then the mean gang start throwing rocks)

Nemo, Marlin, and Dory: Ahhh!

Spike: Start flying, you pelicans!

Nigel: (muffled) Okay!

Gang Leader: Get them!

(then the pelicans start flying away from the mean gang, who start chasing them)

Gang Leader: Start throwing rocks!

(then the mean gang start throwing rocks at the pelicans)

Gill: Take cover!

Marlin: C'mon, Nigel! Keep flying away!

Nigel: I'm trying to, Marlin!

Female Gang Member: (spots Nigel, who is carrying Marlin, Nemo, and Dory in his beak) This one's mine. (then throws a rock at Nigel's left wing)

Dory: Uh-oh.

Nigel: (gets hit by rock) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! (then crashes onto the ground, causing Marlin, Nemo, and Dory to fall out of his beak)

Marlin, Nemo, and Dory: Ahhhh!

Oliver: (spots Marlin, Nemo, and Dory after falling out of Nigel's beak) Don't worry, I've got you! (then picks up Marlin, Nemo, and Dory for water) You're gonna be safe.

Marlin: Nemo, Dory, this is Oliver, who helped me out on my adventure?

Dory: H-How?

Spike: It's a long story.

Oliver: Guys, I've got a shopping cart and I bought a fish tank at the store, just in case I forget about you guys. And pelicans, I need you guys to put the fish and water into the fish tank!

Pelicans: Okay, Oliver! (then they put the fish and water into the empty fish tank)

Oliver: (puts Marlin, Nemo, and Dory into the fish tank as well)

Marlin: Ahh... finally.

Lincoln: Did you copy what I said a while ago?

Marlin: Sorry.

(cuts to the mean gang)

Gang Leader: Get him!

(other gang members shouting and throwing rocks at Oliver)

Marlin: Run, Oliver!

Oliver: (runs away from the mean gang while pushing the shopping cart) I'm running as fast as I can, Marlin!

Gill: I see a car!

Oliver: (gasps) This gives me an idea! (then grabs one of the gang's car keys) Thank you!

Gang Member #4: He stole my keys!

Oliver: (presses the button on the keys which then cause a car to make a honking noise and flashing lights) I see a car!

Marlin: Are you sure this is safe, Oliver.

Oliver: I don't know, Marlin. Let's find out! (then opens the door for the back of the car, and he puts the fish tank in it) You guys will be safe here. (then he goes to the front seat) Hold on, guys! (then puts a seatbelt around the tank)

Nemo: What is this thing?

Oliver: It's a seatbelt, Nemo.

Marlin: C'mon, Oliver. Drive!

Oliver: Okay, Marlin. (then starts driving away from the mean gang)

Gang Leader: Everyone, get to your cars!

Other Gang Members: Okay, boss.

(then the gang go to their cars and start driving them, resulting in a car chase with Oliver)

Spike: (spots the mean gang driving in their cars and chasing Oliver) Guys, we got company!

Gurgle: Oh no. Is it like that croc chase all over again?

Gill: (re. the mean gang) Yes, but with humans instead!

Oliver: (to the fish) C'mon, guys, give me directions!

Dory: Hmm... Okay! Oh! Turn left!

Oliver: (turns left)

Dory: Uhh... Go straight!

Oliver: (drives straight)

Peach: (spots the mean gang continuing chasing Oliver) Guys, they're still gaining on us!

Nemo: No!

Marlin: You'll be okay, Nemo, as long as they stop catching up. Okay?

Nemo: Okay, dad.

(as the cars continue chasing Oliver, they pass by the police)

Police Officer #1: Oh my goodness!

Police Officer #2: They were speeding!

Police Officer #3: Not only that, but they were chasing another car!

Police Officer #2: Call the other officers!

Police Officer #1: Okay! (then turns on his phone, and calls the other policemen) Guys, there are mean people chasing a 17-year old man and speeding!

Policeman on Phone: Okay, I'll get backup!

(cuts to Oliver, who is still driving away from the mean gang)

Peach: (spots the police) Oh, no! It's the po po!

Oliver: (looks back) I think they're trying to get the mean gang to stop chasing us!

Nemo: I hope they don't arrest us!

Marlin: (to Nemo, re. the sea creatures) Don't worry, Nemo. We're animals.

Nemo: Oh. But what about the mean gang?

(cuts to the mean gang, who are still chasing Oliver)

Gang Leader: (laughs) Once we get that man and his animals, we'll -- (spots the police cars) Huh??

Female Gang Member: We've got company!

Police Officer #1: You're surrounded!

Gang Member #2: Oh no.

Gang Member #1: We're gonna get arrested!

Gang Member #4: Why?

Police Officer #3: All 6 of you baddies are speeding, which is against the law.

Gang Member #3: And?

Police Officer #4: And for chasing another car!

(then the police stop gang members #2, #3, and #4)

Police Officer #2: (handcuffs each of the gang members) You're under arrest.

(then the policemen put the three gang members in their cars)

Gang Member #3: No!

Gang Member #2: I want my mommy!

(then the police cars continue chasing the rest of the mean gang members)

Gang Member #1: Leader, continue speeding up away from the cops!

Gang Leader: Okay! (then he speeds up and tries to get Oliver) You're mine!

Oliver: (spots the gang leader) Oh no, you don't! (then he speeds up to get away from the gang leader)

Spike: (looks back at the gang leader) I hope you can't catch us!

Gill: Yeah!

Oliver: (begins having a seizure) Oh, no...

Marlin: (referring to Oliver) Oh no! He's having a seizure!

Dory: C'mon, park somewhere!

Oliver: (spots a wall near a river) Huh!

Gill: Uh-oh!

Nemo: We're gonna die!

Oliver: Oh no, we don't! (then presses the brake)

Everyone in the car: (screaming)

(then the car crashes harmlessly into a wall near the river at low speed)

Gurgle: Phew, we made it!

Deb: Woohoo!

Bloat: We're still alive!

Nemo: Yay!

Oliver: (in pain due to his seizure) Oh... (then gets out of the car and grabs the tank out of the car) You know, guys

Nemo: What is it, Oliver?

Gurgle: Is he going to betray us and break the tank?

Bloat: No, he won't, Gurgle!

Peach: Stop it, Gurgle!

Deb: Yeah!

Bubbles: You're so annoying!

Gurgle: Sorry, guys.

Jacques: We now accept your apology.

Bubbles: Me too!

Gurgle: Thanks, Jacques and Bubbles.

(then cuts to the police, who are near the wall and arrest the rest of the gang)

Police Officer #2: You three are under arrest.

Gang Member #1: Why?

Female Gang Member: What did we do?

Police Officer #3: For chasing an innocent 17-year old man. (then puts the mean gang in his police car)

Gang Leader: Please, no! I'm sorry! (then gets put in the car)

(then cuts to Oliver and his sea creature friends)

Oliver: (then he goes near the river and releases the heroes) Farwell, Marlin! I hope you have a happy life with Coral!

Marlin: Bye, Oliver! And yes, I will have happy life with my family and friends!

Nemo, Dory, Spike, Lincoln, Coral, and the Tank Gang: Bye! (then they swim to the ocean along with Marlin)

(then the police take Oliver to the hospital)

Oliver: Uhh... where are you taking me?

Police Officer #1: We're taking you to the hospital due to your brain injury and seizure.

Oliver: Okay.

(as the police walk to the hospital with Oliver, the scene then cuts to Nigel and the other pelicans)

Nigel: (then gets up) AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! IT HURTS SO BAAAAAD!!! (Crying and screaming)

Pelican #2: What's wrong, Nigel?

Nigel: I CANNOT FLY BECAUSE MY WING IS INJURED!!! (Crying and screaming)

Pelican #1: Don't cry, Nigel. It'll be okay.

Pelican #4: Maybe we'll get help from someone.

(then the workers come out of the door)

Worker #1: (spots the injured Nigel) Don't worry, pelicans. You'll be okay.

(then workers #2 & #3 pick up the pelicans)

Nigel: HELP!!! (Cries and screams)

Worker #2: (to worker #3) When this pelican's fully healed, we'll release him back into the wild.

Worker #3: Okay.

(then cuts to Fang and Paul,  who spot the phytoplankton transmitting like a wave through the ocean)

Fang: What's this?

Paul: Looks like phytoplankton to me, Fang.

(then the phytoplankton come to Fang)

Fang: What are they gonna do?

(the phytoplankton then arrange themselves into Morse Code patterns)

Paul: I don't know what they're saying, Fang.

Fang: Hold on, Paul. I can understand them. They're saying: "I  will bring two clownfish - a male and a female - to you for dinner tonight because you're probably hungry by now." (then gasps)

Paul: What is it, Fang?

Fang: I think the message is from Spike, so we'll need to get backup.

Paul: But where can we find backup?

Fang: The ambush point can be at that trench over there. Maybe that's where we'll find back-up.

(two minutes later, they go to the trench to find more predators)

Earl: Oh, no. It's a barracuda.

Carlos: Why would he come here?

Harold: If he wants to attack us, then swim away.

(then Fang and Paul show up)

Carlos: Are you going to attack us, barracuda?

Fang: No, I'm not.

Earl: Then why are you here?

Fang: Because I want this trench to be the ambush point where my two piranha friends and I will ambush two clownfish. And if there are more fish that Spike is bringing me, then that is why I want your guys' help.

Harold: It's a deal, barracuda.

Fang: The name's Fang, not barracuda, which is the species I am. (evil laughter)

(then cuts to Marlin and friends, who are travelling from Hawkes Bay to the Bay of Plenty)

Marlin: A few days left until we get back home, unless we use the current.

Dory: But where can we find a shortcut?

Marlin: Maybe at that trench over there, Dory?

Nemo: That looks spooky, dad.

Coral: There could be predators there.

Lincoln: I don't wanna get eaten.

Gill: Don't worry.

Dory: Ahh... this brings back memories.

Gurgle: Like what?

Dory: When Marlin and I swam over the trench.

Spike: C'mon guys, let's go.

(as the heroes continue swimming, Harold spots the heroes)

Spike: (looks at other predators who are with Fang and Paul, then gasps)

Marlin: Spike, are you coming? Spike?

Spike: Get to that cave!

(then everyone swims to a small cave)

Spike: Shh! Follow me, now!

Gurgle: Is this a trick?

Bubbles: You're funny.

Spike: I'm serious, guys. At the bottom of this trench, a barracuda's waiting for you all.

Nemo: What's going on?

Marlin: Not now, Nemo. Wait a minute.... you set us up the whole time?!?! (Growls) You lying piranha!!!!

Spike: Marlin, I work for the barracuda which is the same one who attacked you years ago!!! I was supposed to bring you guys to him and his baddies!!

Marlin: Is that why you snuck away back at the aquarium?!?!

Spike: YES!!!! So I can send a message to him by using phytoplankton!!!!!!!!

Marlin: (angry) I am so angry because of you!!!!!!


Jacques: (to Gill) Things are going to get worse, aren't they?

Gill: Yes, Jacques.

Marlin: (to Spike) I am going to kill you, traitor!!!

Spike: But Marlin, like I said, it's not my fault!!!!!! It's the barracuda's fault!!!!!!

Dory: (angry) Marlin and Spike! SHUT UP!

Marlin and Spike: Fine!!

Spike, Look, Marlin, I'm sorry. You can't stop the barracuda because he's too strong. You need to come up with a plan. Okay?

Marlin: (breathes) Okay. We make mistakes, Spike. (to everyone) Here's the plan, everyone:

(cuts a few minutes later to Fang, Paul, and the baddies)

Harold: When is Spike gonna get here?

Paul: Probably soon.

(then Spike shows up)

Spike: I'm back!

Fang: (spots Spike) Why were you gone for two days?!

Spike: I'm sorry, Fang, but I wanted to get you food.

Fang: Finally. But where are they?

Carlos: I need to eat!

Earl: Yeah!

Spike: (re. Dory and Coral) Don't worry, guys, because I brought you guys an appetizer!

(then the baddies look at Dory and Coral)



Fang: Get the two fish!

Baddies: Yes, Fang. (then they all start chasing Dory and Coral)

Dory: (screams)

Coral: Grab my fin, Dory! I can't swim well!

Dory: Ugh! For crying out loud! (grabs Coral's fin) C'mon, Boral!

Coral: It's Coral, not Boral.

Dory: It doesn't matter! (starts swimming away with Coral)

Fang: (to Spike) Spike, aren't you going to get them?

Spike: I'm not coming because I need to prepare for the big challenge. And yes, I brought more fish. (then swims away)

Coral: Dory, do you know how to get us away from these baddies?

Dory: Oh, yeah. My "Just Keep Swimming" Song!

Fang: What?

Dory: (to Coral) We need to just keep swimming! C'mon! Sing with me!

(as the baddies continue chasing Dory and Coral, Dory and Coral started singing the "Just Keep Swimming" song)

Dory and Coral: (singing) Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. We're gonna swim away from the baddies! They won't catch us anymore!

Coral: Dory, swim faster! They're gaining on us!

Dory and Coral: (continues singing) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Coral: There's a wall over there, Dory!

Dory: Huh? Swim away, Coral!

(and then the baddies run into the wall)

Fang: (smacks rock wall) Get her.... now.

Paul: (to the other three baddies) Do what Fang says... right... now.

Baddies: Okay.

(then cuts to Marlin, who is explaining the rest of his plan to his friends and his only son, Nemo)

Marlin: Guys, here's the rest of the plan: In case the barracuda corners us, we get pebbles and broken corals.

Nemo: Why, dad?

Gurgle: That'll never work.

Marlin: (to Gurgle) Yes, it will work. (to everyone) As I was saying, we get pebbles to throw at the barracuda's baddies, and then if it doesn't work, we use the broken corals to whack at our enemies. Okay, guys?

Gill: What an awesome plan, Marlin!

Bloat: Yeah!

Peach: But what am I gonna do?

Nemo: Maybe you can jump onto one of the baddies and blinding them, Peach.

Peach: Okay, Nemo.

Spike: (shows up) Did you come up with a plan yet, Marlin?

Marlin: Yes, we did.

Deb: When will Dory and Coral come back?

Bubbles: (spots Dory and Coral) Right now!

Nemo: Dory, did you lead the baddies away?

Dory: Yes I did, guys.

Spike: We have to get out of here, now! Or else you guys would die!

Fang: (then shows up) Spike, I need you to help me bring these fish down!

Marlin: NO!

Spike: (to Fang) No.

Fang: Why are you doing this?

Spike: Because I've had enough.

Fang: What are you talking about?

Spike: (re. Marlin) Leave the clownfish alone.

Fang: (growls) Never!

(then the other four baddies show up)

Fang: I'll take you down first.

Spike: Listen, I don't need you anymore. I've got friends.

Marlin: Spike, NO!

Spike: It's okay, Marlin. You'll have to protect Nemo and Coral while I battle Fang.

(as the final battle begins, Fang begins battling Spike alone, while Marlin and his friends battle Paul, Carlos, Harold, and Earl)

Fang: (growls) You betrayed me.

Spike: I have no choice.

(as Spike and Fang battle each other, Marlin begins protecting Nemo and Coral, the Tank Gang begin throwing rocks at the baddies, and Dory and Lincoln protect each other)

Fang: (shouts, then knocks away Spike with a flick of his tail into a rock wall)

Marlin: No!

Spike: I can't move!

Fang: (growling at Marlin) You... you...


(As Fang corners Marlin into a rock wall, he was thrilled at the fear on the clownfish's face. Before he had a chance to eat Marlin, Spike shouts at him to swim from the barracuda, and Marlin escapes with Nemo)

Fang: You asked for it! (then starts chasing Marlin and Nemo) This is my chase, you baddies! I'll take care of the two fish myself!

Paul: Yes, sir.

(as Fang chases Marlin and Nemo, the two fish take a shortcut to where Fang won't find them)

Nemo: (panting) Are we safe, dad?

Marlin: Probably, Nemo.

(then the two clownfish spot an underwater volcanic crater, and Nemo has a flashback of the 'Ring of Fire' scene in the first film)

Nemo: Dad, I know what to do!

Marlin: (grabs Nemo's tail fin) Nemo! No!

Nemo: We have to escape from the barracuda!

Marlin: You will get yourself killed!

Nemo: I'm trying to help you escape from the barracuda!

Marlin: No! I am not going to lose you again!

Nemo: Please, dad! That crater is the only way to escape from the barracuda! I can do this!

Marlin: (pants, then looks at the crater) You're right. I know it is.

(then the two clownfish enter the crater)

Fang: So... you think you two can escape from me in there? I will get you, then all of your pathetic friends! (enters the crater as well)

(then cuts to the crater, where Marlin and Nemo are swimming away from Fang. As the two clownfish escape from him, they spot the bubbles)

Nemo: I know how to escape quickly!

Marlin: What is it, Nemo?

Nemo: We have to swim through the bubbles safely to escape from the barracuda!

Marlin: Are you sure this is safe?

Nemo: As long as we don't get burned!

(then the two clownfish swim in the bubbles safely while trying to escape from Fang)

Marlin: It's going to be okay, Nemo.

Nemo: Okay.

Marlin: Now, we have to keep swimming!

(then cuts to Fang, who is swimming quickly and then he breifly spots Marlin and Nemo)

Fang: You... (then runs into the bubbles and gets burned, then starts shouting in pain)

Marlin: (spots Fang) Nemo, grab my fin! (then grabs Nemo's fin and they start swimming faster away from Fang)

(as Marlin and Nemo continue swimming away quickly from Fang, he becomes blind due to the burning bubbles. Fang then blindly crosses the crater just as the eruption starts)

Fang: (angry and in pain) I have to do EVERYTHING BY MYSELF! After I knocked Spike away so hard with a combination of my tail's strength and a sea column! (gets caught in more burning bubbles, weakening him, then he falls down)

Nemo: (spots Fang who is falling down and weakened) Dad, we have to save him!

Marlin: Are you nuts?! We would be food for him! I'd rather get caught in an eruption!

Nemo: Dad, there's no time! Saving the barracuda is the right thing to do, otherwise we'd all get caught in the eruption!

Marlin: (panting) Okay, Nemo.

(as Fang falls onto the ground parts of the crater, Marlin and Nemo swim all the way down safely to find Fang while swimming past obstacles)

Nemo: (shouts) Fang!

Marlin: How'd you figure out his name?

Nemo: Spike said his name before we battled the bad guys.

Marlin: Alright. (to Fang, shouting) You have to get out of here, now!

Fang: No! I'd rather die!

Nemo: Please, you have to get out of the crater before it erupts!

Fang: Why should I? You two keep on swimming away from me! And plus, Spike betrayed me!

Marlin: So he can protect us! We'll help you escape from this crater.

(then Marlin and Nemo try to lift Fang while the crater is still erupting, and then they successfully lift him)

Fang: Finally. Now that I'm free, I can chase you both!

Marlin: Nemo, swim!

Fang: I will brutally eat you both, even in this eruption!

(As Fang continues chasing Marlin and Nemo, the crater continues to erupt, and Fang nearly devours the two clownfish but he gets killed off-screen by the full eruption instead)

Nemo: We should've saved him, dad.

Marlin: (spots the eruption) Nemo, we have to get out of here, now, or else we would get killed too!

(as Marlin and Nemo swim away from the eruption, they also try to escape from obstacles such as underwater lava flows, steam, ashes, and landslides)

Marlin: (Singing) Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

Nemo: That's what I'm doing, dad!

(then cuts to Dory and the others, who spot the eruption and believe that Marlin and Nemo died in the eruption)

Dory: If only Spike never done this, Nemo and Marlin would be still alive...

Gill: But they aren't, Dory.

(as everyone mourns the loss of Marlin and Nemo, the two clownfish finally escape from the eruption. Then, the baddies realize that Fang died in the eruption and swim away)

Nemo: We did it!

Everyone else: Yay!

Spike: (weakly coughing)

(then everyone swims up to Spike)

Marlin: Spike, what's wrong?

Spike: (weakly) I'm... dying...

Marlin: Oh no...

Dory: Why would you do this?

Nemo: This can't be happening...

Coral: (on the verge of crying) This this how long piranhas live?

Spike: (weakly) No. I'm dying because Fang knocked me into a rock wall by using a sea column and his tail... And Marlin, I'm sorry I set you up.

Marlin: Everyone makes mistakes.

Spike: (weakly) I know, but I should have led you back to the reef instead of this trench. I want you to have a happy life with your friends and family, Marlin. Goodbye. (then dies)

Nemo: (Crying) I didn't want Spike to die!!

Marlin: (Crying) I know it's sad, Nemo!! But we can't bring him back to life!!

Coral: (Sobbing) OH SPIKE! Why did you have to go?! WHY?!

Deb: This is sad.

Bubbles: I feel bad for the piranha.

Peach: If only he wasn't killed by that barracuda, then he would still be alive.

Nemo: (Sobbing) How are we going to get home, Dad?!

Gill: There there. You can tell me.

Coral: (Crying) I know how to get home quickly!

(then cuts to the current, where the heroes ride on the sea turtles, while Marlin rides Crush)

Crush: Whoo-hoo! Righteous, righteous, righteous!

Marlin: (Sobbing) Shut up!

(as Marlin hangs on to Crush's shell, everyone else are having fun, and then we see the view of the current, and then it cuts to the sea turtles and Crush)

Crush: So, what adventure did you have today, Marlin?

Nemo: Well, we travelled all the way to an island, and there was a ship where a large green monster tried to attack us.

Bloat: And when we got off the ship, Marlin met a piranha named Spike.

Dory: And... hm. What happened next again?

Gurgle: And then two humans took Marlin and Spike away from us.

Dory: And then we went to another... what was it again?

Nemo: Another island.

Dory: Oh yeah, another island!

(and then cuts to a few minutes later)

Crush: That adventure was pretty amazing, dudes.

Squirt: Next time, I want to come with you guys!

Crush: I think that would be too dangerous, Squirt.

Squirt: I know, dad. I've never been on one of their adventures before.

Marlin: (Sobbing) Yeah. And I'm crying because Spike is dead.

Crush: No need to cry, dude. You can be happy with your family and friends.

Marlin: (Sobs) Okay, Crush.

Coral: Don't cry, Marlin. I am sure we have a happy life together.

Crush: (to the heroes) There's the exit, guys!

(then the heroes go to the exit and leave the current)

Crush: See you later, dudes!

Squirt: See you later!

Nemo: Bye, Squirt!

Marlin: (re. the reef) There it is. Home sweet home.

Jacques: Are we gonna live here forever?

Gill: Yes, we are.

(then the heroes go to the reef)

Nemo: What do we do now, dad?

Marlin: Now the four of us can make a little memorial in the sand for Spike so that we all can remember him.

(then Marlin, Nemo, Dory, and Coral use rocks to build a statue of Spike, and Coral writes about him in the sand)

Marlin: We'll remember you, Spike.

Coral: I hope everyone knows about him.

(then cuts to the next day, where Nemo goes back to school, and Mr. Ray is disappointed in him)

Mr. Ray: Nemo. I am very disappointed in you for not being at school yesterday.

Nemo: But Mr. Ray, my dad and his friends and I went on another adventure.

Mr. Ray: Not only did you not go to school yesterday and the day before, but you were also supposed to have a report on predators.

Nemo: (then spots the statue) Uhh... Mr. Ray?

Mr. Ray: What, Nemo?

Nemo: I did come up with a report on predators.

Mr. Ray: What species are they?

Nemo: It's a report about barracudas and piranhas.

Mr. Ray: That's a good report, Nemo. So, I'll give you an A+.

Nemo: Yay!

Tad: (to Pearl and Sheldon) Wow! Nemo is cool!

Pearl: I know, Tad.

Sheldon: Maybe we can hang out with Nemo sometime.

(other kids talking)

(then cuts to the evening, where Marlin and Coral are in the current anemone)

Marlin: It's been a long time since I last saw you years ago, when I was attacked by that barracuda.

Coral: I know, Marlin. I'm glad you found me.

Marlin: Maybe we can be together again, Coral.

Coral: That sounds like a good idea, Marlin.

Marlin: You know, Coral, I missed you so much that I had to be overprotective of Nemo until he was taken by that diver and I had to journey across the ocean with Dory's help. But however, I somehow knew that you weren't dead because I didn't turn into a female.

Coral: That sounds amazing, Marlin, that you journed to find Nemo. But when you were knocked into that old anemone, I thought you died.

Marlin: Okay.

Coral: Also, I'm glad we escaped from those bad sea creatures, Marlin.

(then, Marlin and Coral share a loving hug)

Marlin: I'm happy that we're together again.

Coral: Me too, Marlin.

(then cuts to the next day)

Nemo: Time to wake up, mom and dad! (then bounces on Marlin and Coral)

(then Marlin and Coral wake up)

Dory: Today's the big day, Larmin and Boral!

Nemo: You mean Marlin and Coral?

Dory: Oh, right. Today's the big day, Marlin and Coral!

Marlin: What's the big day today, guys?

Coral: Is it something you made for us?

Nemo: No, it's gonna be a surprise!

Dory: (to Marlin and Coral) And no peeking!

(then Marlin and Coral close their eyes, and Dory grabs Coral's fin while Nemo grabs Marlin's fin)

Marlin: So, when can we open our eyes?

Nemo: When we get there, dad.

(as the four fish continue swimming, they make it to the reef where it has all of Nemo and Dory's friends including characters from the previous two films)

Nemo: (to Marlin and Coral) You can open your eyes now, guys.

Marlin: Okay, Nemo (then opens his eyes)

Everyone: Surprise!!

Marlin: (chuckles) You did all of this, Nemo and Dory?

Nemo: It was my idea, dad. Dory and I worked all night long to invite our friends to decorate the reef.

Coral: Wow! The reef looks beautiful, Nemo!

Destiny: C'mon Marlin, let's celebrate!

Bailey: I hope we have fun!

Gill: You've done a great job, Marlin.

Jenny: Nemo told me about the adventure you guys had.

Charlie: Maybe we can come with you next time.

Crush: This party rocks, dudes!

Bruce: Is there some seaweed here?

Anchor: Yes there is, Bruce.

Chum: What about algae?

Anchor: There's a seaweed cake and algae ice cream, Chum.

Mr. Ray: I want you to have fun, Marlin.

(as everyone celebrates, Dory and Lincoln get close to each other, and Dory holds a broken piece of coral)

Tad's father: Why is she holding a broken piece of coral?

Pearl's father: I don't know.

Sheldon's father: Maybe it's for singing.

Marlin: I wonder if she'll sing her Just Keep Swimming song.

Nemo: I hope so.

Dory: (begins singing) Just keep swimming!

Lincoln: (sings along) Just keep swimming!

Jenny: (re. Dory) That's my girl!

Coral: (proud) Go, Dory!

Dory and Lincoln: (continue singing) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim, swim.

(crowds proudly shout)

Nemo: Yay!

Marlin: (humming) Great, now that song's stuck in my head!

Gill: I hope we remember Spike.

Peach: I hope so.

Bubbles: Is it because of the statue? (gets distracted by a bubble)

Bloat: (sees the bubble and gets scared, so he inflates) Oh my goodness.

Deb: (sees a shard of a mirror) I hope you enjoy the song, Flo.

Gurgle: I hope the reef doesn't get dirty.

Jacques: Already taken care of!

(then Dory and Lincoln continue singing)

Nemo: I'm glad everyone has a family now.

Marlin: Yeah. Maybe the three sharks can protect the reef from predators.

(then the song ends)

Dory: What do you think?

(then everyone claps their fins)

Nemo: What would happen next?

Marlin: I don't know. Maybe we can have fun and spend some family time with all of the fish families, even with Coral!

Coral: That sounds like a good idea, Marlin.

Bloat: Now what?

(then the film ends, and the credits begin)


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