Final Destination 8 Train of Death is a Horror-Comedy Film and end part of saga of Final Destination Starring Drake Bell, Briana Evigan, Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum and Megan Fox


a group of friends taking the subway to get to your destiono but they pass over the lake begins to break one of the young Peter Harper (Drake Bell) has a premonition in which a portion of the lake breaks are going to kill now with Carrie and Alice James (Sara Paxton and Taylor Momsen) they will have to join forces to save before death comes for them.


  • Drake Bell As Peter Harper/The main protagonist
  • Briana Evigan As Gale Tappan/she is the girlfriend of Peter
  • Alex Pettyfer As Adam Harper/he is the younger brother of Peter
  • Channing Tatum As Mike Roth/Peter's best friend and Adam's boyfriend
  • Megan Fox As Shouna Criss/she is the best friend of Gale
  • Amanda Riggueti As Abbie Reynolds/she is a friend of Gale
  • Margo Harshaman As Alexis Cornan/she's Mike's ex-girlfriend
  • Dustin Milligan As Dustin Ford/the Adam's friend
  • Chris Zylka As Adley Pieterse/the seller is a stolen goods
  • Meagan Good As Valerie Cooper/she is the ex-girlfriend of Peter
  • Katelyn Tarver As Dani Stevens/she is Jackson's girlfriend
  • Colton Haynes As Jackson Rivers/the boyfriend of Dani
  • Carlos Pena As Jason Vega/the young husband who is married to Marisa
  • Alexa Vega As Marisa Vega/she is a young wife who is married to Jason
  • Sara Paxton As Carrie James/surviving the crash of the mall and is now helping peter
  • Taylor Momsen As Alice James/crash survivor of Mckinley High that just helps peter to save his friends
  • Ashley Greene As Kerrie Lahana/crash survivor of Mckinley High that just helps peter to save his friends
  • Steven R.McQueen As Jack Valentine/crash survivor of Mckinley High that just helps peter to save his friends
  • Selena Gomez As Lexie Clarkson/crash survivor of Mckinley High that just helps peter to save his friends
  • Tony Todd As William Bludworth A.K.A. Death/The main antagonist

Premonition Death

  • Jackson Rivers-halved with a piece of iron roof of the train
  • Marissa Vega-crossed over the head with a pipe
  • Jason Vega-sent and crushed by another train
  • Adley Pieterse-body pierced by train glasses
  • Dustin Ford-crushed by the rubble
  • Valerie Cooper-it split in half with a piece of train
  • Dani Stevens-she is crushed by things varies
  • Abbie Renolds-crushed in half by a train wheel
  • Alexis Cornan-Half body booted by two train doors
  • Shouna Criss-crushed by the roof of the train
  • Mike Roth-hit by a piece of debris speeding
  • Adam Harper & Gale Tappan-drowned when trapped in the train
  • Peter Harper-dies in train explosion

Real Life Death

  • Marissa Vega-horizontal split by flying metal piece flew out of the train when it broke(train station)
  • Jackson Rivers-head crushed by a washbasin(bathroom at home)
  • Dustin Ford-his bones broke when shot out of the electric walker(Gym)
  • Jason Vega-his face was burned when his face hit and fell boiling oil and then was hit by a truck(amusement park)
  • Valerie Cooper-his scalp to hide out by the fan and falls on the second floor(beauty salon)
  • Adley Piesterse-intestines were burnt and her body makes blood come out when accidentally ingested acid(the soda shop)
  • Abbie Reynolds-Half body was torn by the grinding of cornimpaled in the body with a trunk(Cornfield)
  • Dani Stevens-impaled in the body with a trunk(circus)
  • Alexis Cornan-half of the body was eaten by a killer whale(aquarium)
  • Mike Roth-dies when it collides with a gas station(Gas Station)
  • Shouna Criss-chest was shattered by a belt of the same crane that hung himself but did not die adam(street)
  • Carrie James and Peter Harper-fall off the bridge (destino final 5)
  • Willaim Bludworth - impaled with kitana by Adam to save the others.


  • Gale Tappan
  • Adam Harper
  • Alice James
  • Kerrie Lahana
  • Jack Valentine
  • Lexie Clarkson


  • adam happened to die at the hands of the crane but was rescued by Peter and Gale
  • lexie is the first to appear in this gym where he died in dustin
  • alice pregnant jack so the chain breaks (Jack, Kerrie, Lexie)
  • gale and adam is saved thanks to carrie with peter to kill the chain empize again with others

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