Final Stab
Genre Horror/Crime/Thriller
Created by David DeCoteau

Matthew Jason Walsh

Starring :Blake Lively
James McAvoy
Evan Peters
Matt Smith
Matthew Gray Gubler
Opening Theme Main Theme by John Massari
Location Los Angeles, California
Country Of Origin Unitied States
Number Of Episodes 104 (List of episodes)
Running Time 45 minutes
Original Channel: Tmc


Original Air Date March 25, 2014
Produced by :David DeCoteau
Directed by David DeCoteau
Final Stab is a 2014 TV series on TMC and ABC.



Main Cast

  • Blake Lively as Kristin Carter, the sister of Angela, the Fiancée of Doug and the mother of Scott.
  • James McAvoy as Doug Parker, the Fiancée of Kristin and the father of Scott.
  • Evan Peters as Scott Parker-Carter,the son of Kristin and Doug.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Angela Carter, the Sister of Kristin, the girlfriend of Charlie and the aunt of Scott.
  • Matt Smith as Cosmo Riley, the victim who got killed in season 2.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as Earl Hudson, the victim who got killed in season 4.

Recurring Cast

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