Final Score (2018 film) British-American Action-Thriller 2019 film.

Final Score (2018 film)
Directed by Matthew Ebanks
Produced by Jules Fademaster (produce)

Haim Saban

Written by John Stockwell (written by)

Jesse V. Johnston (based on Final Score Film)

Screenplay by Jesse V. Johnston (screenplay by)
Story by Jesse V. Johnston by Final Score (based on)
Based on
Starring Matthew Ebanks

Nolberto Swaby

Music by Trevor Morris
Cinematography Jules Fademaster
Editing by
Production company(s) Saban Films
Distributor Lionsgate

Pentagon Pictures (co-disturbed by)

Release date(s) November 25 2018
Running time
Gross revenue
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  • Matthew Ebanks as Cole, former U.S Armed Forces.
  • Kendra Brown as Penny, Cole's niece.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Micheal Knox[1], former U.S Armed Forces.
  • Jordan McLean as Arkady Belav (main villain) Demitri's long-lost brother.
  • Yoandy Swaby as Jeff
  • Oliver Swaby as Frank
  • Jean Claude Van Damme as Henry McCann; Arkady's henchman.
  • Harrison Ford as Cole's Father (uncredited) Cole's sick father and Micheal's buddy.
  • Jennifer Garner as Cole's Mother (uncredited; framed) Cole's deceased mother.
  • Bruce Willis as McCann, former U.S Armed Forces, Cole's deceased brother.
  • Ashley Rankin as Emily Cole; Cole's deceased Hated daughter.
  • Arley Swaby as Brett
  • Evelyn Swaby as Emma; Brett's real sister.
  • Ashley Swaby as Jess; Brett's not his sister and enemy.


  • "Fire" performed by Lloyd Banks courtesy by Lloyd Banks
  • "Forever" performed by Kid Rock courtesy by Kid Rock

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